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New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs

Super Mario World Hacks → New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs

Submission Details

Name: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs
Author: Pink Gold Peach
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 112 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Content warning: This hack has flashing HDMA glitches; they are most notable in 11-1 if the player steps on the scale platforms but may also happen rarely in other levels.

Bowser stole the twelve magic orbs from Peach's Castle, now Mario must got them back.

94 levels and 112 exits
Custom Music
Custom ASM
Custom Bosses
9 New Power-Ups
And More...

EDIT: fixed a little mistake at the end of 12-S
Tags: asm bosses hdma less exgfx music powers traditional variety
Comments: 147 (jump to comments)
4.3 (118 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.48 MiB | 106,893 downloads


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Comments (147)

MintyCrackers Link
The "random falling objects" gimmick is absolutely disgusting and I pray to Lord God Almighty not to see it in any other hack ever again. That and the flashing lights (why do they happen, anyway?) were the only things that really bothered me beyond tolerance, but were not the only downsides to hack. The enemy and platform placements as well as the "inverted controls" level also had their share of unfairness.

It's a shame that this hack left me with such a bitter taste in my mouth. It has a lot more content than your average hack has, cool visuals, worlds, songs and concepts for levels (that were, unfortunately, seldom well executed), so anyone could definetly tell there has been a lot of passion and hard work put into it.

The way this hack is right now, I would only recommend it to non-epileptic players with zero anger issues who want to sharpen their skills at non-kaizo Super Mario World instead of having a thoroughly genuine fun time.

El_Nashe Link
Que rom se necesita para este hack? Que región y que juego de Mario
gnollhide Link
USA Version, Super Mario World. No Virtual Console.
Chr0x Link
Nossa mano, adorei a hackrom. É nois BR #smw{:TUP:}
Alexqrpq Link
Don't remeber the last time having this much fun in a 2d mario. Quite challenging but doable. Nintendo should take notes (which they apparently did for Mario Bros Wonder)
WinterSoildier101 Link
It's cool and simple.
AnkisethTheMonk Link
A very large hack. The bosses are all different skins for the custom "jump on 'em 5 times" Koopa Kids. There are SMB3 sprites mixed with SMW which isn't my favorite but at least Mario is the SMW sprite. Pressing L on the overworld uses a Warp Whistle to bring Mario to a world select area. In addition to the normal Fire Flower and Cape, there are a bunch of custom powerups. My two favorites:

-Butt Jetpack Mushroom--I'm not sure what it's called but it gives Mario a fart boost upwards if you jump again midair, it's controllable and incredibly useful
-F.L.U.D.D, super fun to use

There are gimmick levels like minecart rides and windy levels. The awful reverse control level trope shows up. I don't know. There are some fun levels but I mostly didn't enjoy myself.

I play hacks on a Super NT + sd2snes. With this hack, there are some graphical glitches like sudden pallet swap/inversion during levels. For the most part it's just annoying but at times it makes a level borderline unplayable like in the castle of World 6. There is also screen flashing throughout. The bug that ended my playthrough is in World 10. I beat both 10-A dnaL edseveR and 10-2 Fading Lands and neither opened up a path forward on the overworld. The level icons are there, I just can't move to them. Very unsatisfying ending to a hack I didn't enjoy much to begin with.

Took 6 hours to hit the game-ending bug. Video of playthrough up until then:
matheoba Link
Beautiful. Simply very good. I loved it!
Slick Vicious Link
I loved this hack at first until I realized that it became so frustrating. The last map I played I knew that I'd never finish. World 7 castle Rocky Ruins has at the end random spikes and large square rocks falling from top screen. Polluted Waters was another almost impossible map that I tried over and over until I got it but now, I can't take this hack seriously considering the dirty random rocks that fall. I hope and wait that perhaps this hack gets a revamp and make this more enjoyable.
JetWing34 Link
JetWing34 Reviews:
New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs, a 112-exit hack by Pink Gold Peach.

I have completed the hack with every exit found in the level, but unfortunately would not recommend this hack. Some of the levels have a great theme and feels fun to play. However, it is sandwiched in so many bad parts of the hack, and you'd be better off quitting in the middle of playing.

