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Multicolored Message Box

Patches para SMW → Multicolored Message Box

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Multicolored Message Box
Autor: Medic
Ferramenta: Asar
Requer Espaço Livre: Sim
Bug Fix: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Descrição: Allows you to easily switch palettes in the middle of message boxes, allowing for text in multiple colors.

Tester's note: Make sure to edit the Message Box contents before applying the patch or else it won't work.
Marcadores: color lorom message message block message box needs remoderation palette sa-1
Comentários: 7 (pular para comentários)
Download 1,06 KiB | 320 downloads

Capturas de Tela

Comentários (7)

nordict Link
did Stewie Griffin write that last part?

Dominicentek Link
is it also possible to make it Bold or Italic?

Or even Underline or Strikethrough
h.carrell Link
this patch is useful for highlighting
YoshioSK Link
I can't get the multicolor message work. I tried putting 72Test in the message box and I'm not getting any color change. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it broken?
DiscoTheBat Link
Found no issue with the patch, it is a very nice addition, good work!
Medic Author Link
Sprite remap: No. (but it's entirely possible, if you have some time and know asm, you can insert my system into that patch.)

Expanded: No. (again, you could insert my system into it)

Select choice: Should be. Haven't tried, but it should be.
yoshiatom Link
Out of interest, is compatible with other message box patches, such as the sprite remap, expanded message box & message box select choice?

Yes, I know this was blatantly copy-pasted from a comment I made on jack's message box select choice.