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The Seven Hurdles 2

Super Mario World Hacks → The Seven Hurdles 2

Submission Details

Name: The Seven Hurdles 2
Author: Wind Fish
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This hack contains:
* 7 Levels, like the first hack of the series.
* A Vanilla-ish aesthetic.
* Difficulty that's suitable for new & old SMW hack players.
* No Overworld.
* Compatible with most SNES flash carts.
Tags: asm boss exgfx hdma music traditional
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4.4 (11 ratings)
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Comments (5)

muzzl Link
Good levels, good music.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
Make another rom hack
Cydrius Link
[SPOILERS AHEAD. For anyone looking for whether or not this is good: It's pretty good, with some room for improvement.]

Some observations as I go:

1. There are a few moments that feel a bit awkward or cheap, which could have been found with a little more testing, I assume. For example, when coming out of the bonus room in level two, one would immediately walk right... directly into a piranha plant. This is a bit of a feel bad, 'unfair' moment.

2. I feel like some of the palettes are a bit harsh on the eyes. The pink and green ground on the first level isn't too bad, but the palette on the castle part of the first stage, and on the third stage in general are too bright.

3. There's some severe slowdown issues in the underground part of the forest with the mist, Wiggler, and flying platform.

4. The characters found in the bonus room seem to be some kind of inside joke, I'll admit that was lost on me and kind of detracted from the experience.

5. The uncollectable blue coins in the forest level strike me as odd.

6. The beach level's yellow ground is a bit too bright as well.

7. Your level design feels generally pretty solid, if a little flat at times. The ground seems to often be flat with objects breaking it up. More slopes might be nice.

8. I was waiting around on the level title screen for the castle level, and as it turns out, that screen does use up your timer, which is odd, but I assume out of your control.

9. I love the palette and appearance of the castle level, and it plays nicely. The boss feels a little over the top, though. There's a lot of eeries flying around, and it feels a little too hard to dodge them. I don't find it to be a fun challenge, more of a frustrating one. I think you should either reduce the amount of eeries, or give the player a little more ground to work with.

10. I liked the sky level a lot (nice foreground cloud), but it feels strange to have digging chucks standing on a one wide platform, to where they're conjuring rocks out of nowhere.

11. Nice airship level. Bit more slowdown around the part with two overhead fire lotuses. I feel like it has a few dull moments, though, especially in that last hallway before the pipe.

12. I'm enjoying this rush through previous level themes. The forest part looks a lot nicer than the original.

13. I'm not convinced it's possible to cross the pit with the two cement block ghosts and the three eeries without getting hit. It feels a little unfair because you don't see the eeries coming until you're already on unstable ground.

14. It was SUPREMELY anticlimactic to me that the final battle with Bowser (nice sprite) goes down in one blow... but that I then have to beat the sparks in order to finish the fight. It made very little sense to me. I think you need to rework that part.

15. The coin line at the start of Gentle Giant feels a bit like a lie. If you follow the coins, you can't possibly make the jump. That's kind of... not good.

16. That slowly descending lava ceiling in The Oven is a really nice setpiece.

All in all, I like this, but it has some room for improvement.

Keep it up!
Barnowl Link
A lot of autoscrollers, but still there's something about this pace that I like.
 Wakana From older version: The Seven Hurdles 2 Link
This is a pretty good hack! The fact this has no OW makes it pretty unique among the general vanilla hack. I also liked how you made your levels replayable anytime, once you finish the game once.

This is worth accepting, although I'm pointing out a few issues I found while moderating:
- If I die after taking the midway point of stage 5, the boss music (or stage music, depends on the last one that played) will start playing when the stage name shows. Minor bug, which would be nice if you manage to fix.
- If you have a coin over a ? block and you hit the block first, you'll create an invisible solid block above it.
- Bowser Statues can be killed by sliding. Their falling frame is glitched, since they weren't meant to be killed in the first place.
- I didn't like how you made the sublevels showing stage name. The fact you can see the player in some of them is my main complaint. I'd suggest you to block Mario in walls with priority ON, so that he isn't visible and he can't move in the room. You could do it ASM-wise as well, but it's up to you.