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Power Up Blocks

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Submission Details

Name: Power Up Blocks
Author: MarioFanGamer
Act As: 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: Blocks, which sets Mario's power up state directly but as opposide to the cheap ones which can be practically made by everyone (even by a tool), these also include an animation to play for each state like you would have gotten the corresponding powerup or, in case with become_big.asm, a different animation for each powerup state à la my powerdown patch.
In additon, these disable flying with the cape to prevent glitches.

Absolutely no credits required.

note: become_big.asm works natively with more power ups but requires some edits to add powerdown animation for each power up.
Tags: filter lorom power-up
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Comments (2)

JackTheSpades Link
Nice set of blocks, and slightly better than Boingboingsplat's version since it didn't include a power up removal and I kinda like your become_big block more with the different animations depending on the power-up state.
TheOrangeToad Link
I Can't Make Custom Blocks Do to the rules in the Submit File said Don't submit blocks made by Blockreator.