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Super Mario: A Familiar Land

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario: A Familiar Land

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario: A Familiar Land
Author: Kraken Pals v 2.0
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: After the last victory of Mario, a strange force drags him into a dark forest. After finding the exit, Mario finds a new island, very similar to those of his last adventures: the same enemies, the same scenery and the same objects. But... What hides this new land? Could Mario escape?

Includes new overworld!


Thanks to the comment of cascade (that you can see below) I began to reflect ... and he is right in many respects. Let's begin by the fact that a first level starts forcing you to throw blocks towards an enemy, continues with a herd of mad chucks and ends with a infernal spam of bullet-machines. It's not just a bad idea for a first level, but also to a level overall...

So, I bring you an update that brings new features:
-Mini-Redesign to various parts of the game that make it not feel like a salad of ideas put to the force. The intention of this is that the execution of these ideas feel more natural. The only level that still has the theme of "several ideas on one level" is Skyearth park, because ... well, it's a park with several thematics, you should feel like when you take a walk in the park and see the different games.

-The "dark forest´s exit" level (previously called "connection point") now has a message that has less sense! Yay (But remember: It will make sense in the full version of the hack).

-A New switch palace because why the fuck no.

-The Level "END OF DEMO" is now finished!

-Besides, you can see an early version of the overworld!

I recommend playing this in Znes... no, do not worry, the game does not break with other emulators, it's just that... Znes freakin'rocks B)

RANT time
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
3.6 (14 ratings)
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Comments (9)

SketchNI Link
A promising hack. There are a few bits of cutoff in some of the levels and one thing that really bugged me was in #1 Top Castle, in the outside segment, there were far too many charging chucks. It slowed ZSNES down quite a bit.
SecretFrenchFry Link
Really enjoyed this hack, a few things I notice that need work. The levels themselves are okay, a bit on the easy side. But they are good. The story line could use a pick me up.

One major thing that needs to be fixed is the secret exit on the level beofre the "end of demo" and the grammer is a bit bad.

Other than what I seen. There is potentail for this hack and I can say you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Rating so far 4/10 power stars
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Kraken Pals v 2.0
btw I'm a noob to edit photos, sorry, although these will be changed in the future, do not worry.

That's a link to a gstatic-encrypted Google Images image.
Klug Link
"I recommend playing this in Znes... no, do not worry, the game does not break with other emulators, it's just that... Znes freakin'rocks B)"
-- from the hack's description

I know but how the heck why you would recommend playing this with ZSNES? I really don't care about ZSNES since it's been outdated. Why did you do? We live in a SNES9X/ZMZ/higan world after all.

And remember, kids, if you want to play this game, consider using ZMZ! (glad i had use ZMZ right now)
 Wakana Link
Not bad overall. This is a pretty nice vanilla hack; I personally liked how there are multiple paths to take in the same level.
Despite small errors like minor cutoff here and there, rare sprite tile limits occuring here and some weird grammar, this is worth accepting.

Also, since the preview screens aren't looking good, I took some for you and replaced. Next time, be sure to properly take screens (the easiest way, doing it with your emulator).
Kraken Pals v 2.0 Author Link
btw I'm a noob to edit photos, sorry, although these will be changed in the future, do not worry.
LucasRCD Link
Those screenshots... Why are they so bad? Like, why are they all pixelated?
Kraken Pals v 2.0 Author Link
Thanks for giving your opinion! Yeah, this is my first hack, although I had used LM before, this is the first time I published a rom hack. I will try to make the levels feel more natural in terms of execution of ideas.
The idea of reboot and sky- earth park was to present several ideas at once . In reboot, I wanted to present the basic ideas of SMW ( exploration , pick up objects , p switch ... ) and in sky- earth park ... well , just some few ideas to make fun the level (Is a park!). However , that was not the intention with the other levels.

The message in Connection point , believe it or not , it makes some sense, but only in the (future ) full version of the hack.

Thanks for all those corrections, I could make a mini re- design of the levels. Thanks for the observations!

And about the grammar , welp , sorry , I'm Latin , in fact initially the hack would be in Spanish...
 Cascade Link
If this is your first or second hack, then it's a relatively decent product. However, it has numerous issues that will most likely result in a the hack being rejected when it is moderated.

The level design, to start off, is pretty incoherent. Most of the levels feel like a jumbled mess of ideas that don't mesh very well. Skyearth Park and Lemon Mountain are the primary examples of what feels like generally thoughtless design choices. The other levels (except Top Castle and Urchin Lake) also suffer from this, but not as badly.

The aesthetics are another issue, though not a major one. Reboot, for instance, suffers from cement block spam and too many pointless pipes. There is also an instance of stacked munchers in the cave section of Reboot and a few bad palettes throughout the hack, but there is at least no blatant cut-off or level edits.

There are other miscellaneous problems:
-Typos and grammar errors in message boxes and misspelled level names
-The star in the switch palace seems rather pointless; it isn't even possible to get a 1-up as I recall.
-Connection Point #1 seems like a pointless level and the message box doesn't make any sense. Also, if you come into the level with Yoshi you're forced to abandon him.
-The spawning fish at the top of Northern Wind are quite obnoxious and make little sense considering that it's a vertical level with no water.
-Placing the various Yoshis in the bonus levels is a neat idea. But it is generally bad idea to give the player a blue yoshi so early in the game. Remember that in the original SMW the blue yoshi could only be obtained in the Star World or by taking a yoshi into a level with that had the wings.

There are a few bright points. The overworld is nice and I like the flow in Top Castle. The shape of the land in the roof section of Top Castle is actually very cool and castle-like, though it would be much better to use actual castle graphics rather than gray land tiles.