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Another Special World

Super Mario World Hacks → Another Special World

Submission Details

Name: Another Special World
Authors: lolyoshi, rextep
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: A collection of 8 new levels in the style of the Special World.

This is an updated version with SA-1 removed. Some levels have been modified to compensate it's removal (preventing less slowdown) and some levels have very slight design changes.
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.4 (14 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (17)

Ezel Link
Nice little short vanilla hack, it gives out a good Special World vibe that's a bit more difficult than the vanilla one. I'd say most of this hack is fairly accessible, with the last two levels being a bit challenging, but nothing too extreme.

There's a little bit of slowdown in a couple moments which can mess you up, but apart from that I didn't see any issues. It was a fun time.
KiD_ViD Link
This is a neat little hack, which does exactly what it sets out to do: recreate the feel of the original SMW Special World. Each level is a tricky yet straightforward platformer, based around some sort of thematic elements (e.g. flames and spinies, moving platforms and Chucks and Lotuses, P-switch running, etc.). There's no checkpoints, and there's minimal (but well-placed) powerups which make it a nice challenge.

I think if you're a casual player who's beaten the original a few times, this will give you a difficult but rewarding playthrough, and its Vanilla nature really makes it feel like it's an extension of the original game.
Noob Link
Hack muito magnífico dentro das limitações Vanilla... Tive dor excruciante no último nível... Mas , isso deu um toque especial a hack ... 5/5
JetWing34 Link
This entire hack of eight special world levels is relatively great in difficulty and in quality. Despite the hack being traditional and vanilla, the quantity and quality came together as one.

By playing it last night, I noticed that the only change on the title screen (other than the title of the hack and the creators) is the color palette of the original SMW title screen.

There were insanely hard levels that seem it should have been an extra Special World in the original SMW. Take for example the level with countdown side platforms and banzai bills. Rather than taking a risk of finding 3-up moons, I put myself to the test of finding five dragon coins. With that said, there was one dragon coin in the same exact level (with banzai bills and 4-sec/1-sec platforms) where it was close to impossible of collecting.

The first level with the herd of rhinos got my attention as a great opening level. Even though I collected the first four coins, I noticed that the fifth coin could be collected by means of big pipe blaster. Despite not collecting the fifth coin in that level, at least this level was fun to play.

The other levels I've played in this 8-level hack featured auto-scrolls and Chargin' Chucks, another in the clouds with Koopas in capes, and that last level with a P-switch run to test speed.

The P-switch level was insanely difficult; not only to test the speed and quickness until you get another P-switch but how brave you are to defeat enemies as fast as you can. The only major concern about this level is when you are attempting to grab dragon coins, you might not be able to collect them all. When the switch expires and you mess up, there are no reset pipes or warps. Therefore, you must intentionally die and start over.

Despite some shenanigans with the last level, this is a nice eight-level hack designed between two hack designers. Like I said before, add some reset warps or pipes in the case for some reason you mess up on the P-switch run.

4 stars out of 5
niko Link
Omg... the last level was incredible hard... i beat it without saves but i suffer a lot... i am a good super mario player but that level... is a challange for everyone!

ft029 Link
Almost gave this a 4/5 due to the weird design of EXCELLENT. But the design of all the other levels are fabulous in almost all the right ways, so 5/5
MrDeePay Link
First half of the last level (a series of P-Switch runs) practically requires foresight to complete. This is a pretty good mini-hack otherwise.
Wind Fish Link
Kaisaan Squiddiqui, most flash carts don't have the SA-1 chip in them, so SA-1 SMW hacks are still out of reach for console players at the moment.
Kaisaan Link
Then what was the reason of removing the SA-1 patch?
lolyoshi Author Link
Console-compatibility was irrelevant.
Kaisaan Link
Isn't the latest version of SA-1 (v1.25) is Console-compatible?
S.R.H. Link
If you're not a good player, this hack will make you suffer, but in all the right ways.
Every level is very well designed in my opinion, and there are some really clever setups. My only complaint is that I think some levels were easier than the ones before them, but they were still fun.
I highly recommend this if you want something that is hard, but not unfair. 5/5
lolyoshi Author Link
garbanzoguy's right.
garbanzoguy Link
I can't speak for the author, but I believe that it's so that it will work on flash carts, which generally don't support SA-1.
Klug Link
Why there is no SA-1 here? ╮|゚~゚*|╭
MercuryPenny From older version: Another Special World Link
Could only get 3 levels in before I called it quits. I was playing at 10:00 PM, but I'd probably do it anyway if I played it at 5:00.

First level is pretty innocent but the second level throws in a pointless lakitu that serves no purpose other than to drive you insane with its horrible RNG luck-based crap, especially combined with the already difficult platforming going on at the same time. You have no method of killing this RNG enemy generator, so it's best if you farm flowers in the first level. While the game saves after it, that just feels like a cop-out to evade removing it because it would be "too easy".

The third level constantly stacks two banzai bills on top of each other and rarely gives you any time to react properly.

Fourth level is pure chuck spam with an autoscroll, and the main reason why I ragequit. This level demonstrates that chucks are the most annoying enemy to spam in a level. You can't get rid of them unless they fall off the stage or you're lucky enough to land 3 hits on one of them, but you still have 5 more onscreen to deal with.

This hack can really demonstrate how a mindset of "man this hack will be so hard!!!!!!!" can lead to annoying results. I can recommend this hack if you're into Kaizo or otherwise annoyingly difficult hacks, but otherwise it's just an exercise in frustration.

Played without savestates which I doubt anyone else who plays this hack will do.

30% (2/5) because of the enemy spam and RNG crap.
mario and luigi From older version: Another Special World Link
decent hack; even though some of the first levels are easy, the latter levels become very difficult. in fact, some areas felt kaizo-ish.

there weren't so many issues with this hack, other than some slight cutoff, which does not affect the gameplay too much.

download this hack if you want a "new" special world, in which each level gets slightly harder than the previous level; there were actually a few difficulty spikes, though. most of them were found in the latter levels.