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Sprite Morph Blocks v3

SMW Blocks → Sprite Morph Blocks v3

Submission Details

Name: Sprite Morph Blocks v3
Author: Erik
Version History: View
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: This block will turn a specified sprite into another one. Please read the enclosed readme for more info.
SA-1 version is included.
Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Update 3: Now will spawn smoke and the morphed sprite will start facing Mario.
Tags: lorom morph sa-1 sprite
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.6 (8 ratings)
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Download 2.95 KiB | 558 downloads


Comments (10)

rvx Link
I went to convert a Yoshi into a Blargg and the game crashes, the idea was to dismount from the yoshi to the lava and transform into a blargg, the same thing is to shoot the sprites on the ceiling and diagonally, the game also crashes.
 Blind Devil Link
@Fenix: Sprites such as Bullet Bills, that don't interact with objects (as in, sprites that go through everything) won't work. Only ones that do interact will.
Elaz Link
It works really well, but I'm specifically having issues with trying to turn a bullet bill into another sprite for some reason.
Final Theory Link
You can do super creative stuff with this!
DiscoTheBat Link
This block is really cool and can have lovely applications in a ROM. Good work!
 Erik Author Link
i love u too <3
h.carrell Link
luv it
 Erik Author Link
Luaxon Link
Nice addition Erik557!
Polaris From older version: Sprite Morph Blocks v2 Link
By what the image shows, there's no transition for the enemy. It'd look kind of bad when swapping the koopa with a goomba or something.