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Mario vs Sonic.exe 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario vs Sonic.exe 2

Submission Details

Name: Mario vs Sonic.exe 2
Author: TheInsanity115
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: After nearly eight months of work, I finished all levels.
I eliminated most errors in the hack.
No problem with other emulator was found.

The difficulty of the hack is varied.
Starts easy, gets more difficult in the castles, especially the bosses.
Tags: asm bosses creepypasta exgfx hdma horror music traditional
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
4.0 (24 ratings)
No rating
Download 390.29 KiB | 10,682 downloads


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Comments (18)

edwinmusic Link
thank you so much
Jacko Link
Where can I find Hills act 1 Backwards song?
Jacko Link
Hope you make a sequel to this soon
zebube10 Link
oh yes it not a demo
DarkRed64 Link
buen juego
mario vs sonic.exe
el lado oscuro de sega vs el personaje de nintendo
FavaleXD Link
I finished the game some minutes ago and I have to say . . . . it's a pretty good game.

The levels do start easy but they grow harder the more you advance, wich is good actually because they
don't get boring. Some of the levels get short sometimes, but there are a lot of them, so I didn't really care about how short they were.

The music really got me into the game, all those horror themes, combined with the dark and bloody backgrounds, really made an horror ambience for the game.

About the bosses, they do get annoying, and quite repetitive. I honestly felt the Peach.exe (the first battle) harder then the fight with Sonic.exe

I know it's probably really hard to make this hacks, but I think you can do better boss battles.

Anyway, despite the bad or the good things, I truly enjoyed the game and I know you can do a lot better. I'll be waiting for the next game you make :D
Umut Link
Well Sequal is great like the first one and keep going like this
CalebTheHedgefox Link
Wow I didn't knew there was a sequel!
TheInsanity115 Author Link
Thanks for all :D
Andyana Jonseph Link
Congratulations on it getting accepted. This was a good sequel, but I prefer the first one, because it wasn't as linear.
TheMorganah Link
Great work, my friend.
DreadDLorD44 Link
Amazing , i played mario vs sonic.exe and now i will play the second version :)
Lord-Katyna Link
This hack is... okay?
The bosses are seriously overpowered. No matter what I do, I can NOT beat the Peach boss. Aside from that, the levels are VERY short and repetitive, making them boring and occasionally annoying. One more thing,try to pick the music more carefully.

So here are my tips:
Work on the ASM
Work on the level design.
Choose music that fits the theme better next time.

(Also, what song did you use for the bosses?)
darken Link
Belo trabalho, TheInsanity115.
 PermaBan Link
Though nothing is really wrong with this hack it is defiantly not for everyone.

The levels start off pretty easy and get harder by the end of the game but stay roughly the same length which is fairly short. Another annoyance is the bosses tend to over stay their welcome and though challenging are more annoying than anything else due to phases where you can't dodge projectiles and are guaranteed to take a hit, this is made worse if you are small as no levels have midway points so you have to replay the entire level.

In the end it's not a bad hack just as I said not for everyone.
Green Jerry Link
@H.carrell on an ipad: Click.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
May I have A link to the font
Green Jerry Link
There is cutoff on the first level: