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Super Mario World Hacks → JUMP

Submission Details

Name: JUMP
Authors: JUMP Team, worldpeace
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 125 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: This hack started as a small collab lead by aterraformer to be mostly vanilla with modern ASM technologies, very inspired by the original VIPs. It later expanded to much larger proportions and was headed by worldpeace (Cool|Cruel creator and winner of the 8th Annual VLDC). Some levels still retain the original feel, while many others have embraced more chocolate aspects.

-Intricate dragon coin reward system
-Dragon coins save upon collection
-Hint movies for more cryptic secrets
-Overworld pause menu with level information
-Multiple checkpoints for longer levels
-Retry system for the harder levels

This is version 1.04. Changelog is included in the zip.
Tags: asm bosses gimmick less exgfx music variety
Comments: 137 (jump to comments)
4.5 (96 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (137)

Easy Difficulty Link
Got 125 exits. I honestly like JUMP more than JUMP ½ for several reasons. Here are some things I must say, though.

World 1 is boring. Only interesting level is Bastion in Blue.

World 2 is okay, but Effortland is just stupid.

World 3 (snow) made me quit playing for over a month due to Peaks of Revolution. Bring 2 capes from Effortland into this level. I also hated the YSP, but then I found out I was doing it wrong, which was great.

World 3 (cave) was pretty cool, except for the green spring level or whatever.

World 4 had some very good levels, like Chuck Magnet, Bridge Engineering, Crumbling your problems away, etc.. Also, I honestly liked the reverse water Castle #4.

World 5 was really cool. It has the second best boss. It also has Manky Bridge, but that level wasn't as bad as I expected, and I honestly had fun playing it.

World 6 has the level "All The Way from New Jersey" which is a dark cave level with a low ceiling. Bring 2 capes. Other than that, I mostly liked this world (except for the no checkpoint reznor in one of Morsel's levels).

World 7 makes JUMP feel like the sequel to JUMP ½. This world is just an endless barrage of really good levels. Almost every level in this world is really good.

Star World. Here you will find the level "Cryophobia Cavern", a level with lots of waiting and a blinding color palette. At least the second part is free compared to the first. As for the level Pixel Perfect, I am very thankful for the intentional cheese left in.

The Extra Levels. These levels are unlocked with Dragon Coins.
Tactical Ambush Operation is an amazing level. Doesn't do anything insane, it's just really well designed.
Marathon of Finalness (or whatever it was called) is a pretty hard level, but I actually like it, despite the 5 homing thwomps chasing you in the final autoscroller.
The Black Hole is a cool level, with a confusing color palette, and that is surprisingly easy to beat.
Misc. Monument... I don't know what to say about this one. I liked the level except for the shell part, which felt very out of place and frustrating.

The Depraved Stronghold was surprisingly easy compared to what I feared. I was expecting to spend hours trying to beat this level, but I beat it in only 40 minutes. Yes, it does have some tough obstacles, but they aren't difficult to figure out. The second half is the more difficult part, and I got really lucky in the end. Seriously, though, I honestly like this level. Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know.

Shattered Dreams is the "final" level. Hub 1 is difficult but not terrible, Hub 2 is free, Hub 3 is difficult but not terrible. Then we have Hub 4. The room where you can't press left is stupid and obnoxiously difficult and unforgiving. You know you did something wrong when the Morsel room is the easiest.
The final boss was literally the best boss I've ever seen, though.

Shell Sticker I cheesed using Yoshi.

1F8 is by far the most difficult level. It's stupidly long, and after the Yoshi section I was really hoping for the level to end, but NOPE! Some obstacles in this level are just really difficult to figure out with barely any indicators. Good level, but I didn't expect a 5 room kaizo level in here.

5/5, best hack I played, but it has some questionable levels.
Also, the overworld is better than JUMP ½ in my opinion, especially the very impressive 8 submaps featured (2 more than what you can have in vanilla)
SeanSentIGPc Link
griffinlobster Link
In a year as stacked with games as 2023, this right here was maybe the most acutely felt gaming experience of the year for me. What a wild, creative explosion JUMP is. Daring and difficult and hilarious and smart and stupid and profoundly imperfect. It's clear to me the only way for something that feels exactly like this to be created, is with dozens of visionary minds fueled by passion and love of the game, who will never see a dime of compensation and couldn't care less.

I spent the greater part of five months getting 125/69 on this thing, and every single step of the journey was rewarding, even the rougher ones. From the despicable lows to the soaring highs, every minute felt worth it.

