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Details for Mario's 100s Challenge
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario's 100s Challenge Link - Show random
This file is obsolete. The latest version is Mario's 100s Challenge. For other versions, check the version history.
File Name: Mario's 100s Challenge
Version History: View
Authors: JP32
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 88 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: In this hack, Mario only has 100 seconds (or less) to beat the level!

-All-stars graphics(also few backgrounds for other games)
-Tons of custom music
-Bunch of custom blocks, sprites and patches
-Uses LX5's custom powerups patch(hammer, boomerang, raccoon(+cape), ice flower, tanooki suit, shell suit..)
-Death counter(you have unlimited lives)
-OW exanimation(which was done before OWexan. was implemented in LM)
-Wall-jump ability
-Fully works on real hardware
-Four worlds and ???
-88-Exits in total(~56 actual levels)
-Its also challenging if you cant tell from the title

Update F1,1 Changes:
-Updated LX5's powerup patch to the newest version
-Fancy drop-shadow effect added to the title-screen
-Fixes issue on two rising-lava selections
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, gimmick, hdma, music, powers, traditional
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 11)
Download: Download - 910.29 KiB
Also theres the newest version:
Posted by: JP32 - | Link
Uhh you can go fast, if you really want to speedrun you will have to learn levels layout, being able to speedrun it perfectly 1st try means its too easy(and thats what I didn't want to do)..

@Dark Mario Bros
In the newer version it shouldn't be problem(as I tweaked a lot sprite placements and removed some of sprties, so it shouldn't lag/freeze anymore) and I never managed to make it freeze on real hardware, which is also one of reasons why Im against SA-1(other being compatibility with patches and tools). But thanks, nice to hear something positive for once :).
Posted by: JP32 - | Link
Dark Mario Bros
I played it to the end, I really enjoyed the hack, but in some parts the game was freezing a lot, maybe because of the number of sprites
use some SA-1 stuff wouldn't be a bad idea, I think so.

Also, I loved the Idea of the 100 seconds challenge, the bonus area
where pretty challenge too, I hope to see more hacks like this in future

so, I think thats all, Keep Working! #peace -DMB
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros - | Link
I played all the game, and I have to say that it is one of the best games I've played!!! good work!

but it have 2 foults: if the objective of the game is go fast, make able to go making a speed run, and make the powerups more abundant(clasify it in zones if you want)
Posted by: destroyerrocket - | Link
Newer version available over here:
Posted by: JP32 - | Link
I dropped the hack at the end of World 1. It wasn't a bad hack, but it was very hard, a kind of hard that I personally didn't enjoy very much.

I love how everything fits together so well in this hack - the graphic style is very consistent and everything looks beautiful. The music also seemed fitting from what I played.

The leveldesign was what I didn't enjoy that much. Even though it was World 1, the levels had some really difficult sprite set ups that are hard to pass through. Speedrunning through them, as required by this hack, was simply not fun for me after a little while. Generally I felt there were simply too many sprites to allow for speedrunning, since you had to dodge everything really carefully.

I also didn't get used to the walljumping physics. While they were introduced in a tutorial level they still seemed odd to me after I already played a while. I think they are supposed to replicate the NSMB-series' walljump physics, but SMW's jumping and running physics etc. are very different from NSMB's, probably that's the reason why it was hard to get into it. Some World 1 levels already required pretty precise walljumping though, which did frustrate me a bit.

Another unfun point for me was that nearly every level had a secret exit. Those weren't fun to search for because of the intense time pressure, and there were simply too many of them. Most of them unlocked some kind of bonus level on the overworld, which is neat, but I also felt there were too many of those (you can already see four different kinds of bonus level unlocked in World 1 at the overworld screenshot).

Overall, this seems like a good hack with neat graphics and challenging leveldesign (as far as I can judge from World 1). I personally didn't enjoy it due to the points mentioned above, but I recommend you to try it if you are an experienced SMW-hack player, to see if it fits your taste.
Posted by: Nao - | Link
@Kdeee I know! But it is that I play on real hardware, and I feel that sometimes tired my vision, everything else is perfect.
Posted by: Lucas - | Link
@Lucas why? If its too dark then just turn brightness up in your monitor..
Posted by: JP32 - | Link

@Kdeee Ok! Friend, could send me a version where the worlds that appear dark, appear with normal brightness to play in the game?
Posted by: Lucas - | Link
@Lucas Its disabled so that one cant easily get custom powerups(they are supposed to be rare/hidden/etc) or to replay certain levels for unlimited powerups.

Also theres new update for this in the "Waiting Super Mario World Hacks" selection, play that version instead of this(until it gets accepted).
Posted by: JP32 - | Link
Pena que também não pode usar o Start+Select , não funciona e só pode sair da fase se ganhar ou morrer :(
Posted by: Lucas - | Link
Very good!!! I work on Everdrive for SNES
Posted by: Lucas - | Link
Played this. I must say that I really loved the main concept of the short time limit, always giving that tension that made each level very fun to go trough. A little complain I have, though, is how you handled the difficulty, in particular, from mid-world 2 till the end, where everything started getting a bit too frustrating (like in the level where you're required to wall-jump next to sideways piranha plants and venuses).

Either way, a good hack, really worth accepting. Although, I'd suggest you to update this when you can, since I spotted many, many, errors. Here are some I found:
- Some of the powerups can kill the goal flag (I accidentally shoot a boomerang next to it and... lol).
- Level transistions when HDMA is in there is buggy. The HDMA still shows when loading to the next level, and it's weird to see. Easily fixable with this.
- In the overworld, I liked how each world had a star portal that linked all worlds together. This made possible that, in each new world, you go in the portal and unlock the way by walking. Sadly, this doesn't happen for world 4 and world 4b, which will still be unable to be unlocked.
- In the battle with Bowser, the music does weird glitches when he is defeated. I assume the bowser sprite you used is still arranged in the way addmusic4 works. If possible, have someone to fix this for you.
- I experienced a fatal freeze here, seems that rom crashed because enemies tend to get too much in number in this spot. Rare enough though, but still a thing.
- Get testers, since there are lots of misc silly errors around your hack.

Again, worth accepting, but it would be nice if you could fix everything mentioned. 3/5 for now.
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link

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