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Details for Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return
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File Name: Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return
Version History: View
Authors: Gamma V
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 70 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return is my attempt at creating a "true" third Super Mario Land game, ie a game where the player actually controls Mario. As such, this hack is pretty much a traditional Mario game with a simple plot that takes a backseat to stomping on heads. This hack contains 60 levels spread across 7 Worlds.

UPDATE: Fixed some instances of cutoff and incorrect tile behavior pointed out by Blind Devil.

UPDATE: Fixed another glitch on the Overworld discovered while watching a Let's Play. I also tried to eliminate the possibility of accidentally killing the Level Ender with a shell during the Angry Sun boss battle by placing a row of blocks above the visible level area.
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, hdma, traditional
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 26)
Download: Download - 565.08 KiB
I loved it! Difficulty is ACTUALLY normal with each world getting gradually harder (the final word is more challenging but not impossible), the graphics are bright and colorful, the music is well chosen and fits nicely, the enemies are well placed and not too overwhelming... Honestly, I can't find any bad points. I'm rating it with a 5/5.
Posted by: MiniPutin - | Link
The Lucifer of Gaming
Isn't Gamma V still a member of the site? If so did he give you permission to upload the hack? Despite this it is a great one
Posted by: The Lucifer of Gaming - | Link
Originally posted by FuZa
Apparently I only got 69 exits. Can someone help me here?

you're good at 69. beating the final level (and final boss) of world 7 does not count as an exit (maybe an oversight by creator of this hack) and after the ending is shown, it resets back to the title screen.
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
this hack is amazing
Posted by: TheCowardlyBoy - | Link
This too is one my favorites hacks done by you.
This, Bowser Cataclismic Trap and Kamek Island rules.
Great level design, fun levels and music, everything is great.
My only complaint here is that the worlds size is very random, like we have a small first world with only 4 main levels only to have a huge mountain world with 12 freaking levels and then a small world again etc.
But still, maybe I'm just over-analizing all of this, its not a problem at all.
5/5 stars
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
100%'d this hack after playing your Mario Is Missing! DR hack. The last world gave me a LOT of trouble, but the design was really addicting and challenging, with the rest of the game being a fun romp leading up to that intense final leg of the adventure. The only misstep is the Piranha Plant boss, who could have used better telegraphing. The rest was so solid and fun that this is a natural 5/5.
Posted by: supercrownjosie - | Link
Nice hack! Although there are some things worth mentioning.

First of all, world 3's boss. Yea the piranha plant one. It took literally half an hour to figure out how to beat it. After watching a playthrough of your hack I realized that I need to WAIT for the piranha plant to charge at me which is bad design for the most part even the final boss is much easier than that one. On the topic of bosses, they were a bit on the easy side (except the one I just mentioned. I'll give credit to that since it was more harder but just had bad design). Lastly, some odd music choices (although the themes from world 4 and world 6 are pretty amazing). Also, there were some levels (world 3-1) where the music would just sound a bit weird. Don't know if that's my emulator or the theme itself.

(P.S. I watched a youtube vid about your hack and it was the same)

Other than that I'd say it's a pretty solid hack. The level designs were good, new enemies, AMAZING aesthetics and old enemies with new behaviors!

If I were to give a score I would give it a 4.6/5 and would easily recommend this hack to someone wanting to pass the time. Also, never stop making hacks Gamma V. Looking forward to the next one! <3
Posted by: FuZa - | Link
Apparently I only got 69 exits. Can someone help me here?
Posted by: FuZa - | Link
Gamma V
@dede2006 The game auto-saves after every level. Most of my hacks have that feature.
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link
Posted by: SuperMarioFan55589 - | Link
This hack is the best you've made ^^ This it's an exemple of excellent hack!
Posted by: BlacKnight94 - | Link
Hey, Love this hack so much I decided to make my first youtube video with it. I know I'm not the best but hope you like it!
Posted by: Spaghetto - | Link
Gamma V
dede2006, the game saves automatically after every level.
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link
I can confirm that this hack DOES work with the SD2SNES cartridge! (NICE!)