In general, I often see too much of the enemy spam on one screen, and there have also been a majority of levels where these enemies don't spawn. Also, there have been enemies in which you can't see right after falling platforms or other things where you need to react fast. To me, the levels don't distribute many power-ups, yet it felt like I'm chasing the hack with the horde of enemies.

The majority of the bosses were ripped off of other hacks or games, but with small alterations that don't change at all. Theming in this hack is extremely weird and inconsistent in some levels, and there is no main focus on the real theme.

As much as I would love level 11-1, the low-gravity gimmick and the music from DuckTales were fantastic, but there are back-breaking issues in the same level that almost made me not review this hack at all. As an example, there are balance platforms on the screen, but touching them makes the entire screen rapidly flash yellow. It shows as an epilepsy trigger, making the hack itself unbeatable for those who have epileptic seizures.
To add, pausing while in mid-air in the same level causes the vertical position gradually moving you downward while paused. You may not see this until you unpause, but you do see yourself ending up under platforms or below the screen. As a result of the glitch, you die.
The air meter in 11-A is completely broken and does not kill the player properly if it runs out. The death music plays, and then the player goes through a transformation animation glitch continuously, and as a result, softlocks the game.
The message box halfway through 11-3 was left completely empty.
The falling blocks in parts of 7-Castle and 11-3 are blatantly unfair, but I spammed save states in order to beat these parts.

Overall, it's been an experience finding 112 exits. Granted it's my first reviewed hack, there should be better ones than this one.

2 stars out of 5
chuckster Link
not sure what everyone is on about when they say this hack is perfect. im sorry but i just dont see it...

-levels are riddled with enemy and projectile spam that doesnt make any sense when put next to the often times tight/narrow segments (the worst offenders are paratroopers, please cool it with the paratroopers)
- unavoidable hits from the enemy/projectile spam offscreen
- long levels with no checkpoints too often
- honestly i noticed an overall lack of consistency in enemy types and at times themes. this ties into the enemy spam point
- maybe its my luck or the fact im playing on a mini snes but ive encountered a lot of bugs

its a shame that theres a lot wrong with this hack because it has potential, but some of this level design and a lot of this enemy placement is just completely atrocious and unacceptable.
Folklore Link
I am unable to comprehend the author's mind.
Make 7 clever levels with creative enemy placement and satisfying challenges. Then make 1 level that is atrocious and borderline unplayable. Repeat for each world.
How a single person is able to achieve this?
DrumNFreak Link
Great hack! I wish I could beat it though. I can't go to polluted waters and or the pipe next to the casino. What's the issue?
SomeGuy712x Link
Man, as much as I want to enjoy 11-1 with the low-gravity gimmick and DuckTales Moon music, there are major issues plaguing that level. Oftentimes for me, if there are balance platforms on the screen, the entire screen will rapidly flash yellow. It's really annoying, and I could see this being an epilepsy issue for those more sensitive to it.

In addition, if you pause the game while in midair in 11-1, apparently your vertical position gradually moves you downward while paused, but you don't see this until you unpause, and when you do, you could end up below platforms or instantly below the screen, usually resulting in a swift death. So, that's gotta be a glitch with the low-gravity gimmick for that level. EDIT: This is true for other low-gravity levels like 11-B as well.

Also, the air meter in 11-A is totally borked and does not kill the player properly if it runs out. The death music plays, then the player goes through glitchy transformation animations continuously, practically softlocking the game, although you can still move very slightly in between each animation, but the repeated "deaths" will give you constant upward momentum.

Another thing: The message box that popped up about halfway through 11-3 was blank for me.

Oh, and like others have mentioned, the falling blocks in parts of 7-Castle and 11-3 are blatantly unfair. I did savestate-scum through those.
BearAndBoarFan Link
cool rom hack
wolfgangisbestwolf Link
Often feels like enemy spam and generally too much on screen. In many levels to the point where projectiles or enemies don't spawn.
Enemies you can't see right after falling platforms or other things where you need to react fast.
Some gimmicks are just awful like the random spammy rock falling one.
Most levels don't distribute many powerups yet feel like you are meant to play with them due to the many enemies.
Like no lives except from completing a levels big coins.
8 of the bosses are just copies of each other with small alterations that don't change anything.
Saving seems random as there's no save confirmation screen and it's not after each level.
Weirdly inconsistent theming in some levels, like way too many different enemies or second half of the level is just suddenly all castle enemies. No real focus.
Small things like putting power ups right before a checkpoint instead of after so you grab it first on accident.

