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Details for Mario: Dawn to Darkness
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario: Dawn to Darkness Show random
File Name: Mario: Dawn to Darkness
Version History: View
Authors: Yanama
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Well, Here it is. The thing I said I would never fix. Well, I got sick of seeing this thing as the hack that I quit, so I buckled down and fixed the lot up. The Hack ends at the Last castle in world 4 now, and Contains a credits level. I really hope you all enjoy it, because I'm not making another update!

This hack contains Custom Music, Palettes, Custom Sprites, Good Level design, and pretty much everything you love about Mario.

Level Count: 23
Exit count: 27
fixme: music issues on bsnes. Also, refer to Wakana's comment for other major issues needed to be fixed.
Tags: asm, exgfx, fixme, health, music, traditional
Rating: 3.4 (Votes: 13)
Download: Download - 359.20 KiB
I see.

I will take a look on some other issues and check out how to fix them.

Also I already tried AddmusicK, but the hack will be glitched horribly (eg. Mario could swim anywhere in-game).

You'll hear random weird noises coming out here and there.

This is my fault, since I only tested on snes9x 1.53.
Posted by:  tcdw - | Link
Okay. Glad to see someone still cares in fixing legacy hacks.

I went trough this. tcdw fixed the fatal crashes on snes9x due to music... but this hasn't been totally fixed. Try playing "Shroomville" on bsnes for example. You'll hear random weird noises coming out here and there. I guess this happens since romi's addmusic wasn't very stable (or atleast, I think this hack uses romi's addmusic). So yeah, you fixed fatal crashes, but the problem about music is still there.

There were also other major issues I pointed out in my older review which are still here. These are:

Originally posted by old review
- The right path of the OW is all unlocked already.
- "Lumpy Hills" is unbeatable due to a wall blocking Mario at the beginning of the cave.

After talking with other mods, I'm going to accept this update, but since not everything was fixed, we can't give you the fixme badge.
If you really want it, make sure to fix all the major issues pointed out in this comment.
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link
Why are the screenshots so small? And screenshot 15 and 16 are the same one
Posted by: Mayrio - | Link
Green Jerry
[unused comment #2]
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
I changed nothing but make it works on accurate emulators (Change echo buffer address to $F700, change all of song's echo delay to $01 by hex editing).

I refereed to this thread when I submit this.

I explained clearly in the submission notes.
Posted by:  tcdw - | Link
Green Jerry
[unused comment #1]
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link