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Tower Of Keys

Super Mario World Hacks → Tower Of Keys

Submission Details

Name: Tower Of Keys
Author: lolyoshi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This was originally made for a level design challenge hosted by a speedrunner named GreenDeathFlavor.

The level revolves around the use of keys and it's mechanics. It is short and has 10 rooms, though each may take you a while depending on your skills. The rest you need to know is told in the hack.

It was designed in mind to be played without savestates (or tools in general.).
Tags: gimmick music no boss puzzle
Comments: 24 (jump to comments)
4.4 (28 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (24)

kurtistrydiz Link
Cool hack, i like the potential of the key as a transportable platform and throwblock, and it always cool to see what kan be done with this item, good work:)
 Alex Link
Interesting challenge, and potentially fun for speedruns and having its own leaderboard.
(Edit: I'm an idiot, just realized already exists a leaderboard).
Liked the keyjumpos here.
PS: Thanks to rextep for playsting.
rextep Link
thanks to me for playsting
viniciuskombat Link
5/5 Replayed 209003120x
Spookerton Link
stayed fun for me through the entire hack, even though i came out of it with my hand hurting
StacheAttack Link
Very fun key hack! Completed in a couple hours. A couple opportunities for cheese...if you can find them. Enjoy!

Thank you lolyoshi!
MaxShellPlayer84 Link
I Think frame perfect bullshit key grab and jump at the same time is a really strange kind of difficulty that i don't like. But the idea of this hack is really interesting. Great Job
Kvarforth Link
brilliant hack, 5 stars
Sonic_BR Link
Sonic_BR Link
Sonic_BR Link
Lulu49 Link
I finally got the double keyjump !!
MarioXMaster25 Link
Someone knows the name of the soundtrack??? Its so cool!!!!
CubeProductions Link
this hack was pretty good. i am not a big fan of kaizo hacks but this hack made me learn how to do these things. gud hax.
kaitri Link
keyjumping in room 9 and 10 was by far the worst part, never did a keyjump, with 50% speed it worked tho! :D
jeevis Link
I haven't played any SMW or hacks in a while, and decided to start with this one.

Very nice, was able to beat it, used slowdown only with the keyjumping, because its something ive never done before. By the end of it, i was able to do double key jump without the slowdown.

4/5, maybe some better graphics.
TheJJGamer Link
This was an awesome but extremely difficult hack. I've completed the it and I recorded every minute!

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

My tip for key-jumping: Lots and lots of practice.
lolyoshi Author Link
There isn't a single method for doing multiple key jumps. So it is more just practice.
MCB Link
I really like this. Got about 5 or so rooms in but I have not figured out how to do multiple key jumps. Is there a tutorial somewhere or is it more of a practice thing?
generic name here Link
quit the game after the double keyjump
pretty good
ft029 Link
ft's keyjumping skill +30%

didn't know I was capable of quadruple key jumps until today lol

good hack good hack 4/5. I reset a few times trying to scroll right. My own carelessness I guess
7 up Link
Hmmm... it looks like a nice concept of using keys with no need of save-stating. The challenges seem legit and none of them are boring and extremely difficult to do (except for the room where you have to use double key-jump. I also like this use of custom R reset system, because if you screw up at some moment and you don't really want to die, you can use it.

This hack looks decent, but I noticed that it isn't one of the extremely fancy hacks which use custom scenery and palettes.

Other than that, I liked it! Also, nice music choice!

My rate: 4/5
 Katerpie Link
Really nice small piece of hack - it manages to introduce the gimmick really well and there was nothing that threw me off. I like how it also includes the L+R reset system (especially when you accidentally get a random enemy on your face) (and I think I saw a walkthrough of the whole hack once)

That double key jumping got me tho :p (ironic on my end to say that when I know most of the Kaizo design aspects for years, even though I'm only legitimately skilled on a single key jump in any case anyway).
niko Link
I give up at the room you want a double key jump from me... dude xD

anyway, give u 4 stars, pretty nice kaizo hack.