I completed the hack with all exits and really can't recommend it. There are some good levels that felt fun to play and had a good theme but it's between so much bad that you're better off playing something else.
jBL00D Link
This is really an excellet hack. finished the game with 107 exits so far. gotta see which ones ive missed. I liked pretty much everything except the 2 levels where the rocks are falling from the sky. HIGHLY UNFAIR and cannot plan or time strategy as it seems RNG. other that that I thought the hack was fantastic

EDIT: Finally found all 112 exits. I thought one of the exits I was missing would lead me to the warp world. Sadly I fount out it was as simple as pushing L on the map. Really wish I figured that out sooner when I was looking for the missing exits LOL
Edwo Link
when coming out of the last pipe in 11-4, you will see coins if you jump up
at the very top the coins lead up to a pipe
i brought the rocket boots there, but i cant enter the pipe
mystery is unsolved
KazakhGuy Link
Gul_dukat Link
I'm finding that the autosave feature doesn't actually work a lot of the time. I just lost a lot a progress after resetting using an sd2snes on a super nt
Boshi171 Link
The New Super Mario World series is one of my favorites. I congratulate the creator of this beautiful series 5/5/★#smw{:TUP:}
ShadowTheHedgehog Link
One of best smw hacks I have played I can't wait for remaster #smw{:TUP:}
armando3049 Link
After completing the normal exit from level 3-4 I cannot advance to the next level
Mapping_bl Link
wow it was very nice !
Denim Link
What is the music used in 3-3?
KlonoA13Phill Link
Originally posted by memelord882
Does anyone here know where the secret exit in 4-5 is because I have been struggling to find it

I think this could help.
MickeySupermario16 Link
All Power Ups the Name of secret level is 4-A: :O
memelord882 Link
Does anyone here know where the secret exit in 4-5 is because I have been struggling to find it
Zuluna Link
Simplesmente uma das melhores hack que joguei,musicas muito bem colocadas,level desing ótimo e o mapa muito bem trabalhado
zyx_dnv Link
Hi, can someone help on getting the SMC to play it in my SNES Classic? Couldn't run the .bps file. Thank you!
Theokat Link
Great Hack! I really love the graphic style, music and level design. But I don't really like the Super Mario Bros 3. HUD.
Hugelinkfan15 Link
This was my very first SMW romhack I played and while it's a pretty challenging hack(with a bug or two in it), I overall really enjoyed it. I have to say I found the levels that had mario in some kind of vehicle were something I found really fun and unique. Altouhgh I will say that the heavy reliance of projectile enemies got a bit annoying after awhile, and at times some levels felt a bit similar to others.
KlonoA13Phill Link
Originally posted by Alcazar
Can someone explain how to use the shell?

I don't know if you have already found the way to do it because this comment was made in 2016, but I'll anyway tell you how to do it.

STEP 1: Run by holding down B or X and either or in order to run and fill the >>>>>> P (like when you run to jump higher or fly).
STEP 2: When >>>>>> P is full, instead of pressing A to jump, press to crouch.

If everything went well, Mario will be sliding just like a Koopa Troopa. Keep in mind that while he's doing it:
•He will keep moving if you hold down the B or X button.
•You cannot change his direction, he will if he hits an obstacle or a wall, so be careful since he moves very fast.
•You can make him jump by pressing A or Y.
•If you try to make a spin jump by pressing Y, you will only make a normal jump.
•You can stop him:
-By just stopping pressing B or X, which makes Mario stand up again.
-By holding down while you stop pressing B or X, which makes Mario decelerate keeping his shell position.

