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Dynamic Z V 3.15

SMW Patches → Dynamic Z V 3.15

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Dynamic Z V 3.5. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Dynamic Z V 3.15
Author: anonimzwx
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch allows to:

-Use the double of Dynamic Sprites than DSX.
-Use Dynamic Sprites of 80x80, 96x96 and 112x112
-Use Semi-Dynamic Sprites.
-Change graphics and palettes on the fly.
-Change graphics and palettes of Mario on the fly.
-Make your own custom player of 48x48.
-Retro-compatibility with DSX Dynamic Sprites.


-Custom player of 48x48:
-Dynamic Sprite of 112x112
-Dynamic Sprite of 96x96
-Exgfx change
-Palette Change
-Mario Palette
-Mario Graphics Change
Tags: dynamic dynamic sprites graphic change graphics lorom mario graphics mario palette needs remoderation palette palette change sa-1 semi dynamic sprites
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
Download 1.08 MiB | 383 downloads

Comments (5)

anonimzwx Author Link
@Mogu94 Well that patch is cool, maybe I can add a way to make it compatible with it. Other usual patch that people use is Mario's 8x8 Tiles DMA-er. If i find an easy way to make it compatible with those patches then maybe i can include compatibility.
anonimzwx Author Link
@Mathos You can make it compatible with UberASMTool. Only follow the next steps:

1. Open UberASMTool Folder
2. Open asm Folder
3. Open base Folder
4. Open main.asm
5. Erase the line "incsrc statusbar.asm"

Also you can use UberAsm Patch. If you are using UberASM patch you must do the next:

1. Open uberasm Folder
2. Open "asar_patch.asm"
3. Change:
!statusbar       = !true

!statusbar       = !false

4. Change:
!statusbar_drawn       = !true

!statusbar_drawn       = !false

5. Change:
!nmi       = !true

!nmi       = !false
Mogu94 Link
I would like to use this with Ladida's 32x32 patch but...sadly it seems that the two patches don't get along.
 mathie Link
While this patch has a great amount of compatibility, it is incompatible with UberASMTool in its current state. Hope this will end fixed, because this patch is still awesome.
HammerBrother Link
For graphic change, it is a good alternative from examination.