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Yoshivert99's hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Yoshivert99's hack

This file is obsolete. The latest version is A Journey To Save The Yoshis. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Yoshivert99's hack
Author: Yoshivert99
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is my first Super Mario World's hack. It use original elements of the game. You need to find all exits and Yoshi coins to consider you've finish the game !

ZIP file contains french and english version of the game.


- Green and pink berries has been removed in Yoshi's House (may cause death by time limit),
- Switch palace has been modified (you can restart the level without dead),
- Light modifications in Yoshi's Island, Strange forest and others levels,
- Light modifications and Dolphins was removed in Cheep-cheep lake,
- Infinity 1-UP trick was patched in Cheep-Cheep Lake and Bowser's castle,
- Hidden dungeon was deleted and not replaced by a new level because if you enter by an other level ID, after beating Bowser, the game don't load credits,
- Light modifications in Bowser's castle and Roy's dungeon,
- Few passages may cause lags has been modified.

Enjoy ! :p
Tags: english french traditional vanilla
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
3.6 (8 ratings)
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Comments (4)

NatsuFireball Link
Hello Yoshivert99,

It's a very enjoying hack, with some of original stuff. I really loved your wired-drawings in the last level ! The idea of tiny levels on overworld crossroads is cool.

The difficulty is OK, starting from very easy to more challenging to the end, especially if you want to collect all Yoshi Coins ! And I did it, I found all Yoshi coins and all exits. It's quite difficult to found all Yoshi coins in the last level, you had a good idea of not putting all these coins in a single path (easy, normal...), so you have to change your road to find the 5 coins, it's cool =]

There are a few bugs, especially when finishing a level : some paths don't draw (Bowser world) and some others make the overworld a bit messy. In Strange Forest, when you take the second Yoshi coin, it bugs and the game thinks you got all, and give you also a 3-up moon. To avoid this, I had to find all other Yoshi coins before returning to the beginning of the level to grab this buggy one in order to get it right ^^ Some sprites bug also.

I had fun playing your hack, so I give you 9/10 (5 stars). Thank you =]


@mario and luigi : The purpose of the P-switch in Roy's dungeon is to turn into coins the path of brown blocks at the beginning of the level : by doing this, you can pass and get to a door. This door eventually leads you to a goal point, which is the secret exit of this level =]
ForthRightMC Link
Well, you could download AddmusicK and insert some custom music, or I will insert them.
Yoshivert99 Author Link
Well thank you very much for your return about my game ! :D

So I think I will make an update to make the game more cool for players !
mario and luigi Link
I generally liked the idea of this hack, but there are, unfortunately, quite a few problems with this hack. I enjoyed the idea of some levels reminiscing the original Super Mario World levels by a little bit, and they do not exactly feel like blatant level edits, so points for that! I also liked the idea of having set different difficulty sections for the final level, Bowser's Castle. However, as I previously stated, problems with this hack will cause point deductions. Below, I will be listing the main issues of this hack:

1. Cutoff: Cutoff was the main issue of this hack. Almost every level had cutoff areas. While this is not really a big problem, it is still not pleasant to the eyes, and some of the cutoffs can easily be fixed through map16 editing, or using other tiles. For instance, in the first level, using a turn block on top of a vine will cause cutoff on the vine when the turn block is hit, so a cement block or a one-tile piece of foreground (through map16) would suffice more to avoid the cutoff. Do note that cutoff exists in the overworlds as well.

2. Overworld glitchiness: The overworld had several issues. Firstly, clearing the Haunted Ship level will cause the overworld music to mute (there is a patch for this), and the Bowser Valley earthquake to summon. Next, there are glitchy overworld tiles (events) when clearing certain levels. Make sure to delete original Super Mario World events in the layer 2 event editor mode window. Moreover, the Special World overworld had a glitchy tile in the level name, Strange Forest, with two glitchy tiles before and after the title.

3. Miscellaneous issues:

-If I bring Yoshi to Sawed Bridge, I would have to abandon him, as Mario cannot progress while riding Yoshi due to the climbing ropes.
-Minor, but for some reason, the Bowser Valley submap fails to show layer 2 paths.
-There are certain areas which players are thwarted with 1-up mushrooms. During Chocolate Island, a total of four 1-ups can be collected; the equivalent of a 3-up moon and a 1-up mushroom combined. This includes having 3-up moons in lots of levels. It is fine to have 3-up moons in every level; it just needs to be extremely difficult to obtain. Maybe add a small challenge or two for 1-ups next time.
-Something extremely weird occurred while playing through Haunted House. One of the Boo clocks (that spin clockwise and counterclockwise) appeared normal, but suddenly it started to overlap another Boo clock. I am not sure if this is a sprite memory issue or not.
-The invisible note blocks in Haunted House are glitched when hit upon. Also, during that moment, the camera at first fails to scroll up to Mario. At first, I was unsure if I was going the right way until the camera finally scrolled up out of nowhere.
-Upon entering Reznor Fortress, a Dry Bones walking towards an escalator looks a bit strange.
-Roy's Dungeon had severe sprite memory issues, causing headless Magikoopas, pencil pillars without spikes, and other oddities with the sprites. The castle memory setting for sprites should be 00. Speaking of Roy's Dungeon, a P-Switch near the end of the level was unnecessary, as Mario can jump through the two moving blocks without the aid of blocks. I did not see another purpose with the switch. Also, if I collect a mushroom at the last question block near the boss door, the mushroom will go past the wall, and Mario will be unable to collect it.
-Whilst giving a cape feather, Mario can easily fly above the levels, making it a cheat-cheat to beat the game. What I do when I give players a cape feather in a hack is when designing the level to avoid creating flat areas where Mario can run as much as possible. Same with the P-Balloon in Strange Forest and the area where Yoshi must eat a blue shell to fly. Place a low wall so that players cannot fly above the level and easily win.
-There is a minor typo for a level name: Cloud Ascention should be Cloud Ascension. Also, in that respective level, placing a dragon coin near the goal point will cause the dragon coin not to fade out (the glowing effect). Avoid placing dragon coins near goal points.
-Spiny Aqueduct had repetitive level design with the arches and similarly placed spinies.
-Slowdown was also prominent in many levels with excessive sprites.
-Although the player does not get stuck in an endless bonus room, it is strange that when the player enters the bottom star in the Star World overworld a second time to return back, they get sent to an unknown area in the Bowser Valley submap.

I will repeat this: I enjoyed most levels showing little pieces of the original Super Mario World's levels. I think it was a clever idea!

Total rating: 3/5