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SPASM: levelASM for Yoshi's Island!

YI Patches → SPASM: levelASM for Yoshi's Island!

Submission Details

Name: SPASM: levelASM for Yoshi's Island!
Authors: Lexie, Wooden Chair
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: Version 1.1

Insert your very own custom ASM code that will only run for a given sublevel!

Currently supports the following hijack points:
"main": runs every frame, gamemode 0F
"init": runs only during sublevel initialization, gamemodes 0C and 0D

This patch is only compatible with asar.

Patching instructions:

1) Locate the index of the level you want to add code to in level_code.asm and/or level_init_code.asm and put your code there. Save.
2) Patch your game with asar like normal; syntax is "asar.exe level.asm rom.sfc" (smc also works)
3) Enjoy!

-Do not modify level.asm at all. It'll break your computer, trust me.
-Sample code has been provided for sublevel 0, both level0: and levelinit0: have sample code. Feel free to erase or use as a base.

The default processor state is both A & X/Y in 16-bit modes. The patch will not break if you
neglect to reset the processor before you return, but you should anyway.

Questions or bugs? Fire off a PM to Raidenthequick on SMWCentral and let him know.
Tags: level asm
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
Download 3.75 KiB | 348 downloads

Comments (3)

Wooden Chair Author Link
Lexie has an odd sense of humor, what's really meant is that the level_code and level_init_code asm files are what you should be changing, only modify level.asm if you know what you're doing.
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Patch description
Do not modify level.asm at all. It'll break your computer, trust me.

Really? It will break my computer?
DiscoTheBat Link
Alright, now there is some good piece of work here!