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Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars (v1.1)

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars (v1.1)

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars (v1.1)
Author: frauber
Version History: View
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 38 star(s)
Description: "This is the first ever "complete" hack of Mario 64. None of the original
levels have been used and the gamplay has been changed in many aspects.

Main Features:

- 38 stars in about 10 levels
- A Day/night cycle replacing (most) act selectors
- Choose to play as Mario or Luigi
- Modified enemies, objects and bosses (too many to list!)
- Custom music, including one original song (the town "night" music).
- A new final boss fight

To switch between Mario and Luigi in the title screen, press D-pad Left
(Luigi) or D-Pad Right (Mario).

There are also many 'invisible' modifications that make make this hack work:
extended memory support, a new collision pointer system (lookup tables instead
of hardcoded pointers), modified script commands and a bunch of other minor
stuff. The source code for all these hacks will be available on my site futurely.

Thanks to the people who have contributed to this hack:

Celux - Secret Woods level and major help on the underground area.
RDX - Some music ports made with mml2m64
VL-Tone - Luigi model, as available from TT64 v0.5.9 onwards.
ZZT32 - a pretty cool guy :D who helped me working with MIPS-GCC.
Darkdata - Title screen background and name suggestion.
Stevoisiak - Beta testing some early versions and suggesting some nice improvements
Kostecki - Correcting some text."
Video Link: Link
Tags: full hack
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