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Door if current or specific level beaten

SMW Blocks → Door if current or specific level beaten

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HammerBrother Author Link
Try adding multiple checks, ram address $1EA2 is the current level status.

do this:
LDA $1EA2+x
BPL Return
LDA $1EA2+y
BPL Return
LDA $1EA2+z
BPL Return

^replace x y and z with a level number with a level number, Use this as a formula for converting sublevels:
if !WhatLvl > $24
	!TransLvlNum = !WhatLvl-$DC
	!TransLvlNum = !WhatLvl

I recommend looking on this asm tutorial
Alex No Link
is it possible to do this with more than one level. If you must do like 8 levels for opening that door. Like in my hack, i have 8 worlds that must be completed to enter the last world. Can i use this door for doing that? Instead of making 8 doors of this.