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Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized

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edwinmusic Link
is a real aweosome hack!
OfPixxiesAndRoses Link
I'll never not love this game. Interesting and unique level design, solid soundtrack options and a plethora of secrets makes for one hell of an experience. The open-esque feeling of the overworld is a real cherry on top, imho.

Kudos!! Would love to see a sequel to this someday.
Steve Eric Jordan Link
its fine but weird level design. if you like it's unique style it could be for you.
rafaelfutbal Link
Nice hack. I think I got all exits.
On title screen, it says "96 exits" with a star by side.
Someone fixes it, please.
In general, this hack is so easy. I beated several levels by first try, including the "Bowser Castle".
Originally posted by quickdraw86
Just started this one the other day, I'm really enjoying it. 5/5.
in which emulator did you put the hack?

In which emulator can I put the room?
This game is very addictive. Loving it so far. My only complaint is the music in magma pipeline. The other music is great though.
quickdraw86 Link
Just started this one the other day, I'm really enjoying it. 5/5.
Lycandusk Link
I can't load it in snes9x
videogamer939 Link
This game was incredibly done 10/10
PatrickDoesABCs Link
I've had a few minor issues, but I don't remember because I enjoyed the game too much. Good job.
randomboy55 Link
damn,this hack is just addictive,it just has that magic touch that maded the original smw addicting,this is truly an amazing adventure#smw{:TUP:}
Disparager Link
Love the hack, well done.
Dan314 Link
Only just got into playing ROM hacks (SNES Classic mini) and I'm so glad I did! Super Mario World is my favourite game of all time so when I found this 105 exit epic I couldn't wait to get it patched!
Just the star world to go for me now but I've really enjoyed every minute of the many hours I've spent playing so far. Music is great, and also the variety of themes and backgrounds used including the retro themed bonus sections.
So, Thanks for the hack and keep them coming!
(I got Luigi and the Island of Mystery patched today ready for when I finish this one!)
ScottyTheCube42 Link
Amazing! The amount of custom objects in this are amazing. The difficulty was perfect and consistent throughout, and each level was satisfying and new. 10/10
P.S. The key jumping section in excavation site at the end was tricky. I guess I'll never play a pit...
• Solid level design, with a good understanding of enemy/obstacle placement and where to give the player instruction
• Many longer levels, which is nice
• Good bosses
• Variety of creative level themes/aesthetics, many of which hark back to other older Mario/Nintendo games and are an intriguing surprise, but...
• With all the enemies/aesthetics/music from other games it almost feels like you're not really playing SMW sometimes. Some people will enjoy this but I prefer things a little more vanilla
• Reliance on P-switch gets a little stale
• Fairly challenging difficulty, mostly for the better, but Mid-endgame can sometimes be frustrating/cheap
• Good final castle. Other highlights include Prickle Peak and Dark Cave's secret exits, Forsaken Cabin, Sparta
• I thought the music choices were a bit of a mixed bag
• Takes 6-12 hours to beat/100%


akzak22 Link
Thanks for this one. Really great.
PkmnTrainerElio Link

I wasn't too fond of different paths in normal levels, that was getting tedious.

It seems I've got only 96 Exits, even though I believe I have gotten all of them, I did all the secret levels that I could see and I did the bonus world too.
DankClam Link
This is without a doubt, my favorite Super Mario World ROM hack.
Good job WiiDude. I am proud of you.
Gaabrielzaun Link
kaitri Link
i love the overworld, i love that enemys look different based on what the world theme is i think the difficulty is really nice its just a really great hack

things i dont like: toooo many ways in a lot of levels. if it wasnt on emulator i had to replay some levels 2-4 times just to see every path

world 1-4 all are just to get the yellow switch palace which you need to get to world 5. but with a well timed "feather" flight you can basically skip world 1-4 completely.

yoshis: they are hidden in levels which is kinda cool but usually they are of no real use you dont need to find them and 1-2 levels later there is a door or a passage that you cant take them with you it feels nice to find them but after finding them you can just drop them instant.
Woutersmits Link
I dont have such trouble with zsnes ive downloaded on original site
 Wakana Link
We don't support ZSNES compatibility anymore:

A severe security issue has been found in ZSNES that puts users at risk, including the possibility to compromise the operating system. It is known to affect builds of ZSNES 1.51 and older on any OS. We advise players to switch emulators until ZSNES is updated. Hacks currently accepted on this site are known to be safe to run in ZSNES, although a few are unsupported, and many older hacks in the "Temporary" section will only run in ZSNES. It is strongly discouraged to play unmoderated hacks in ZSNES due to the nature of this bug: do so at your own risk. If a user is found to put a malicious exploit in their hack through ZSNES and either submit or link it on SMW Central, they will be dealt with as such.
TiagoRibeiro1992 Link
Using ZSNES, the game blocks right after finishing Magma Tide, in the Star World :O
 Stivi Link
Really creative little hack, one of my favourite hacks so far :D
PatrickPower Link
Awesome hack!
Just like SMW there is a variety of levels. I think the challenge difficulty is just perfect and will resonate with any skilled player.
 Lexator Link
An amazing hack !
I enjoyed playing this, nice level design, not too easy, not to hard like a true SMW game !
But were is "Lexator" in music credits? :)

Rated 5/5 !
 Wakana Link
@H.carrell on an ipad please don't make pointless comments, thank you.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
That is an Asar patch
H.carrell on an ipad Link
Minimalist status bar is here:
kvbriggs From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Sweet hack. I played it using Super EverDrive, so no savestates. I have two critiques and one bug observation.

