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Song Title


    Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars

    SMW Music → Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars

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    Comments (12)

    Queman Link
    Thanks MasterLink! That was very helpful.
    Masterlink Author Link
    You have to extract the txt file into the music folder and the Elemental Stars folder into the samples folder. That's it.
    Queman Link
    Hasn't been working. Used AMK to insert it with AMK's readme, extracting the folder into the music folder, then selecting the txt. It still does not work, saying the sample wasn't found. Can someone else try installing with AMK, and post a detailed record of what they did, including folder structure?
    Daizo Dee Von Link
    Just posting saying that I remember hearing RednGreen's version a while ago, but this version may have beaten his by a long shot. Good job!
    ggamer77 Link
    Yay pan flute. Nice job.
    Maxodex Link
    You aren't. You're simply the only one publicly addressing it.
    Wavee Link
    Maybe I wouldn't have taken "a billion requests" if I wasn't the only one doing them.
    Maxodex Link
    Try finishing the requests you claim then? lol
    You took like a billion and have finished like 2. You're still gonna get credited for the ones you still have "to your name", if that's what worries you.

    besides it was super easy to miss you randomly took another request within another request claim, especially when you haven't finished either of them...a friggin' month ago.
    Wavee Link
    Masterlink Author Link
    I see no post of yours saying you claimed his request though? Unless you were super vague. Also, he requested it back in July and nobody did it, so it was safe to assume it was still available.
    Wavee Link
    Welp nice to know no one bothers to check if something has already been claimed

    guess I just wasted my time, thanks!
    TvGameSmwSmbx Link
    thank you very much for this ^^

    Edit: I just realized that somebody left Wavee smw central that is strange Justin notice just figured out check the profile