I hope I helped you and anyone who wanted to learn how to use this power-up.
KoopaShell Link
The level designs were pretty cool. I also liked the gimmick levels were Mario was not in his regular form. i.e., the minecart level, rocketship level, etc. The concepts were very creative but the only frustrations I have echo what others have said. Long levels with no midpoint saves and having projectile enemies/flying koopas coming out of nowhere after landing on a platform. Basically an automatic kill unless you know they're coming. Lost count of how many times I would land a tricky jump onto a platform only to get hit immediately by a baseball or have a flying koopa land on me out of nowhere. Argghh!
Chwee Link
Very good hack man!!!!!
GoldGames Link
Great Hack!
Fornaxus Link
This hack left me conflicted. Its visuals were for the most part very impressive, both the overworld and levels had distinct scenery and the immense amount of worlds allowed for a bunch of different aesthetics, reminding me of the famous Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. However, unlike that classic fan project, this hack fails to deliver any form of interesting design. Halfway through the game, you've basically seen everything the author has to offer. The difficuly only increases by spamming projectile based enemies (hammer bros, pitchin chucks), having long levels without midpoints, or adding janky gimmicks that are more frustrating than fun. Setups are often repeated and don't feel refreshing. This really sucked the fun out of an otherwise very decent hack for me, especially in world 9-10-11. Similar design issues are also prevalent in the overworld that, while generally beautiful, hardly does anything interesting, because secrets are either shortcuts or extremely short alternative paths that do not unlock anything. Furthermore, the switch palaces (that honestly, were the most interesting part to unlock), had zero use past the first few worlds.

I'm glad a possible remake is in progress, as with a good amount of polish the hack can become infinitely more fun. Still, I commend the author for releasing such a massive, visually consistent romhack, that is not an easy feat.
FineTunedBenjo Link
Hey, been enjoying this hack for the most part, but I found a pretty major bug/glitch. In World 4, I had only beaten 4-1 and 4-2 (secondary exit to pyramid), and I pressed L to go to the pipes that warp between worlds. This revealed 4-4 on the map, but I wasn't allowed to move to 4-4, I could only see it. After beating 4-3, though, I still cannot access 4-4, even though I can see it. The only way I'll be able to exit the World now is through beating 4-6 (which, as someone else mentioned, has some major cheese that allows you to skip nearly the entire level) and the castle.

Overall fun traditional-esque hack, but if you ever plan on updating, you might want to address some of these issues.

cinthiamaria123 Link
hack rom verygood
EvilLakitu Link
I can't entering the pipe where i get the second key in the final castle!?!? But, nice hack, 10/10, i love this hack!
BuinggamerTv Link
Jaime trop les pouvoir
Matheus3FD0 Link
I Love This Hack! 5 Stars.
MusicManiac Link
Originally posted by MarcosMoutta
gostaria muito de uma lista com as músicas dessa hack! trabalho incrível!

I made it!
MarcosMoutta Link
gostaria muito de uma lista com as músicas dessa hack! trabalho incrível!
GenPDP7 Link
This is the best Mario hack ever made, as far as I'm concerned. The originality is 5/5, with amazing level design that forces you to strategize and practice. It's brutally hard, but worth it! The music is amazing and well-chosen.
Notto Link
Gosh, it's so nice and I like the use of the sprites from super mario bros 2 all-stars. That's where the "orbs" came from. But the description of them is kinda lacking. They don't seem to do anything in-game, they're just things to collect.
Kaioh1990 Link
Ok seriously wtf is the strategy for 11-3? Some bs...
Picsa Link
The level design is great, but the rock castle have a problem, in the middle you have to pass a rockslide, but the rocks fall in random places making you die many times without your fault, it´s unfair!
LaziiXavii Link
its amazing.. no other way to put it
You are a fucking genious man for all this perfection, but i see very broken moment into some castle man, those parts NEEDS some stars please put into those; it' almost impossible to continue without savestate spamming!
So the parts are:
- The middle part into rock castle #7 with long rockslides;
- The end part of the minor fortress into space world: a lot of impossible rockslides but VEEERY LONG!
You can continue only if you take a very good rng and its very difficult to run continuolsy for all those paths!
Please do those changment, i'm a very expert smw player!
For all the things, you are a fucking genious man, totally love from the only smw italian expert guy!
Kaioh1990 Link
I was enjoying this hack but ran into a problem that cut my run short. In 2-5 when I complete the level it doesn’t proceed to the next one. I did the secret exit too which lead to the ghost ship where the blue switch was too. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Emulator: Retroarch 1.8.4 (Nintendo Switch)
Core: SNES9x-Current

P.S. 2-4 only has 4 star coins
Vellidragon Link
Pretty neat so far. Easy softlock in the vine level though where the vine grows to the top of the screen.

