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Pipe Cannon

SMW Blocks → Pipe Cannon

Submission Details

Name: Pipe Cannon
Author: HammerBrother
Act As: Various
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a pipe cannon from NSMB that if the player enters it, instead of warping to another level, shoots the player straight up into the air (you cannot control during being launched). Mario will keep going until he hits a ceiling, or 2 custom blocks: PipeCannon_End.asm or PipeCannon_teleport.asm. Useful for a gimmick like getting to high areas disguised as a pipe to nowhere.
Tags: cannon lorom nsmb pipe
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Comments (18)

Hayashi Neru Link
This should be updated to be compatible with SA-1 1.40 and UberASM 1.5.
KBY30 Link
This doesn't appear to work using UberASMTool.
Knight of Time Link
Originally posted by BWGLite
Just a warning, this cannon pipe isn't compatible with GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.14, as far as I can see.

That's because both of them use $60 and $61 for their freeram defines. If you change the freeram defines in one or the other, they should be compatible then.
BWGLite Link
Just a warning, this cannon pipe isn't compatible with GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.14, as far as I can see.
Epic_Manky Link
Seems to be incompatible with the Wall Jump patch...
randomdude999 Link
Also, if mario enters the pipe while spinjumping (holding down right as he lands), he'll be spinning when flying out of the cannon.
randomdude999 Link
When all of the FreeRAM defines are long addresses, the uberasm code fails to assemble due to out-of-bounds branches.
CalHal Link
Make the pipes bend!
HammerBrother Author Link
feel free to update this content, including converting it to uberasm tool.
TheBiob Link
The uberasm codes are still for the patch and not the tool.
Here is the same code for uberasm tool.
C4RL0S-PR Link
Hi GreenHammerBro I'm Having Problem With The Uberasm Code It says
Processing binary file 'Uberasm_code.asm':
  Inserted at $9EF839 (PC: 0xf7a39)
  Insert size: 199 (0xC7) bytes
  Uberasm_code.asm: error: Missing load/init/main/nmi label.
Press any key to continue...
HammerBrother Author Link

For sprites, use NMSTL.

I'll fix the yoshi bug after my family punishment is lifted.
Anas Link
Bug: If Yoshi's on the center of the cannon and Mario enters it, he will automatically get on him while shooting himself. Also when Mario gets in the pipe and $9D is set, some sprite tiles get glitched up and some parts of Dino Torch fire disappear.
Klug Link
lol at the message box in screenshot #tb{XD}
Von Fahrenheit Link
Moderator's note: Useful and flexible resource, especially when you want to link different parts of a level together. Great if you wanna take inspiration from some NSMB levels.
HammerBrother Author Link
By using this code that I've made: Link. Note that this is in hex.
Anas Link
How did you show the timer on the status bar?
Luaxon Link