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Song Title


    Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (PAL Version)

    SMW Music → Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (PAL Version)

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    Submission Details

    Name: Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (PAL Version)
    Author: Dark Mario Bros
    Insert Size: 0x409 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: None
    Source: Remix
    Duration: 0:37
    Featured: No
    Description: Based on this video by SilvaGunner:

    Music: Athletic Piano (PAL Version)
    Composer: Koji Kondo
    Platform: Super Nintendo

    Fit with ... Athletic stages (duh)
    Tags: athletic
    Comments: 21 (jump to comments)
    4.4 (17 ratings)
    No rating
    Download 61.67 KiB | 2,316 downloads ▶   Play SPC

    Comments (21)

    Ninjago jiraiya Link
    Classic #smw{:peace:}
    Nara Sherko Link
    WoahNoah Link
    Glad somebody made this!
    LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
    Ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
    CD20Superness Link
    I will use this anyways.
    UltraBolt Link
    Vini2019huebr Link
    Also the athletic theme for vertical mario 2
    Bodacious_snail Link
    Great song, always good for a laugh
    HyperLuigi32 Link
    stupid google blocked it >:(
    unipat Link
    The video link is dead too #smw{T_T}

    Fortunately the Wayback Machine is able to play the video perfectly if you want to change the link to that instead
    Dark Mario Bros Author Link
    Rest In Peace SiIva Gunner's youtube channel
    so many high quality rips lost but atleast I made my tribute #smrpg{sad}

    Edit: actually nevermind, he's back again :p
    Maerk Link
    riki2321 Link
    Shoot yourself with a coconut gun
    ThePowerPlayer Link
    Oh, my gosh. I have always wanted to hear this in actual Super Mario World. You have fulfilled my high quality dream.
    Gary Link
    IvanSword Link
    i only upload high quality ports
    nambona890 Link
    unipat Link
    High-quality port!
    Klug Link
    Oh look, it's an SMW Athletic lev-- [Witch Doctor segment starts playing] OOH-EEH OOH-AH-AH BENG-BENG OOH WA-OO-EE-AHH...
    Comic_Sans Link
    I told the witch doctor i was in love with boo
     Ayami Link