Am I missing something about the shell power-up, or is it completely useless if you can't reach P-speed? Ducking with it looks like it would protect Mario from something, but it doesn't seem to do that.
Mitauu Link
finally i found this beautiful hack this is a very good hack man
rafaelfutbal Link
Nice hack! I beated it in 5 or 6 days.
Some stages were very difficult to beat it. Others were very easy to beat it.
I got all the 112 exits while collecting all Dragon Coins except by one specific stage.

I noticed some bugs/errors:

The level 2-4 (Flooded Cave) has only 4 Dragon coins.
matheus372 Link
zoen Link

Maybe it can be useful, my little contribution :)
brickblock369 Link
Originally posted by AliBee615
World 3 music after beach what is it???

8th VLDC: Factory Map, composed by amphobius (DalekSam)
h.carrell Link
Virusrob16 Link
This is perfect excellent hack bro
StormWarrior342 Link
Excelente hack, muy entretenido. Los cambios en los fondos aunque no muy complejos, estos logran verse bien y nada forzados.
DankClam Link
Can't tell you how many times I died by;
-enemies coming out of nowhere giving me zero time to react
-trapping myself and forcing to wait til time runs out because I didn't do something exactly like you did
-weird gimmicks
-blind jumps

Try not to make these occur.
quickdraw86 Link
This is an excellent hack. My attention span is usually fairly short, but I was interested enough in this to play through until the end. I didn't care much for the sections with the falling debris, but everything else more than makes up for it.
slobert Link
Rocky Link
Dude, this hack rom is perfect, I really like it 'v'
kreuzing Link
Since nobody said it yet, ORB
ValliteKing Link
Just finished it. Amazing level design, sprites and overworld! Loved the unique power-ups too!
ishmael205 Link
Very exciting
Metal Shark Player 360 Link
Excellent hack! #smw{:TUP:}
BoxedApplePie Link

Nice adherence to Subscreen Boundaries, guys. #smw{-_-} #smw{-_-2}
mxk Link
a very good game try this game #smrpg{gasp}
Unknown User Link
There is a bug that you can lock the game, there is a chance Of a level Path to open and you can't Cross it when you press L for the tornado to drag you to the warp zone
wow it´s soooooooo good
Magmatic Link
Great hack, but difficulty relies to much on projectile spam
Knight of Time Link
This is a really good hack despite the great deal of challenges in it. Also, I was playing level 6-6 (Abandoned Mineshaft) and I noticed a Yoshi Coin on the subscreen boundary, you might want to fix that. I love the variety all the custom powerups here gives you, great job on that.
Yasaka Link
decent game except some unfair mechanics. also the last level was kinda arbitrary with that much of enemy spam.
eduar.psd Link
Muy buen hack amigo, increible; saludos desde Peru
wuanter Link
I love this hack
especially the powerups #tb{:D}
Saiyan Link
Best hack #smrpg{y}
El Cuh Fermin Link
I need help of Cursed Cathedral that is weird the sfx and also I need to replace some samples in Cursed Cathedral. So I need help to fix. And I love this hack with Layer 3 Affecions.
TheOrangeToad Link
I might do a Twelve Magic Orbs coinless video about 1-1 on my youtube channel
TKJ_ThatKidJay Link
#smw{;)} nice!
blaze800000 Link
great hack
AliBee615 Link
World 3 music after beach what is it???
MojangGaming Link
how do yow go on it
Enan63 Link
the best hack hands down #smw{:TUP:}
tikter Link
I love this Hack #lm{pal}
overmariofan Link
+Rugoteshimo ZSNES or Snes9x
Rugoteshimo Link
¿what emulator can I use?
FuZa Link
@MisterZygarde64 did you patch it?
FuZa Link
this had some graphical errors in the background other than that it's pretty promising
Poison Link
I love this hack! 5/5
good songs, good graphics and gameplay
although some bugs are worth playing :)
overmariofan Link
Great hack!! I love it :)
MisterZygarde64 Link
Whenever I try to load the game I always get an error saying bad rom
Young Boi Link
Great Hack!
Actos Link
I really liked this ROM but I would like to play it on my SNES classic. However, I need the SMC file and when I download this link, I cannot convert to SMC because it is a BPS. I even tried to convert to IPS but it did not work. Does anybody know who to fix that?