1. The level Waterworks. The secret exit took me forever to find, which I'm a little embarrassed to admit. The hole you need to enter looks just like all the holes you can't enter and the player needs to line up just right. I had tried going into all the holes, including the correct one, on my third or fourth attempt at finding the secret exit, but Mario must not have been lined up correctly and didn't go through the hole and I decided that must not be the solution. I didn't figure it out for a couple more nights :( If the hole was somehow distinguished fro the others or if there was a clue somewhere in the level that would have helped.

2. It'd be nice if the castle bosses were not straight from Super Mario World. A couple of them had some unique twists thrown in, but I was disappointed when I got through the red doors and found an original boss. Especially Bowser.

3. Maybe this is true of all hacks, I never noticed, but when you start the hack it shows the star next to 96 even if you haven't beaten all the stages yet. Who cares, really. It's just something I noticed and thought to mention.

Great job though. I really enjoyed playing.
NatsuFireball From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Hello Superwiidude,

I really enjoyed playing your hack ! Graphics, overworld, music... all is very carefully chosen and the result is great ! A special distinction for music, with some themes making you feel good old times =]

Difficulty is OK, the game can totally be done without using savestates, as it is designed for.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]

blaze800000 From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
i can play this in retrouprising .com it has some of sm hack in there if you want more in site ask the guy in charge
ForthRightMC From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Very good project, I like it very much, good work#smw{:peace:}
sincake From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
RZ1 From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
One of my all time favourite hacks. Currently playing this version, 100%ed the original version.

For the most part this version is better, but some of the music sounded better in the original (P-switch, Sonic Theme).

The aesthetics are much better however, can't wait to see if you made the forest stages much easier on the eyes.

Gameplay is rock solid, love the exploration aspect of the overworld.

Overall, going to give it a 4.5/5! Good job!
Somaria From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Loved this hack from start to finish. The music was great, lots of nostalgia in there. Nothing too hard for a casual player either. :)
pdizioli From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Hack genial adorei espero ver mais trabalhos seus aqui
 Wakana From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
I recall this one: this was a legacy hack, one of the best I went trough, and I'm glad you decided to revitalize it.
I pretty much agree with what other comments said, this hack is very fun to play. The way the ow is set up with the branched paths all over the place made it particularly fun to complete. Peeking my old review, I saw that you fixed the very frequent blind jumps, since I didn't encounter particular ones this time, plus, now the hack works on accurate emulators now. This is a pretty significative change!

A small issue encountered: in bonus area #4, the last jump in the vertical part of the level is impossible to make, unless you have a leaf and fly. I saw you've put a koopa there, so I assume you wanted the player to advance by jumping on it. Sadly, you've placed it too high, and Mario can't reach it at all.

Overall, 5/5. Good job!
 MarioFanGamer From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Be careful at the bonus room in Jolly Hill!. Exiting it is a death trap, at least with a Yoshi and a Tanookie.
niko From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Omg that hack is fantastic!
Nao From older version: Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized Link
Oh, I remember this hack. It is one of the first hacks that I played, and it was a really good one!

Leveldesign & Difficulty:

The leveldesign is simple, but the levels don't get repetetive and they are always fun! There is a huge variety of level themes, mainly classic ones, but there are also some themes you wouldn't expect from seeing the screenshots. The hack starts out really easy and gets medium-difficult at the end, so it's perfect for players that are new to hacks.



The hack starts out pretty much vanilla. Later on there are custom graphics mixed in, mainly from the classic Mario Bros. and Yoshi's Island games. The graphics don't clash and the palettes used are always vibrant and charming!



Probably the strongest point of this hack. Back when this first was released, I was amazed by the overworlds' structure. Right at the beginning you can take multiple paths that lead you to different places. At certain points you will need a switch palace to continue on the path. At the end of the day, you need to play the worlds in order to get the switch palaces, but it still felt like exploring a more open world than in most hacks. Also, this whole concept was fairly new in that time (from what I remember). The overworlds are all nicely designed and have nice palettes, just like the levels.



Custom music is used in all levels (from what I remember). It was nothing special, simple music tracks fitting the simple style of this hack. Most of the music choices were fitting, however I felt that sometimes the music was too happy for the darker levels.



I would recommend this hack to any new player of SMW hacks. For more experienced players, I recommend it if you want to take a break from all the harder hacks we have here.