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M64 Parser 0.09

Tools → M64 Parser 0.09

Submission Details

Name: M64 Parser 0.09
Authors: MrGreenThunder, messiaen
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: N64
Games: SM64
Source Available: No
Featured: No
Website: Link
Description: This tool converts M64 into a readable text file, which is useful for debugging M64 files and understanding their structure better.

Changes in 0.08;

* Now outputs vibrato(0xD8) correctly.
* 0xD4 is now a known and named command.

Changes in 0.09;

* Now outputs octaves correctly (errors like c5 being outputted as c4).
* 0xD3 is now called Pitch/Pitchbend.
* Corrected typo with Beat Per Minute being "BMP" instead of "BPM".
* There is now an "Open parsed file or not" dialog prompt in the GUI.
* Fix bug with the GUI preventing m64 files from being edited when opened
Tags: gui m64 music parser sm64
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Comments (1)

MrMartley64 From older version: M64 Parser 0.08 Link
Are converted M64 files compatible in SMW?