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Super Mario Maker - Keys & Pink Coin

SMW Patches → Super Mario Maker - Keys & Pink Coin

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Maker - Keys & Pink Coin
Author: lx5
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This pack installs some ASM hacks to allow Mario to have keys following him, as well a pink coin that gives Mario a key.

Be sure to read the included readme!

Video in action:

Note: This resource has partial SA-1 support; blocks and sprites included in this patch aren't SA-1 compatible and the default freeRAM in the patch may cause crashes on SA-1 ROMs.
Tags: key lorom needs remoderation pink coin super mario maker
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
Download 13.74 KiB | 779 downloads


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Comments (5)

EnzoLipe1 Link
can you convert it to sa-1?
EnzoLipe1 Link
why is there a jumping and falling goomba on the gfx?
YoshioSK Link
Can anyone make the key sprite be compatible with PIXI?
juaneergameer Link
pure trash installed into my game
DiscoTheBat Link
Okay, this is a really cool asset for a SMW hacking. I'm really impressed by this one. Good work, LX5!

Note: Also, it is recommended that one would use Alcaro's patch to initialize RAM, in order to prevent major issues.