Play this hack. You'll love parts and you'll hate parts. But you'll never forget it. Link
I had a lot of fun 100%ing this but even having played sureshot a bunch without states on console I found 1F8 pretty annoying and off tone from the rest of the hack. The thwomp and unshelled koopa rooms were really fun, but in general considering how creative the entire hack was mechanically and how that often tied it together even with many, many different people contributing levels, that level as the last thing felt like a pretty generic, mildly janky kaizo level that was a little unforgiving and a little unclear, but at least every room was a checkpoint. Sureshot is pretty much my favorite hack ever to play through, and in general I like kaizo that flows well but besides the two rooms I mentioned it wasn't very fun.

Overall though, man was that a fun hack.
JRodslegend Link
The only thing holding this back from being a great hack, is the archaic save system. Especially since this turns into a kaizo light towards the end, not saving after every level makes this way more frustrating and monotonous than it needs to be. Maybe 2020+ hacks have spoiled me, but this could have been so much better than it is
rocky210420 Link
Love this hack, but where is JUMP 2?
JikissGamer Link
It took me all of 2022 to 100% this hack, 6 months of which were spent on the first half of Depraved Stronhold alone. But it was one of the most rewarding hacks I've played and I went through it a second time after beating it. It made me a lot better at the game. Can't wait to play JUMP 1/2 next!
Jolpengammler Link
This hack is really good, apart from the Jolpengammler levels.
Still 5/5
 BeeKaay Link
This was my first hack and I recently finished 100%'ing it after years of playing it on-and-off. A few levels were unpleasant and others had rough edges. But there were so many that were fantastic and ahead of their time that this is still probably my favorite hack. A milestone in western romhacking and still very much worth playing today.
rocky210420 Link

Here is the Playlist on YouTube for Jump OST. The names are there and if you wanted the tracks to download, you will need to lookup their names and find the Spc in SMW Music tab on the right.
Zamp Link
Thanks! But sadly, the song from World 3's Overworld, which is the one I'm looking for, isn't in this playlist #smw{T_T}
PMH Link
Where can I download the musics from this hacK?
Zamp Link
Great hack! I'm currently in world 4 and loving the gimmicks so far!

Also, does anyone know the name of the song that plays in world 3 (the dark cave) overworld map? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
 BeeKaay Link
Zamp Link
 BeeKaay Thank you so much! #smw{<3} I was needing to start the emulator and go to World 3 to listen to this song until now lol
And now I can listen to the original composition too!
Arakida Link
This is a wildly creative hack with a ton of fun concepts, a massive amount of content, and all around just impressive showcase of what's possible with SMW romhacking.

And then there's Jolpengammler levels. These levels showcase all of the worst of SMW level design and are not fun to play at all. It's a shame that they were included in what is otherwise the most extraordinary hack I've ever played.

I would strongly encourage anyone who enjoys SMW to play this hack, but don't hesitate to savestate any of the Jolp levels unless you're an absolute purist/completionist when it comes to finishing a romhack. There's truly amazing content locked behind some of the Jolp levels.
Emanu1674 Link
Bain8renn Link
Ezel Link
This is the first time I've done a 100% run of this hack and while it had its ups and downs, I'm glad I did it as it felt really satisfying to be able to complete everything.

There's some truly amazing levels in this hack, as well as some that are pretty rough and frustrating, but there always was a form of reward for the player that made the entire playthrough worth it. Struggling with Cryophobia ended up with gaining access to a really cool worldpeace level, and so on. The special world was really fun with a lot of challenging levels that have been a blast to play. 1F8, while it was a butt kicker, it was one of the most satisfying completions in this hack. Getting all 125 exits and all required Dragon Coins felt so good.

As for one criticism, I wish every kaizo-esque level had just infinite lives so I didn't have to go back to a hub level and get them back, but it's not that big of a deal once you unlock a really good life farm.

I think any% should be reasonable for people at around intermediate level, with a couple difficulty spikes that might be troublesome, but 100% is a pretty serious challenge that's recommended for expert players. If you have the patience to complete every single level in this hack, I'd highly recommend it.
marathonx Link
I finally completed 125/69 a couple weeks ago, and I'm so glad I did.

JUMP is a great hack with tons of creativity, silliness, frustration, and surprises - if you enjoy SMW at all, you owe it to yourself to play through this game. There is so much variety that even if you run into a level that you don't really like, you are very likely to enjoy the next one on your path.

