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Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 2 - Peach

SMW Graphics → Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 2 - Peach

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 2 - Peach
Author: Construct101
Type: Original
Purpose: Player
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: I know I've resubmitted this 2 times now,but I keep finding things wrong with it.I'm a perfectionist when it comes to art... but,I've done an extensive redrawing on it to make it look even better.

It has a better OW graphic,more suitable for SMB2 and fire flower substitution,princess coin,more fixed GFX and I just saved a bunch of money on my car ensurance...wait wrong time...

Anyway this is my (HOPEFULLY)last update...

<note> Sadly still no Flying GFX...

To mods,please delete my other "[PLAYER] Princess Peach {Fixed with OW GFX)"

Gamma V Edit: Added actual palettes.

Gamma V Note: It's probably a good idea to disable cape flight with the included patch.

mod edit: replaced ips patch with asm patch
Tags: female needs remoderation patch needed
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
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Comments (2)

mariofanboy010 Link
these are good graphics i give you credit for the graphics
Guscraft808Beta2 Link
peach is real, super mario world