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    Undertale - Pathetic House

    SMW Music → Undertale - Pathetic House

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    Comments (7)

     Sayuri Author Link
     Hazel Link
    but its a remix of ghost fight
     Sayuri Author Link
    Looks like that's right. I messed up that part when I looped it. It's fixed now.
    Maxodex Link
    The notes at 0:11 are supposed to go up, not to be a repetition of the previous phrase. Other than that it's okay.
    cyphermur9t Link
    Seems fine to me. You should make more, like Toriel's House, Snowdin, Waterfall, etc.

    This being Nabstablook's houses theme, it sounds just like it. So 5 stars from me. Don't know why you'd get 1 star ratings.
    Klug Link
    how on Earth who rated this one with 1.0
     Koopster Link
    made u look @ #area51