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Bomberman X

Super Mario World Hacks → Bomberman X

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Comments (7)

Guilherme Kitsune Link
heheheeh muito bom!
26459 Link
Who is sprites and music added at your hack in a Bomberman X Final Version.
GroovyYoshi Link
Olá, Karen!

A hack é bem legal, especialmente por ser protagonizada pelo Bomberman. A história é simples, mas cumpre bem o seu papel. Só o que pecou muito foram os mapas, não contendo saídas secretas e animações de eventos, em todas as ilhas com poucas decorações.

Mas em geral, dá pra aproveitar bastante... meus parabéns e continue se aperfeiçoando. =D

Nota: 7
Klug Link
It's like Bomberman Hero...but it's much like SMW.
(Or maybe it's a tribute to a well defunct gaming company.)
 Eevee Link
Thanks for fixing some of the bigger issues I'd mentioned. As I said in my last review, it's overall a nice little hack, that for the most part, I had a nice experience with.

I did notice that several of the minor issues I mentioned in the removal, such as the castle walls/foreground colour, and the blendy-in dino-torches went unchanged, so even if you didn't address them here, please keep them in mind for the future.
Pschorn From older version: Bomberman X Link
Why removing the 2-player mode? Isn't it more fun to play a hack with a friend? I wish more hacks would keep 2-player mode. :(
Aeon From older version: Bomberman X Link
Nice work! The design overall is very sweet, and I had fun playing through all levels. The hack overall is a bit too linear due to the apparent lack of secret exits, and the Map16 weirdness can get a bit annoying, but other than that it's a very solid hack.