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My little Puzzles 2 - The Continents of Knowledge

Super Mario World Hacks → My little Puzzles 2 - The Continents of Knowledge

Submission Details

Name: My little Puzzles 2 - The Continents of Knowledge
Authors: Chosentw0, Sariel
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 57 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: My dear puzzle friends,
the time has come. It's time for round two!
Like in the first Hack, you don't need any glitches to beat this Hack. So don't use them unless breaking our levels is more fun to you. ;)
Savestates and Rewinds are recommended.

The difficulty is labeled Kaizo:light because of some Kaizotraps when finishing a level (but there are not this much - we promise^^)

-> another bunch of tricky and awesome puzzles
-> look at the whole puzzle by walking over the level
-> Cool resetdoors, so you don't have to kill yourself anymore if you messed up a puzzle (if you did in the first one)
-> better difficulty diversification than in MLP1 (the easier puzzles are actually the first ones - great)
-> puzzles which are linked to other puzzles
-> magnificent custom music
-> message boxes now contain some hints to this or some other puzzle in your current world

Have fun :)
Tags: asm music puzzle vanilla
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Comments (17)

Tumoso Link
Another amazing puzzle hack!


This hack seems intimidating at first glance, especially if you've played My Little Puzzles 1 before and understand what "kaizo" means. MLP1 was already quite challenging, so imagine playing all those difficult puzzles in a kaizo version. Not only that, the description claims it's a kaizo light, but it's labeled as "kaizo: intermediate" — something happened here.

I've never played any kaizo hack before, and this would be my first one. After having so much fun with MLP1, I knew I had to play its sequel at some point, even if it meant tackling the ""hardest version"" of the MLP series.

(From now on, I will write down some personal thoughts I had while playing some specific levels, which might contain spoilers with solutions for the mentioned levels.)

Surprisingly, the beginning was quite easy. MLP2's World 1 provides a friendlier introduction than MLP1's first world. Beating those oddly simple puzzles only heightened my anticipation to continue playing and discover why this hack earned the "kaizo: intermediate" label.

The first time I encountered a truly challenging puzzle reminiscent of MLP's difficult puzzles was in Panic Puzzle Palace, the first switch palace. These levels feel like the real final bosses of each world (except the fifth). They gave me that familiar feeling of being stumped while knowing there's a glitchless solution. Remarkable levels indeed.

As I progressed to the second world, the puzzles became a bit harder. Blue Bridge Palace, the second switch palace, was much tougher to figure out than the castle. It kept me guessing for a good while, showcasing one of the most creative puzzle solutions I've seen.

World three was fantastic. Despite featuring many water levels, they didn't feel tedious to me. Swimming slowly allowed me to think more about puzzle solutions. However, there's one puzzle in "Mushroom Problems" with an unreachable gray p-switch. Why is it even there? XD

Another mystery was the "Onscreen" level, which I figured out while watching xHF01x's TAS. It's the only accessible level after beating World 3's switch palace. Later, I learned that we need a blue Yoshi from World 4, obtainable by duplicating the key block in the "Onscreen" level.

This deliberate break in the game design is intriguing.

The castle of this world, "Happy Flower," had a particularly mind-bending solution that took me a while to figure out, even with hints. I initially thought the hack allowed baby Yoshis to eat each other, only to discover it was possible in the vanilla game in a different way. A clear demonstration of Chosentw0 and Sariel's sadism — how cruel! #lm{sprites}

In the fourth world, the puzzles became significantly harder. Flood-Cliffs had a melancholic atmosphere that stuck with me. When I encountered it, it seemed so daunting and complex that I took a break from the hack. Upon returning, it wasn't as impossible as it appeared, but still quite challenging.

This level contrasts sharply with "As 'Light' as Air," which has a cheerful and uplifting mood. Its soundtrack instantly boosts your mood — a great choice!

And finally, the last world... I suppose this is why the hack earned the "kaizo: intermediate" label.

I couldn't fathom how the puzzles could become even more difficult than those in World 4, but the creators managed it. The most memorable level was the Abstruse Abyss, whose soundtrack evoked memories of a terrifyingly hard level in MLP1, "Shiny Shells."

For some reason, these cave levels with this soundtrack have much harder solutions to figure out. It surprised me when I discovered how to feed the baby Yoshi without glitches — the creators are crazy for Super Mario World. Such a insane creativity!

