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Song Title


    Final Fantasy Adventure - Last Battle

    SMW Music → Final Fantasy Adventure - Last Battle

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    Comments (17)

    Jukeboxi_ Link
    This is epic! Definitely going to use this as the final boss music for my next hack. #smrpg{y}
    7 up Link
    One of the best ports ever made!
     Manofer Link
    AMAZING ^^
     Ayami Link
    This song is so representative of VIP5, that listened it used in another hack would be really odd. Indeed, I think this SHOULD be named "VIP & Wall & Alaska Mix 5 - Julius' Theme".

    Jokes aside, is really good to have this for public use, but my fanboyism always will tell me this port only belongs to VIP 5.
    Kiatus Link
    Wroof Wroof Link
    An absolute masterpiece.
    Klug Link
    better than MidiGuy's!
    UTF Link
    top quality!
    IanBoy Link
    damn son
    Lumy Link
    I had to download this. Even if I end up not using it I still can't stop opening it to give a listen. 5/5
    unipat Link
    This sounds amazing and just like the port played in VIP Mario 5!
     Samantha Link
    @Artissimo Yes they did.

    Why hasn't this been accepted yet lol
    Skewer Link
    This port was one of the better ports of this; hard to believe you're submitting this. 5/5
    Artissimo Link
    So you helped work on the project?
    Brutal Valenti Link
    im love this! my favorite music of FFA/SD in SMW ith RSGA Arrangment :) 5/5
     Samantha Link
    Daizo Dee Von Link
    No way.... you're submitting this amazing port for the public? Dude... you're amazing.