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Megaman Scroll Gates

SMW Sprites → Megaman Scroll Gates

Submission Details

Name: Megaman Scroll Gates
Author: HammerBrother
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This door stops the screen from scrolling past it. But if the player touches it, the door will open, dragging the player and the screen to the other side and then closing. Useful if you want a "separate room screen" effect. Must be placed on a screen border or Mario will die when he walks through.
Tags: door lorom mega man pacifist sa-1 scroll
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
5.0 (6 ratings)
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Download 36.24 KiB | 827 downloads


Comments (10)

Romano338 Link
Would be great without the graphics and all and as a UberASM patch
Can you make this a one-way street?
 Blind Devil Link
Got rid of tilemap and tile properties tables to reduce insertion size, and made it possible for the user to set the sprite palette through the CFG. Included a JSON file for new PIXI (CFG is still present for old PIXI users). Added SA-1 support.
HammerBrother Author Link
DiscoTheBat Link
I really love the concept of the Mega man doors, a really outstanding work!
Final Theory From older version: Mega man scroll gates Link
this is very cool indeed. i must have overlooked how cool this is because i think i might use it a lot! thanks GHB!
Fostelif From older version: Mega man scroll gates Link
This is cool, but I want there to be a vertical version as well like the kind Elec Man has.
HammerBrother Author From older version: Mega man scroll gates Link
Hopefully there is no "stolen content notification" from the Japanese programmers. Because this was programmed from scratch.
alright From older version: Mega man scroll gates Link
a well done thing
Polaris From older version: Mega man scroll gates Link
This would be very useful for a megaman styled hack.