Edit: Alright, I was silly, I downloaded the floating IPS, found on this website and worked very well. Thank you very much! You guys are awesome!!
MrGalletas23 Link
I'm new to this and I would like to know how I open it so I guess I need an emulator but I do not know what it is

Electric Pants Link
What is the music used in 1-A?

EDIT: Don't worry I found it.
Electric Pants Link
One of the best hacks ever, the custom graphics and power ups are awesome. 5/5
Konata Izumi Link
Originally posted by SuperMarioFan55589
I Love This Hack This Is The Best One You Have Ever Made 5 Stars.

ok he gets it u dont need to post twice
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
I Love This Hack This Is The Best One You Have Ever Made 5 Stars.
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
I Love This Hack This Is The Best One You Have Ever Made 5 Stars.
quickdraw86 Link
Where is the fourth switch palace? Seeing outlined blocks in worlds 5 and 6, but have red, blue, and yellow already?
MilesTheFox414 Link
I love this, made a full playthrough of it on my channel
Splatter64 Link
Love this hack!
MattAttack325 Link
Love This Hack!! BTW whats the music in world 6-castle?
Carnage781 Link
What is the music in world 2-4???
OneOf99 Link
I completed this in about one week, and oh boy was this hack something else. First off, I really liked a lot of the ideas in this hack, however I feel like the "difficulty" came from the use of too many projectiles on screen at once and tight spaces. I got all four switch palaces and beat 12-S, but this required abuse of savestates at times.
Valkyrienaut Link
I downloaded this hack and tried to run it on Snes9x but it gave me a corrupt hack error, anyone know how to fix this?
TheOrangeToad Link
if there a real hardware version G.D.
EDIT:Can you do a unused stuff in your hack.
riki2321 Link
at last i beat this hack after 4 days, i gotta say it's pretty good!
 Erik Link
Difficulty usually based in enemies which throw cluster projectiles (pitchin' chucks), combined sometimes with tight spaces, gimmicks poorly introduced, aesthetic work and design overall heavily based off VLDC7/8/9 (not really a problem). Still, it is pretty fun.
I'm in World 11 right now finished, dam was 12-S insane. 11-1 has this annoying bug when I basically can't pause because my Yposition changes randomly if I do, resulting most times in death.
This hack is, overall, really poorly tested by the way. There are lots of skips and small glitches.
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Doctor Neo Cortex,

I have just finished playing your game, and I found it very challenging but totally awesome ! The 12 worlds carry each a different atmosphere, level design and colors and I love that. Overworld is very well designed too, and so are custom musics you chose and new power-ups you added ! Boomerang suit, hammer suit, ice flower, bubble flower, rocket mushroom, tanooki suit, original SMB3 racoon leaf... all are very fun to use =]

I figured out to find all 112 exits without using any savestate, but what a challenge ! Some levels are very difficult, especially those where the ceiling crumbles on you : the randomness and the speed of the falls make these levels very tricky. And so are the 2 last levels, Element Tower and The Fianal Run, in which I, from a non-using-savesate player point-of-view, think you should have put one midway gate cause they are quite long and difficult.

A last thing : I noticed that the automatic save did sometimes not do the job, especially if you just finish a level, then automatically walk towards the next, and shut down the emulator at this time. To avoid this, I walked a bit on the overworld and entered a random level, then exit it and it was totally fine with the save.

To conclude, I took really pleasure in playing your game, it was sometimes very difficult but, as other said, fair.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much for your gigantic and wonderful work =]

@Jar of Roms : I did personally not encounter these problems when playing the game. I think I found secret exits first though. Maybe a problem with your emulator ?

