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Individual Dragon Coin Save

SMW Patches → Individual Dragon Coin Save

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Individual Dragon Coin Save. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Individual Dragon Coin Save
Authors: JackTheSpades, worldpeace
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch allows each individual (vanilla) dragon coin to be saved once it's collected. Unlike the other method, you don't need to replace all dragon coins with 5 different custom objects for every level.

Read more info in the dcsave.asm.

JackEdit: Added option for only saving when the midway point is collected (needs 8 bytes of freeram more) and to disable the transparent blocks if you'd rather have them not appear at all like the vanilla game.
Tags: collectable dragon coin lorom midway point sa-1 save
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
Download 5.05 KiB | 412 downloads

Comments (12)

RZ1 Link
How exactly do I get the graphics to work for the transparent blocks?
I changed the setting to 1, but i get a solid garbled mess whenever I collect a dragon coin now.
worldpeace Author Link
The following code in this version overwrites the routine which levelasm makes use of, and may ruin the rom. Not sure why Jack(or someone else?) added this code.

org $05D8BC

Here's a temporary solution: reinserting uberasm would recover the overwritten routine.
 MarioFanGamer Link
@DaSponebobMan: There you go. No really, that patch is already compatible with the dragon coin flag. After all, all what this patch does is to make the game remember the whether you have collected these individual and not if you collected them all but otherwise left the dragon coins as they are including the collected DC flag, hence this note:
This code uses SMW's original RAM adresses for Yoshi Coin collection.
Don't use it in conjunction with a patch that rewrites this system [which the individual DC save don't].
(ex: the Individual Coin Save patch)

And "ex" likely stands for "exception" and not for "example".

Only patches like the star coins are incompatible with the DC flag because they changes the DC system which make the original flag unused.

Edit: And even then, it's easier to make the DC checker compatible which edits the DC flags rather than vice versa. After all, all the checker does is to check the collected DC flags whereas the patches changes the dragon coins system where the code to make them using the DC flag can be used for the DC checker anyway.
Anas Link
When I patched this on an unclean ROM, it corrupted it. I believe the freespace is untouched by my ROM. Can you also make it compatible with Mathos's uberASM Dragon Coin checker? 'Cuz the readme says not to use it with patches like this.
Von Fahrenheit Link
Moderator's note: this patch presents a very easy way of bypassing a common frustration with SMW hacks; namely, the fact that you lose all your yoshi coins when dying past the midway point. Just patch this as-is and you're good to go.

I did have some problems patching this on an unclean ROM, so be careful. The patch itself tells you to backup your ROM, which should be more than enough of a hint.
 MarioFanGamer From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
@Mariofan64: Just it because it has glitched on you, it doesn't necessary mean that it glitchy in general.
As written, I have used it once and it worked fine so it really is a problem on you, not this patch, not to mention that it wouldn't have been accepted anyway if it didn't work.

This patch also use SMW's way to remember if all DC in a level are collected so I don't say it is the same.
Mariofan64 From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link Use this patch instead of the one here. It's the same thing except it has no glitches, and it makes the DragonCoin counter better, and it is useful for allowing other patches to base off of.
 MarioFanGamer From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
@Mariofan64: No, that means that you inserted it wrongly. The glitchy blocks only should appear if the wrong Map16 tiles are loaded. You can change the used tile number on the patch. In addition, you need to create the tiles by yourself.
Alternatively, there is a RAM, conflict.

I have used it once and it worked just fine.
Mariofan64 From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
This is glitched.
If this is used, any collected dragon coins become a stack of two blocks which contain random objects such as Keys or Yoshi Eggs.
Vitor Vilela From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
Genial patch. Something better than this impossible. Featured and approved.
Vitor Vilela From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
I will be converting this patch to a hybrid SA-1 ROM, which should fix that I just mentioned.
Vitor Vilela From older version: Individual Dragon Coin Save Link
Reading tables, like AND.l $0DA8A6,x should be in FastROM area too for a small speed up.