Happy Yoshies was the best level. While it appears very challenging, the order in which you use the Yoshies is intuitive. Completing the level without the right order is impossible, so rack your brain until you find the solution! You'll get there. And the soundtrack in this level is by far my favorite, my ears never get boring of listening to that sound.

It's amusing how the hint in the last level feels like a puzzle itself. I beat the level without understanding what those numbers meant and only tried to figure it out afterward. A cool extra mini-game!

So, after beating this, I thought I was ready for what was coming next, since My Little Puzzles 3 isn't a kaizo and should be easier... How wrong I was... How wrong...
NaroGugul Link
So ive played this series not so long ago, but never felt like commenting on it after beating it..

All i want to say is they are awesome.
I know, people usually get carried away by playing it with glitches and 'cheese' every level instead of trying to solve the puzzles, but while its a valid approach (and in a way turns it in another kind of puzzle), you will probably miss a lot of its greatness if you do it that way.

MLP1 was great, with some really engaging puzzles, and it really made me feel like i wanted more.. which is why ive continued to play the series..

MLP2 i think, roughly speaking, the 1st half wasnt that engaging (and quite disappointing to be honest) but it gets better as the game goes on. I must say tho are some pissening levels (like the pokey level) and coin/block trails get a bit overused (and not in a good way).

MLP3 is a masterpiece. Again, it starts very slow, probably to get the player used to the new mechanics (which are great, but unfortunately opens room for a lot of jank), but it gets much better. World 6 alone makes this hack worth playing. World 7 is a bit intimidating at 1st sight, but that was amazing.. the level "The everchanging" was so impressive.. i would say it takes a bit of experience as a smw hacker to fully appreciate this hack, just casually playing it wont do it.. and shoutouts to the most nerve-wracking level ever made "Messed up" (world 5?).. that level made me puke blood for 3 days straight, and i still have occasional headaches caused by it.

Overall 5/5.. would play it again

**Play it wisely and use savestates
Chosentw0 Author Link
Originally posted by NaroGugul
i got some help.. i feel so stupid for having asked it. lol.

Don't hesitate to ask - this hack is not very easy and it's total ok to get stuck.
But I'm glad that you figured it out :)
Thx for playing.
NaroGugul Link
im on level 'lively fire' (sublevel F)
is this level even possible to beat without sticking the p-switch on the wall?

how im supposed to spawn the p-switch to the left of the goal while the p-switch is still active?
i double checked everything to see if i havent missed anything.
it just doesnt seem possible
im just assuming sticking the p-switch on the wall isnt part of the solution since "you don't need any glitches to beat this Hack" was stated

i got some help.. i feel so stupid for having asked it. lol.
matti737 Link
can anyone tell me what intro music is please i love it

edit found it. it is Radical Dreamers - The Girl Who Stole the Star by tcdw
Yatsona Link
Big Brawler Link
after several months this is finally out of moderation
Bruno Visnadi Link
Very nice hack. Some puzzles are really creative and difficult to solve. It seems there are no breaks (and if there are, they would require massive TAS tools), and it's really well designed, better than some famous puzzle hacks out there.
 Blind Devil Link
rip gibbl
TheBiob Link
(if you can find them in planty of videos^^)

well there is the problem people that just want the solution probably don't want to look up like 20 videos from a let's play to eventually reach the level they're looking for. And then they still don't know what part is the actual solution and what part is figuring it out.
Chosentw0 Author Link
There is also a Lets Play where you can look up solutions (if you can find them in planty of videos^^). The link can be found in the Readme.
JackTheSpades Link
Just upload a playthrough or something on YouTube, so people can lookup the solutions.
Chosentw0 Author Link
Well since some of the players have trouble with the Puzzles, I guess I will make an easy-version of the MLP-series some time soon :D
JackTheSpades Link
So yeah, couldn't even make it through world 1 :P
TheBiob Link
Originally posted by Kaisaan Squiddiqui
you can easily make a simple block that does the same thing.

But in this hack the filter is sometimes part of the puzzle you can't really use it (the way they did it at least) as part of the puzzle when there are custom blocks
gameboyjeremy Link
So glad to see this!
Hope you make a third!
i'll support by giving 5 stars :)
Kaisaan Link
One major thing that has bothered me in both this and its sequel, is the weird way you filter the player's power-up status, you can easily make a simple block that does the same thing.