 Erik Link
you can skip all of 4-6 LOL
Jar of Roms Link
I had to start over my game and when I got up to 4-3 the same problem happened! What the heck! Are you able to fix this??
Jar of Roms Link
I'm at the level in world two that leads to the sunken ghost ship. I got the normal exit and it wouldn't let me progress. Is anyone else having this problem?
kaitri Link
well lets start with things i dont like.

every castle boss is pretty much the same fight.
secret exits (in my opinion) usually should lead to an alternate path or secret levels, not just shorten the world. after all i play all levels anyways so its kinda just a timewaste for me.
majority of powerups are just "modded" fire flowers.
talking about... ice flower is too broken. can softlock some levels etc.
also again ice flower, i managed to hit a green block and get a feather. im in lv 7 by now and i saw no feaher so far so i feel like it isnt planed to ever get one.
once again ice flower... (i love this power up okay) sometimes the hitboxes are just weird. it feels a little random if they hit or not.
why have the normal goal when you dont get bonus stars? hitting it is pointless cause you get nothing, while if you dont hit it you at least get a coin.
talking of which... i dont like the smb3 hud in general but its kinda weird that yoshi coins just look like a normal coin counting up to 5.
and that bewteen yoshi coins + power up is just an empty box :/
also sometiems its just annoying to tell where your 2nd item will drop from since the itembox is in the bottom corner

things i love about it.
themed worlds
a lot of worlds and levels.
beautiful overworld and stages.
warpzone that you can enter with L
levels showing a keypiece/switch next to them to show hey theres more
even tho lot of power ups are just different fire flowers, they are still different. still love it.
music change on the overworld even tho didnt load a new area, just amazing.
challenging but fair.
you dont have to carry items throught the hole stage.

ps: whats the music in world 10 the disco stages? pls tell me <3

i will add more when im done with the hack and i found more.
Adol Link
Aside from the glitches on hardware this is amazing. (the palette corruption in some areas and glitched graphics on the level intros)
Alcazar Link
Can someone explain how to use the shell?

And like toad64, does anyone knows the song from "10-5 Starry Skies"?
Only heard this in one other hack.

TheOrangeToad Link
The unfair Level in the hack is 11-3 is the freaking Harder level in that hack #thp{>:(3}
BlueSheep123 Link
The levels with the random stuff falling from the sky felt unfair (especially 11-3) because I often don't get enough time to get in front of everything.
TheOrangeToad Link
What That Music Use in World 3 From And A Link To Download
EDIT in 12-fortess 2 Can You Get a Super Mario Galaxy Galaxy Plant music in SMW Music.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
12 worlds holy fucking shit sorry 4 language
DreadDLorD44 Link
This Hack is awesome . 5 stars !
niko Link
I'm now in World 4 (Playing it without any savestates) and i must say, it's hard, yes, but fair!

Sometimes the enemy placement it's a little bit wierd, but that's ok.

I give you 4 stars now.

If the hack better in the other worlds, i give u 5!

