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Circling Thwomp

SMW Sprites → Circling Thwomp

Submission Details

Name: Circling Thwomp
Author: TheBiob
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This thwomp will change it's direction every time it hits the ground.

Extra bit will make it go counter-clockwise

Requested by Ruberjig
Tags: castle lorom thwomp
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (7)

Fintan Link
It crashes my rom either way.
XtremeI Link
kind wierd.. bit 1 parakoopa , bit 2 is only right up and bit 3 is only up right . How can you setup to be down and then right then up ?
ninj Link
Can you make it so it follows mario?
 RussianMan Link
has extra byte enabled but doesn't utilize it.
C4RL0S-PR Link
The Sprite work good but when the extra bit is set it crash the game.
DiscoTheBat Link
The sprite works nicely, the only nitpick I had is that it seems it isn't properly aligned when goes horitonal/vertical depending on position of sprite, aside that, works just fine. Good job!
Ruberjig Link
"Circling" THATS the word I was looking for *facepalm*

Thanks son.