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Nom de la chanson


    Undertale - Ruins

    Musique SMW → Undertale - Ruins

    Ce fichier est désuet. La version actuelle est Undertale - Ruins. Pour les autres versions, consultez l'historique des versions.
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    Détails de la soumission

    Nom: Undertale - Ruins
    Auteur: sincx
    Ajouté le:
    Historique des versions: Consulter
    Taille d'insertion: 0x12C5 bytes
    Type: Chanson
    Utilisation d'échantillons: Beaucoup
    Source: Adapation
    Durée: 1:30
    En vedette: Non
    Description: A calm song from what seems to be the most popular game in the world. Suits its title especially but also a variety of other things.

    Uses up a decent chunk of ARAM, so be wary of that if using large global songs or different sound effects.
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    Étiquettes: beach calm cave credits cutscene dark forest mine mountain night ruins sewer temple water
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    commentaires (3)

    Aquacycle Lien
    Am i glad someone else is porting undertale music because im GARBAGE at porting.
    Gary Lien
    YES! YES! Someone finally ported this to SMW! And I'm really happy to see this!
    HammerBrother Lien
    Hay, Sinc-X, you've herd this song? Its one of my favorite song!