although, I just beat World 1 and have not yet found any save option, would be nice to be able to save the game, other than using save/load states
Posted by: dede2006 - | Link
You need to fix the hidden doors in Puzzling Pyramid. Sometimes you can enter the hidden doors and sometimes it just dont work. Tested on zsnes 2 Player mode.
Posted by: Yasaka - | Link
Whiskey Tango
Just beat World 3. So far it's been a nice, easy hack to play between difficult ones -- down to the easy health system. A few things to look into though:

The boss of World 3 is absolutely broken. There's nothing intuitive about the fight (it's not initially clear you can go through its stem, rather than try to jump over it, nor how you're supposed to hit it -- it took me a while just to figure that out). The rocks you need to throw at it can pass through if you throw them too early. Nothing telegraphs its attacks, and the fact that you can see it through the tubes is quite distracting when it in fact warps to a new spot before each attack. This is how I finally figured out how to fight it: Stand in a corner because it can't pop up in one; as soon as it pops up, run through its stem because its one dangerous attack (the barrage of horizontal fireballs) can't hit you if you're in a corner more than two pipes away; rinse and repeat until you finally hit it enough times. It felt like I was playing around a glitchy boss that was impossible before I figured out how to break it, and impossible to die against afterward.

I like hard games, but this boss is difficult for all the wrong reasons -- it just doesn't feel finished. I'd love to see this addressed in an update.

In addition, the spiky muncher pillars (not sure what to call them?) that pop in and out of pipes in the second half of that level are slightly wider than the pipes themselves, meaning you can be hurt by them just standing next to the pipe. Not a huge deal, since the level itself is easy, but it might be something to look into.

I'd also love for the game to be clear about when it saves. I think it's every level? I've just been manually saving the SRAM, but even adding something in the description would help.
Posted by: Whiskey Tango - | Link
Thwomping Kittens
A really brilliant hack. The size of this game is really impressive and plays out (for the most part) like an authentic Mario game. Very fun. Each world has a distinctive visual style that works with the theme. I really liked a lot of the music on here too. Overworld 5 theme really stands out and there are some quality rearrangements of familiar Mario tunes. The whole presentation of the coin/life/item counter is a very nice touch.

There are a small number of things that I’d suggest fixing here and there but it’s really the difficulty increase during World 6 makes everything very unforgiving from this point. Most levels from here are far more challenging than an authentic Mario game and I would have given up without save states.

Aside from these things, it is the most impressive Mario hack that I’ve played in terms of size, level designs, fun original ideas, music, custom graphics and tweaks and custom enemies and bosses. You can really feel the love that has gone into making this massive project. 4.5/5
Posted by: Thwomping Kittens - | Link
Hi Gamma V,

As always, I took great pleasure in playing your hack. Difficulty is well-balanced, the last world is sometimes quite challenging, especially Tatanga's castle, but always beatable without using any savestate.

I particularly loved the graphics, the overworld and the system of showing coins, Golden shrooms coins and lives only when you collect one of these (the best would be, if possible, to show also these status when you push the "pause" button, which would be very helpful if you want to know how many Golden shrooms you have collected so far). It is a good idea to have just put 3 Golden coins instead of 5, as they are less numerous it made me want to find all for all levels =]

10/10 (5 stars), thank you again for the great work !

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
Not much changed from previous versions. I liked the fact that, despite this being the 4th update, or something, there are still issues I suggested to fix in the first version of the hack (read: w1 boss going trough walls; replacement of w4 boss; issues in alt. gravity levels with rideable sprites).
Yet, it's your hack, feel free to do what you want I guess...
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link
Whey the hack has been updated? It's currently submitted. No matter, we have to wait for moderation
Posted by: ForthRightMC - | Link

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