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Details for 'the
Super Mario World Hacks - 'the Show random
File Name: 'the
Authors: Medic, Torchkas, underway
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario goes on another quest to save the kingdom. What obstacles will he be facing this time?

Also known as Coronation Day.
Tags: asm, horror, music, no boss, original soundtrack, story
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 83)
Download: Download - 364.31 KiB
Posted by: smodw - | Link
Posted by: Roy_Maluco - | Link
Originally posted by CapCat
the best horror hack i ever played! but i tried to open it in lunar magic and it says "the ROM either has the wrong game title, or is in the wrong format.", and i'm 200% sure there are more hidden secrets there, so if someone can help please respond.

unlock it with this:
org $00FFC0
rep 21 : db " "
org $00FFC0
warnpc $00FFD5

I'll let you discover yourself
Posted by: DTA450 - | Link
You have to play it. that's all I can say its that good.
if you haven't played it you are truly missing out

I would rate it a 6 out of 5 but I think that's against the rules...
Posted by: 890_Prodoctions - | Link
Ondore's Lies
I really enjoyed my time with 'the. I loved everything about it and I wanted more.
Posted by: Ondore's Lies - | Link
the best horror hack i ever played! but i tried to open it in lunar magic and it says "the ROM either has the wrong game title, or is in the wrong format.", and i'm 200% sure there are more hidden secrets there, so if someone can help please respond.
Posted by: CapCat - | Link
My favorite horror game
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
It's cool, if a bit scary.
Posted by: MojoDallin - | Link
Posted by: Cianureto - | Link

Posted by: 4zy1 - | Link
7 up
, The
Posted by: 7 up - | Link
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
again again again
again again again
again again again
again again again
Posted by: Sml362 - | Link

Posted by: FailSandwich - | Link
Oops sorry I meant won't open/work properly
Posted by: Sretop56 - | Link
Which version smw do I need to download I'm using John Ness an Android emulator and this seems to be the only ROM hack that won't download
Posted by: Sretop56 - | Link
Posted by: elmegahack - | Link
i need the texture
Posted by: JCGI935 - | Link
Posted by: isaacrmhmd - | Link
Awesome horror game without getting up in my face! Whoever made this is beyond talented!
Posted by: Wolf1 - | Link
Might think this is a .exe game, but you are dead wrong. This game is the #1 greatest Mario horror game ever created.
Posted by: Xonicox - | Link
the atmosphere in this hack is very well crafted
Posted by: xubiod - | Link
really good hack! really liking the atmosphere.
Posted by:  Manofer - | Link
Pai Troll publicou vídeo jogando agora!
Posted by: Nestlecase - | Link
I never played this game, but watched Spacehamster play it.
Its a fantastic game, very impressive to be a Mario Rom hack.
I found a secret though.

1: When the game starts, before the textbox shows up, pan to the right, and faceless Peach.
Posted by: Hat-Toving - | Link
MarcoAMW o meu irmao tb
Posted by: KaueGamer7765 - | Link
eu coloquei minha irma mais nova pra jogar e ela saiu correndo de medo
Posted by: MarcoAMW - | Link
river plate
I really like the rom#smw{<3}
Posted by: river plate - | Link
M A R I Ofafaas
Posted by: M A R I Ofafaas - | Link
story > gameplay
Posted by: Kiatus - | Link
It's not a good game. The custom ASM and a few samples were impressive, and I kind of like the tone, but the gameplay is really lacking, and I mean really. It also feels like a typical video game creepypasta, which I'm sure was the intention, but that's not scary at all. There's a chase sequence, but aside from walking around, unable to run, doing nothing, that's about it.
Posted by: Nikku4211 - | Link
The princess is dead? It was killed?
Posted by: LadyRainbow - | Link
Much more than meets the eye for sure. A hack with a lot of ASM hacking and special events that can change every time.

I only got 1 ending and a loop one.

I saw a video containing all the endings and I think while it's amazing what endings you can get, I found obtuse to obtain them, as far as I know, there's no explicit way for you to know in game.

But at any rate, I find this hack amazing and I'm still trying to figure out what it is even about. Great stuff, worth playing and investigating.

I did a small play through of if, if anyone is interested:
Posted by: XradicalD - | Link
pretty solid for a horror hack based on ambience.
Posted by: trivoatoxic - | Link
what the hell did i just play... this hack is really something special and unique. give it a try!
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
I have some interest in creepypasta sorts of things, but there are not many that stand out. I didn't expect much when I first saw it... but to me, this one is special.

I've played all I could find, watched several videos about it, opened it in Lunar Magic to look around, and I think, I THINK, I have seen it all. I am not completely certain because my Lunar Magic skills are limited, and I don't know ASM.

There is definitely some text not just hidden in the text.

It's not a gradual escalation of gore or a sequence of jumpscares, it's not built around a single twist, and there are no jokes. Instead, it starts with a potent atmosphere, quickly takes you to where it's going (unless you try to avoid that... you should try not trying, at least once, I think that's actually a real part of the story). But then it *really* begins...

The meat of this game is in it's MYSTERY, and it is a feast.

There are multiple secrets- 'endings'- you can find by playing differently. The controls are limited and it often seems there is little you can do, yet you should absolutely not forget all the buttons you have, or all the possible actions you can take. It seems there is often something just a little bit out of view, if you keep looking even when you seem to be stuck or even when you are immobile.

