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Jumpman Returns

Super Mario World Hacks → Jumpman Returns

Submission Details

Name: Jumpman Returns
Author: Big Brawler
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Remember the old good times?
This hack don't have Midwaypoint so, be careful
Jumpman is back, now let's go for Pauline

Who high can you get?
Tags: 8-bit exgfx long level music no boss
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
3.4 (15 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (11)

Brunnoduran Link
I like the hack. But I think it would have been better to trade the Koopas sprites for the arcade Mario Bros Koopas.
Final Theory Link
On the 50M stage. At the end of the first part of this level if you jump over the teleport blocks you go into an endless bonus stage.
kaitri Link
level 1 and 2 are really stupid hard.
level 3 and 4 are pretty enjoyable (ignoring that lv 3 is an autowalker level)

the barrels being a 1hit is a little annoying, i never found myself get hit by an enemy so mushrooms were pointless to me.
7 up Link
Well, this hack has had everything to get accepted on SMW Central, but it doesn't mean that's such excellent. There are a few reasons listed below:
1. Looks like you've used custom graphics here, but you've used other users' GFX. That's not such a problem, but some graphics aren't 8-bit. I know the original game doesn't contain enough them, but to make them look way more appealing, you could've use WAY more graphics from other 8-bit games.
2. Your grammar is very funny. You need way more English lessons to make it look less amusing and most people can understand you.
3. DON'T go way too insane with the challenges. I know it's a Hard difficulty hack, but some of the parts are near-kaizo experience and some of them are repetitive like jumping over the oil cans. You have to give this hack some beta tester for checking it if it isn't way too hard and then edit some difficult parts.
4. It would be nice if you add HP pointer or checkpoints to the level or the players will be way frustrated.

My rate: 2/5
H.carrell on an ipad Link
Not the no overworld cause u start on lvl 24
mallowking Link
you shold've used the no overworld patch on it
Construct101 Link
Mario1989 your clearly just wanting attention. The hack not that bad at all. There is a clash in graphics. N a bit repetitive yes, BUT in the classic game there was only so much gfx. Original game just repeated over and over. But just a change of a few enemy gfx n a Nintendo style overworld and its a decent hack in my view. People aught to encourage and NOT be such jerks. Overall not bad. Id give 6.5/10
LucasRCD Link
@Mario1989 HAHAHAHAHAHA no.
Mario1989 Link
Hi, This is the most worst hack i ever played, The reasons is,

1. Way too many Oil Cans. Why would you put way too many Oil Cans in this hack? Playing it made me very, very mad. You need to limit down the usage of the Oil Cans.

2. 1/2 Mistakes, And You Start Over. You need to put checkpoints on these levels. If you don't, Players will start to rage and rant on it.

3. Typos. You might need to proofread your Message Box messages.

4. Unchanged Graphics. (some of them) The graphics need to look 8-bit in order if you need to make an 8-bit SMW hack.

And that's all i have to say about this hack. This is by far the worst SMW hack ever. You need to improve it. I give it a complete 0/100.
 Wakana Link
This is very questionable in terms of difficulty: I hate the fact you kinda abused sections where you have to jump on 16x16 tiles. But hey, this is what the hack is about, so I guess it could go. The last level is the one I liked most I think, it had lots of different elements in it. I hate the scrolling one instead, litterally a savestate generator.

While I'm still kinda unsure, on the other hand, I believe this has those good qualities which make it good enough to be accepted. I feel like this hack is like those old arcade games: you're not always supposed to get to the end; the thing is, infact, how far you can go before losing all your lives. It's a concept which has been applied well here. But still, some parts are way too wild, even for a "hard" hack, and adjusting the difficulty a bit wouldn't hurt.

I'd suggest you to update this anyways, some suggestions below:
- Implement an HP system; I tend to forget when I can be hit by an enemy or not.
- Take a proofreader for you. You should fix your message boxes, since they are pretty funny.
- As said already, balance the difficulty a bit. You go too insane in certain sections. A tester can maybe help you with this.

2/5 for now. I'll maybe give an higher score if this gets updated.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
Donkey kong has escaped
Not has been escaped