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Zidane Bro.

Sprites para SMW → Zidane Bro.

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Comentários (11)

Enan63 Link
Wow what an interesting sprite! I might use this for 1 level in my hack.
huzaif Link
My Favorite Hammer Bro Sprite 10/10 -HGN
TheBiob Link
Updated to use shared subroutines.

(Also, macro label fix for asar when)
MasterMarioGuy_205 Link
**YEAH Why Zidane bro. Oh man why is this!?**
TheOrangeToad Link
it look so ugly.
Klug Link
HammerBrother Link
Good thing I'm not one of them.
lx5 Author Link
yeah, I got an inspiration from that hack when I saw the GFX for this enemy.
IanBoy Link
is this like the aggressive rex sprite from smw yeah
lion Link
i love ff9
Von Fahrenheit Link
Moderator's note: It is indeed a useful sprite. I can see it working as kind of a softcore Chuck.