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Yoshi's Highland

YI Patches → Yoshi's Highland

Submission Details

Name: Yoshi's Highland
Author: Anonymous
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: Version 1.0

Yoshi takes an acid trip!

Two core things happen here: random sprites spawn in, and random velocities are added on to each sprite (including ambient sprites). Idea credit goes to p4plus2.

An exclusion lookup table has been included to exclude any sprites that are problematic. A roughly reasonable default has been assigned to prevent crashes & softlocks and also to make the vanilla game somewhat beatable. Feel free to modify as you please. The format of each byte in the table is:


M = exclude from moving around (setting velocity)
S = exclude from spawning in
C = custom use per sprite
r = reserved for future use (or use these as custom if you please)

An occasional Yoshi animation corruption effect can happen; if it turns on, Yoshi's animation frame gets changed to a random value
every so many frames. Values are tweakable in "consts" in the ASM file.
Tags: corruption
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
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Comments (5)

Trisma Link
This is the funniest hack I have ever played! 2-1 is very very difficult and requires a lot of rewinding, it relies heavily on RNG but this is what this hack is all about.
Taffy Link
It's soooo much fun!!!!! My friends thought it was great...

"DUDE! That looks so trippy!"

Note: 2-1 was unbeatable.
MetalKingBoo Link
Yea, i figured out the M bit part i was just confused on the instructions, thanks for your help!
Wooden Chair Link
Easiest way to accomplish that would be to comment out this line:

JSR move_sprites

Alternately, flag on the M bit in the exclusion table (see readme).
MetalKingBoo Link
so wait, how would i make it so that something doesn't move around? i just want things to spawn in.