Keep it up man and sorry for bad grammar :(
dreaddlor443 Link
wow its new powerups great
 Stivi Link
Yay, finaly accepted :D
 Lexator Link
Bowser's statue, baseball chucks, volcano lotus too fréquent...
Great ideas so, perfect level design (castle #7 was insane !)
Some minor bugs.
4/5 !
D3r_Bu1ld3r Link
Can you give Me/Us a folder with all you music tracks because there were some tracks wich i really loved and i'll want to use them in my own. =)
SoapAgent Link
Funny... just a few days ago I was wanting to try a new hack, and I selected the demo of your hack at random. Just today I found this hack in the C3 featured content, and I can say that I am excited to play this hack!
lucasbrasil Link
Ah sim , também devo dizer que em algumas fazes, o volume das músicas são mais altos que o normal, fazendo com que o som natural dos Sprites e Objects fiquem baixos, e por último , achei que as músicas de alguns mundos acabaram ficando um pouco melancólicas (exceto Abastract world que tem muito mais a ver hehee) mas repito que são só pequenas sugestões que decidi postar por aqui, e que esse remake merecia mesmo ser reprogramado pra cartucho, pelas características tão belas e jogabilidade extremamente bem feita, e desafiadora. Gostei muito de poder jogar esse hack no console, é um dos melhores. parabéns!!
lucasbrasil Link
Estou jogando no meu flashcard no SNES, e é fantástico!! Sinto jogando um novo jogo, com a mesma emoção de SMW que já conhecemos, mas com uma roupagem moderna e muito bem feita, cada detalhe das músicas, do Overworld, novas armas etc , realmente inovador no Super Nintendo, a única coisa que me deixou um pouco triste foi ao chegar numa faze que tem no 3 mundo, das cidades em construção, quando caí num abismo e fiquei preso lá tendo que morrer pra recomeçar a fase porque não tem outra saída, tipo um trampolim, etc; , então faltou rever isso ai cara, mas isso é meio bobo, não tira o mérito deste grandioso trabalho.. Também não sei o que houve, que em algumas (poucas) fazes, as cores do chão as vezes mudam no nada,principalmente nas cavernas (pelo menos vi isso no flashcard,pois pouquissimas falhas gráficas ocorrem nele). O que achei interessante foi que pouquissimos foram as falhas durante o funcionamento desse jogo no Flashcard,a maioria dos hacks travam devido há muito ASM ou músicas que travam o som e as fazes do jogo. Uma coisa meio que estranha que acontece de vez em quando, é que no mapa, as vezes quando perco uma jogada que volta para o mapa, ao apertar o "L" para chamar a nuvem, um pedaço de estrada da fase seguinte é aberto, de uma maneira falsa que faz com que nunca se passe realmente para a proxima faze, e se salvar com essa falha tem que reiniciar o jogo! Como eu falei, até agora jogando no Real Hardware foram esses os detalhes que encontrei no hack, e mais uma vez, ele está maravilhosamente agradável!! E se tivesse os PIPES do SMB3 então (sou fã desses, que por exemplo tem no Super Demo World). Enfim agora vou me matar pra passar do resto das fazes hahahaha! thank you!
Andyana Jonseph Link
Well I'm glad this has a full version now. I really enjoyed, it's one of the best SMW hacks I've played. I like the mix of SMB3 & SMW, my 2 favorite Mario games. Another thing, I'm glad you got rid of that long intro level, that didn't even have a message, and the new title screen. So keep up the good work.
TheOrangeToad Link
PowerUptool now!
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
You shall really fix stuff it is journey not jouney
h.carrell From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
even running
h.carrell From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
in intro weird sound when jump, spin jump and pause
h.carrell From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
how to apply the smb3 staus bar to 1 rom
Revali From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
I loved!
The level design is very pleasant and harmonious and passes a very good feeling while playing. Along with a good selection of musics and graphics, the game shines.
Congratulations! I hope to be seeing this great game complete!
Green Jerry From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
Downloaded it because of the status bar (SMB3 Status Bar)
ForthRightMC From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
I like this Game! Keep going to the next demo GameplaysDetonados!
rextep From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
can't wait for the full 12 world version so i can torture myself properly instead of just going easy on myself like with this demo here. 5 stars ya earned a subbriber here, dropped you a like. Nice context
Idrinkgrapesoda From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
I like where this is going, but you have too much stuff on-screen during some levels, it slowed the game down a lot. The custom power-ups a re pretty cool too. I'll play this and upload it to my channel m8.
Lucas From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
very good man!! I am from Brazil, brazilian fan !!!
 Ringo From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
Here are things you should consider fixing in the future:

1. "Journey", not "Jouney".

2. Suggestion: Lower Mario in the picture a few pixels down, so it won't look like he's floating.

3. Disable horizontal scrolling for your bonus level.

4. Big decorations like this bush shouldn't cover enemies like that, it's annoying and unfair since you may get hurt by some action of them you can't see.

5. The piranha plant is stuck there.

6. The "killed" fireball frame looks weird.

7. I was able to freeze the boss here. It probably wasn't supposed to happen.

8. Blank message boxes.

When carrying an ice block to another sublevel, it becomes a throw block. Apply this hex-edit which apparently works to fix this issue:

$02AC18: Change to 80 to fix the glitch where going through a pipe with a silver P-switch makes it act like a blue one.


Other than those it was a pretty nice hack. I'm interested on seeing its complete version.
MarioMaker From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
I like the penis at the end of level 3. good joke.
Pink Gold Peach Author From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
É, devia ser a pressa, porque eu enviei a hack bem de noite, e tinha que dormir.
Valeu pelo Feedback.

E uma ultima coisa, mas não é muito bom falar em portugues fora do forum BR, já aconteceu isso comigo.
TheMorganah From older version: New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Link
Agora sim! Tome cuidado da próxima vez Xddd

Ah sim, o seu jogo é realmente carismático e colorido (e um pouco difícil) ^^