There is one even bigger secret which you can only find by doing some even more cryptic things, or by looking it up, and even then it leaves you wondering (especially since it is a secret inside a secret). This secret BURNS itself into your save file so that you cannot go back to the others once you have reached it.

And then, on top of all that, there is something else very interesting that you can only find by editing the game afterwards- a bit of unused content as I understand it, yet it has enough substance to be just as intriguing and rewarding as the previous secrets. I believe this ending has a connection with the other, which sometimes speaks of horns...

And I am not even sure that's all of it!

What's truly great here, is that it feels that this game really does have a story (at first you feel unsure of this). It is almost certainly being told to you out of order- and many people are still speculating about exactly what it all meant.

But there is enough CONSISTENCY in the clues, enough parallels when you compare the clues, enough of a theme, just barely enough said by the intro and 'ending' and all the lines in between and the scenes you can find, and so many times one piece of the story evokes another piece hidden elsewhere, that it all seems to spell out an actual narrative.

I am certain that it all really does mean something.

I kept track of all the clues I could find- so many!- and tried to put it all back together. While there are still a few mysterious things and loose ends that keep me wondering, I DO feel I've pieced together a complete story that fits it all, and I think my version may be mostly(?) right, as almost everything seems to fit together.

And that's what's so great about it- as you realize the layers of hidden content and alternatives and try to examine it all, and the different lines of dialogue that appear seemingly at random (all being story clues from different perspectives, I think) you really CAN fit it together! Yet it always keeps you guessing, makes you feel like there's more to find, if you keep digging.

It actually rewards you for looking deeper and trying to make sense of it... if you appreciate this kind of a reward.

On top of that, it does not feel like a stock revelation/twist. Rather, I feel this is getting into some interesting cosmic, existential horror... something BIGGER than it's human characters, something beyond what they were. Something they didn't realize until it was too late, that you must realize here at the end.

While it has many 'endings', I personally believe that only one of them is THE ending- that the others are all part of the beginning, and all true.

I also strongly recommend downloading the soundtrack, not only is it very atmospheric and evocative music that reminds me of the Boards of Canada, but it is also seems like part of the experience to me. (Every song in the soundtrack does appear somewhere!) The songs have interesting names and other strange tones.

The coding by Medic is solid from what I can see, and it is clear that the soundtrack author, Torchkas, worked in close harmony with the main writer, underway.

Not since Eversion have I felt so intrigued and satisfied with a horror game and it's secrets- a crowning achievement.
Posted by: Mitsukara - | Link
The what? The the? You gonna finish that thought, man?

Jokes aside, this hack is so well-done!! 5/5 stars!
Posted by: nintend0wn - | Link
that you need
Posted by: Kiatus - | Link
Didn't expect this type of ending in a horror hack (spoilers):

I started up the rom and went to the first rock. What I did next was try to jump over it using only one hand. I just kinda jumped and moved a pixel or two before the hitbox pushed me back again. After awhile, the game started ranting about how useless I was, and then it crashed my emulator.

So that happens.
Posted by: IronFoxGaming - | Link
This beat the "M A R I O" rom hack to it.
Posted by: Imnever - | Link
i found i think three endings to this?
not even sure anymore lmao
Posted by: Steven - | Link
still i wait
Posted by: AntiDuck - | Link
Posted by: IanBoy - | Link
Originally posted by Berkay
Has anyone found all the secrets of this yet?

Posted by:  underway - | Link
Has anyone found all the secrets of this yet?
Posted by: Berk - | Link
I think I may have softlocked it...

(e) Don't remember how I got to that screen then but apparently there's supposed to be more.
Posted by:  MANGOMILK - | Link
H.carrell on an ipad
(blows raspberry)
Posted by: H.carrell on an ipad - | Link
This is some serious creepy-pasta **** O_o
Posted by: Niko0902 - | Link
Green Moon 93
This is very creative, and really scared me at a few points.
Problem is, I can't escape the dead Peach.
Is there something I'm doing wrong?
I can't seem to dodge her sine wave movement.
Posted by: Green Moon 93 - | Link
Owen i
I found 3 endings how many are there
Posted by: Owen i - | Link
Best Creative Horror Hack I every played but had to turn volume down
Posted by: TheBestofDahBest - | Link
I Got Spooked so hard when !#&()!# Peach came after me.
Posted by: TheBestofDahBest - | Link
Agent Q
I feel as if I'm missing something.
Posted by: Agent Q - | Link
omg, very good hack, is very... creepy
Posted by: tocininelcerdito - | Link
omg... spooky... o_O
Posted by: Wolffs - | Link
better than undertale
Posted by: IvanSword - | Link
p spuki
Posted by:  Aram - | Link
Posted by: Construct101 - | Link
Interesting, I don't really understand this hack but I love it nonetheless!
Posted by: UpBForVictory - | Link
communicate with me communicate

Posted by: AntiDuck - | Link
Why do you force the player to suffer through a long filler level if they mess up even slightly once they pass the black screens with red text.

Other than that, excellent atmosphere.
Posted by: MercuryPenny - | Link
it was okay, but not scary :D
Posted by: niko - | Link
Holy... that was intense. It's very unsettling, I've never seen something like that before. :o
Posted by: Quasmok - | Link
Big Brawler
i found an exit but i can't remember how found again
Posted by: Big Brawler - | Link
This hack is the most amazing I've ever seen!
Posted by: TheInsanity115 - | Link
It's not even Halloween yet, wtf
Posted by: Luaxon - | Link
Posted by:  Lazy - | Link

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