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The Devious Four Chronicles 4: Hunter's Revenge ReVised

Super Mario World Hacks → The Devious Four Chronicles 4: Hunter's Revenge ReVised

Submission Details

Name: The Devious Four Chronicles 4: Hunter's Revenge ReVised
Authors: Skewer, amhunter
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 107 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: After stopping the alien duo known as Hunter and Scorpion from ending the world via the Furnace, an alien doomsday device which was constructed in the center of their crash landing site, the Mushroom Kingdom rebuilt.

With peace once again prevalent, Mario must now travel to the neighboring distant kingdom of Hyrule to announce the Mushroom Kingdom's presence as a peaceful one. However, on his journey, Mario meets a rather strange individual, who tells the even stranger story of a recent foe who might not be so dead after all.

NOTICE! If you downloaded it before moderation, download it again. It's a new version that the author PMd me while I was moderating it. Thanks!
Tags: asm bosses d4c exgfx story variety
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.5 (30 ratings)
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Comments (14)

koopsultra500 Link 28:14 What music is that from?!
SF - The Dark Warrior Link
Originally posted by TheOrangeToad
how can I find the secret exit of molten frost?

Hunter's Third Processor
and head back to Molten Frost where you will see the
first pipe that is colored dark blue and two coins above it. The cutscene at the end of the boss fight from said processor hints you as much with what you need to do with that.
TheOrangeToad Link
how can I find the secret exit of molten frost?
Retrospectre Link
Nice game, I streamed it the other day and it got a lot of good feedback. The only enemy I didn't much care for was the crazy flying enemy that starts appearing in level 2. He drove me batty! Otherwise guys, this mod is an amazing make for a classic game.

-Space Level Music was my favorite soundtrack.

CCoolant Link
Way too difficult/unfair. Pretty much just going to echo some of the other comments here: needs more checkpoints/powerups/save points, less annoying enemies.
TheOrangeToad Link
where The Devious Four Chronicles 1,2,5,7?
Tombi432 Link
I have played through it completely now and its an amazing hack but has similar issues like in the crater:

Just one thing that really boggles me: You clearly put endless hours into developing and create this, why making it so damn difficult? It keeps people from playing your game.

Later into the game you have to clear 3 sections until you hit a midway point and getting there takes an amount of consistentce in skill most people do not have and are forced to use save states.

The difficulty often gets insane when custom enemies like these butterflies are involved. This gets worse in these neon levels with those squares and bubbles as spawn out of nowhere and move way to fast(green square thingy).

At some levels in scorpion synth, I even had to use Debug Cheat mode in order to progress which were: Nightmare Garden (got soft locked because flower walls not being removed correctly), Neon Levels due to annoyance, Rock Levels to get a clue for the secret exit.

The difficulty also often spikes because no Powerups are placed at some mid way points. It forces people to go to previous levels to farm flowers before the next attempt.

The hack is wonderful, but please fix this damn difficulty
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
Its A preety Good Rom Hack
niko Link
At the second level from world 2 that anyoing flying wiggler kills me over and over again.

ragequit the hack, not enjoyable for me (i hate overpowered costum sprites), but the first world was really good.

Maybe i'm just too bad to dogde, whatever.
Uruk-haiii Link
It was worth waiting...

You made my fucking months of waiting!New precious hack by my favourite THE DEVIOUS FOUR CHRONICLES!I will try it as soon as I can,and i wish you keep up the good work!
elezard Link
This looks really, really good. Holy shit, between this, Captain Toad 0.5, LaTIoM, and Super Mario Logic, i think 2016 is shaping up to be an incredibly good year for hacks.

The first thing i look to to determine whether i play a hack or not is the overworld, and that one screenshot of the OW got me to download it. Frustrated with the current hack i'm playing, will put that on pause for this. Will update.

(Wait, i JUST noticed the 107 exits thing, holy shit, i love hacks with a lot of exits, this is great)
Chaosman.EXE Link
Ah, the most delightfully frustrating custom boss I've ever seen is back again. I'll definitely be giving this a go.
 Wakana Link
Okay, managed to 100% the game. Quite the memorable rom hack I must say, it's been so long since I've played such a quality hack.

There are lots of good aspects: first of all, the impressive work with the graphics, which is by far one of the best I've seen in a hack. There are also lots of gimmicks I haven't ever seen before; I don't want to spoil them here, so you better check them out, they're very neat!
It has its bad aspects as well though, like claustrophobic design, which is way too much abused in the late levels, and like the shelless blue koopas kicking shells that you keep putting everywhere. It's hard here to not spoil everything, but let's just say that the way you designed the late levels kinda made the hack not enjoyable anymore. Some puzzles in particular felt like I had to randomly try pipe/door exits until I found the good path. It's kind of ala ghost house, except that at this rate everything gets just too confusing to handle, since there are way too many doors and pipes, and you end up not knowing where to go.
Again, that's just my opinion. I'm assuming hardcore players are going to love this, so don't take my words as official way to improve your hack in design or something.

As for bugs, I took more screens than usual here. Since I'm bored to list them here, I'll just leave a link to them here in case you want to check them out; refer to the .txt for the details. Note that it's spoiler warning content: if you look forward playing the hack, then you better enjoy the hack yourself first.

Despite the big number of bugs, the hack is fully functional, extremly enjoyable for the most part, and thus, acceptable.
Unsure about the featured status, I'd probably need the opinion of atleast another mod before doing anything. Regardless, good job on it!


EDIT: The author PMd me a new version which fixes most of the small issues pointed. Download it again if you already did (as in, this is the update of 08/12).
EddyCartoon Link
Hands down the best hack in the Devious Four Chronicles. No question about it. If you're a Super Mario World fan & you like custom hacks, then this is the perfect game for you. Has just about everything you'll want in a new Mario game & then some. The only thing that's missing in this game is an auto save feature, which can be easily fixed by inserting the auto save patch onto the game.