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Mega Rex Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Mega Rex Island

Submission Details

Name: Mega Rex Island
Author: superwiidude
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is a hack I made for a contest on another website. There are as many levels as the first world of SMW (because that was one of the rules of the contest.) This hack is sorta Yoshi's Island-themed too.

Bowser has kidnapped the Yoshi princess and now Rex has to save her... and you have to help!

I hope you enjoy it.
Tags: enemy exgfx rex
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.1 (16 ratings)
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Comments (10)

Danik2343 Link
Good Hack!
muzzl Link
I love every level in this... But did you really have to put the 2 minute bowser fight at the end of a 10 minute game? That is such a big chunk of a playthrough and it's soooooo boring.
RavenOner Link
hacks based on Yoshis Island are verry rare in my Opinion
so i really liked that
i also found it verry interessting to see how you combined 3 different Mario Themes
my Highlight was the Underwater part
not because of the Water thingy itself...but because of the design
the whole scene was perfect in my opinion
it felt like Atlantis!
jumping on the castle walls was also pretty cool

but i have to say that the first 3 Levels verry kinda hard to master
the first 2 Levels on The Left had to much enemys and were a little bit to long in my Opinion
and the Ghost House was a waste of time..warping from door to door hoping to find the right path was pretty annoying

i found it verry cool that i could play a "custom" character
and it was verry cute to see Princess Yoshi
and i laughed pretty hard when i saw the Ending "Marios Adventure is Over"...YEEEEAAAAAA....RIIIIIIGHT... xDDDD

some Levels gave you some space to investigate which i liked
the overal music was verry classy and cute

i dont know why but the sewer Level on the right felt kinda "copy pasted" from the Original... o.O

i would like to give this hack a 3,5/5
but since it's not possible i say 3/5
the first 2 Levels had to much enemys and trial and Error for an "easy" hack and i disliked the Ghost House sorry :(

i did a Blind Lets Play on Youtube about it
my Youtube Name is the Same as here
LordLuigi Link
Great little hack very fun to play. Short but awesome tribute to YI using a lot of enemies, and textures/elements from that game. Other than the final bowser fight and ending text which is same as SMS everything is custom. It's been mention3d before but I loved that he made the sprite for when you duck the same as when you have hit a rex once in SMW very cool
Zeldamett Link
Why the fuck is this named as easy?
 Cascade Link

The hack does have custom music.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
I thought there waz going to bee custom musik
 Cascade Link
If there was ever a hack that embodied the phrase "short but sweet", it's Mega Rex Island. Though there are only seven levels in the game, each one is very unique and has solid design. Several custom sprites are used (particularly Boomerang Bro., Nippers, and Albatosses) and they're all used appropriately. The graphics are mostly ripped from Yoshi's Island and look as lush as they did in that game, especially the cave graphics. Some other assets are from Super Mario All Stars. All of the music in the hack, again mostly from YI, is quite enjoyable.

A few small issues are present. Many names in the hack are not properly capitalized and few are misspelled. This seems to a recurring problem in your hacks, superwiidude, but it's not too severe in this case. During the Bowser fight, the game would randomly pause for a second when Bowser was flying in and out. The text that appears after the fight has not been changed. These are all very minor flaws and shouldn't affect anyone's enjoyment.

ktroy From older version: Mega Rex Island Link
This was fun! Great for casual and just having a good time, but that ghost castle was tricky! I had to spin jump on ghost to get the grey P in order to get into yellow pipe, didn't know how else to do it.

I loved the last castle roof top, so gorgeous!
Good job on this. :)
MarkVD100 From older version: Mega Rex Island Link
Some music breaks in accurate emulators!