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Details for Mario in Another Land
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario in Another Land Link - Show random
File Name: Mario in Another Land
Authors: gio9002
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Mario got himself into another land. Explore this new and short another island!

This hack includes 4 new powerups (Thanks to the Powerpack made by LX5) and 6 totally new levels! This hack might be updated to have more levels if it is accepted.
Tags: asm, powers, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 2.5 (Votes: 15)
Download: Download - 162.45 KiB
well the Hack is as "beginner-ish" as it can be
pretty empty with standard music
the Ghost House acts as it would had a secret Exit...BUT it hasnt
you gain those promised power ups at the End of the Hack so you really cant enjoy feels like i got click-baited and need to pay for DLC to get the REAL fun :/
this hack is actually pretty good if you look at it as some sort of social criticism against companies Like EA or Ubisoft which bring out empty games all day

so a clear 1 out of 5 from me

the speed bar on the upper right and those power ups are cool
but the usage was pretty much non existent

if THIS was your first Hack it was ok
otherwise....i would be kinda ashamed

i recorded my run and uploaded it on Youtube
my Name is the same as here
Posted by: RavenOner - | Link
Posted by: Oliver - | Link
I was on the border between accepting or rejecting this hack. The design isn't very good, honestly, since most of the levels are flat, with just a few sprites here and there. Yet, this is the only relevant issue this hack has. It's lenghty enough, it doesn't have major crashes and similars, some sections can be actually entertaining... so I'm going for accepting this for now.

The only other issue worth of mention, is that "Another Land 2" has sprite tile limits cutoff where the three chained platform sprite is. You may want to submit an update which fixes that in future.

For your next update, please make sure to spice up your levels a bit more. I'm letting this one pass for now.
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link
Cascade, I made the levels from the beggining, deleting everything and making a totally new one. I'm making a new version with the fixed levels and powerups on new places. Thanks for pointing out somethings, like the Reznor Castle Pipe, I really didn't noticed that the pipe was still there. And about the levels, I'm going to make new ones and if the hack gets accepted. And LX5 made the graphics, not me, but I liked the Boomerang-Flower. Anyway, thanks again for pointing out those things that I really didn't noticed/forgot. And the new levels are going to be bigger, since I didn't have too much time to do those, I was just doing a simple vanilla hack in my free time, and yeah, this is my second GOOD hack, so, I'm still kinda new to hacking, no one did start knowing everything.
Posted by: gio9002 - | Link
Sorry to say, but there isn't a lot of substance here. It isn't terrible, but neither is it good.

The levels are all short and generally consist of flat segments with sparsely placed enemies and little to do other than run and jump. None of them are very interesting or memorable, but there is also nothing that is really bad. While playing, I noticed that every level sort of felt like a level from the original SMW, but there were no segments that were obviously from an original level until I got to Reznor Castle.

Gaining enough speed to fly up the passage was difficult enough with the Thwomp and the fireballs (not to mention the surprise Dry Bones.) But once up there, I saw something familiar.

The pipe led to a very familiar bonus game, which led to the third segment of Morton's Castle.

And yes, Morton was at the end of the castle. I'm not sure if you intended to design another room that the pipe would lead to or if you just forgot to remove it altogether. In either case, blatant level edits should not be in a hack.

I also peeked in Lunar Magic because I was curious about the levels above the ghost house and saw that Luigi is placed on a level that uses SBM1 assets. I guess if you start a 2-player game, Luigi will begin on that level, though the level after it is the endless bonus game. And speaking of the endless bonus game (level 0), the blue door in the ghost house is placed on a screen boundary, sometimes leading the player to level 0 if they approach the door from the left. Either move the door over a tile or set a screen exit on the neighboring screen.

Several levels also have sprite memory issues, sometimes with terrifying consequences:

The custom powerups (there are four: the leaf, hammer suit, boomerang suit, and tanuki suit) appear to be a major selling point for this hack. They're alright, but they don't really add much to the gameplay at all. Remember that in SMB3, these powerups (except the leaf) were rare. It's very strange, also, that you have both the leaf and the cape. They're essentially the same, except the cape is overpowered. Just use one of them (preferably, the leaf.)

A couple of minor points:
-Jumping with the leaf or tanuki suit causes a "thud" sound effect. I haven't an idea why.
-The boomerang powerup (seen in the item reserve above) looks like a boomerang with a fire flower stem. I don't know if you made the graphics or if they were made by LX5, but it should be changed to just a boomerang.
-One of the hack's tags is "fixme." That's only needed for older hacks that have broken music. There's no reason for it here.

So, my verdict on this hack is what I've already said: Not too bad, but not good. You should work to make the levels more interesting and be sure to design each one from scratch: press Ctrl+Del to delete everything in an original level before you make a new one. The powerups are a nice addition, but they're definitely better if given as occasional rewards or secrets, rather than being in every level (except the leaf.)

Posted by:  Cascade - | Link

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