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Super Mario Land 2.5

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Land 2.5

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Land 2.5
Author: Lexator
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 57 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: - Demo 2

Second and really last demo of my Super Mario World hack project.
Now the main story of the game is completed !
Compatible with all SNES emulators.

Features the 4 keys to enter into Mario's castle and defeat the final boss.
Custom Layer 3
Custom music and more...

Game in french but I'll release an english version for the final version.
Enjoy play this !
Tags: asm bosses crossover exgfx hdma music variety
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.5 (20 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (14)

snes-blogger Link
Hi, when more or less will the final version in english be released?
I'm really eager to play your hack.
BuinggamerTv Link
comment on fait pour joue (avec quell emulatore) silvous plait sa me met des error corrupted
P-Tux7 Link
When the finished version is coming out? I read in your thread a few years ago there is beta testing. Do you need me to test it?
werd Link
Mario land 2 was my favourite Mario game would be really great to see the final version of this hack.
Albert_V Link
This is one of the most unbelievable ROM hacks I have seen I can't believe this is possible it was so familiar playing on sebes planet, this is the my favorite rom hack I ever play for Mario games thanks a lot to the autor, there's a certain high qualification perfect qualification!! 5/5
26459 Link
Hi Lexator, you claimed Super Mario Land 2.5 Demo 2 Second Part.
BlacKnight94 Link
I've loved this hack! I've really loved Super Mario Land 4 but this is really awesome. I love the way you mix Pokèmon, Wario Land, Metroid in a Super Mario Land 2 formula.

You are one of the most original smw hacker! Can't wait the definitive version =D
Dark Mario Bros Link
nice, it's time to play o/
also, I remember I've played your hack SML4, good see you back at it
hahopone Link
How many exit in full version ?
Green Jerry Link
@jacoponesoiena: Download it here. Oh, and it was made by some user called "xXchainchomp01", not Lexator.
jacoponesiena Link
Hi lexator there will be super mario Land 3, remake of sml3 wario land
DreadDLorD44 Link
this hack is realy good
 Wakana Link
A good hack, it has its good and bad aspects like any other. I loved the references this one has in many levels; I disliked some levels' design, mostly, those where there is very poor action (like in the Metroid level, a good 1/3 of it is the player running trough empty FG).

Yet enjoyable, works as intended, thus accepted without many problems.

Some small issues here, you may want to fix them in your next demo:
- Empty message boxes here and here.
- The way you placed the question block there makes me unable to take the item. If I get hit, I manage to get it, but then I die suffocated in the wall.
- I can penetrate your slanted pipe.
- Revise tile actlikes: I can stand in the air here.
- If you ask me, not a lovely teleport block. It's the end of the demo though, so w/e.
- Wind generator doesn't start if you restart level from midway point. For once, it's useful to die.

IanBoy Link
Hack looks awesome overall. Also, who is yoshi64-lyoko? Is that like your younger brother or something?