Do be warned, though: some exits are especially difficult, so be prepared to spend a good amount of time on some levels. Even with those difficulty spikes, JUMP was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and I'm excited to dive into JUMP 1/2 in the future and see what else the team has created.

Fantastic work.
black.tiger.claws Link
I'm 106 exits in (first 125/69 run) and so far, it's been a wild ride. I started out dreading every time I'd see a level made by Morsel, but somehow they started growing on my after
The Green Switch

Overall, it's been a phenomenal experience, I can't wait to play JUMP 1/2 and whatever the JUMP Team comes up with next!
the97maxum Link
I love this hack so much it's become one of my all time favorite games. Everyone involved did an awesome job.
Earthling Link
Originally posted by UnforgottenRose
"Roy's Terrible Sadist Castle" (castle 2) is a fun castle. It's just too bad Roy's fight was so vanilla. Could have at least pimped his sprite with some BDSM gear, or gave him a man thong.

Panther-T Link
A great game that is greatly held back by a large number of completely garbage levels. 4/5.
UFrozenO Link
It's a good hack.
prophoenix Link
I want to like this hack to bad, I've had so much fun with it.... and then there are Morsel levels...
Kimota Link
I'm replaying 125/69 and really hating most of the Jolpengammler levels. His favored design style is awkward cramped space + enemy spam. The Depraved Stronghold is actually his best level, because there was at least intention and planning behind the design.

Most of his other levels though are a "what were they thinking?!" mess. Cryophobia Cavern is practically an instruction manual of bad level design: enemy spam, LOTS of forced waiting on cycles, unpleasant palette/visuals that make enemies almost invisible, super long section until first checkpoint, etc. Lots of frustration, zero fun.
Danik2343 Link
Very Good Hack!
I played on Snes9X 1.60
And get 100%
Jack3G Link
Just started and it seems very nice. #tb{^V^}

Edit: I just put my headphones on half way through the hack and the music is really good.
UnforgottenRose Link
"Roy's Terrible Sadist Castle" (castle 2) is a fun castle. It's just too bad Roy's fight was so vanilla. Could have at least pimped his sprite with some BDSM gear, or gave him a man thong.
rafaelfutbal Link
Amazing hack. Thanks!
The Lucifer of Gaming Link
This is a good one but so far it's actually a little on the easy side for me, though this is coming from a guy that makes so hard of games that they literally had to make a new difficulty for them...... anyway good one though!
Lightplay Link
This was my second hack and after completing all exits I have very mixed feelings about it overall which I suppose is to be expected as its such a mixed bag. There were a lot of interesting levels that introduced me to the sort of stuff you can do with asm which was cool to see and the more kaizo-esque levels were really satisfying to beat, that being said there were a few too many levels where the difficulty/challenge was decided by how much stuff could be flying across the screen which I feel stopped this hack from being as good as it could be.

Overall it's not perfect but I don't regret getting frustrated with how enjoyable the rest of it was, would recommend.
Ulla_la_la Link
I love this hack. As someone getting started on harder levels this gave me the opportunity to get rolling. The difficulty curve is sorta wonky (i.e. effort land in world 1), but does go up constantly, especially when getting into star and extra world. Thanks a g-darn bunch to all who contributed to one of the gratest games ever, period.
Holy Shinx Link
Its janky? Sometimes yes, Is it creative? yes, Is it annoying fun and satysfying? yes! Although I think it should be between very hard and kaizo light, the were like 5 levels I disliked like dissaray (screw it) and 1F8 (it's fun but it's too hard) and depraved stronghold could use a 1 more checkpoint, also I love live system, like you have limited lives but before you can access kaizo like level you can go farm them, visuals are also great, and shoutout to genius Worldpeace

And try not to use savestates, for example dissaray has like 3 checkpoints and you can cheese half of room where midpoint is in depraved stronghold with a cape spinjump, and this 1F8 had retry system and rooms took 15 seconds
 RussianMan Link
Is it as good today? No, absolutely not.

I may write a review, but beating JUMP is no easy task.
FimishHACK Link
Too Hard you dont know level design
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Linkisahero Link
Originally posted by Super Maks 64
Originally posted by Linkisahero
(...) our problems with it were that it was boring, uninspired and that the level design was poor.

I've never met a person with such bad opinions lmao

Meh, what can I do? It is what it is. But hey, at least you're taking my comment with a sense of humor, and I like that. Cheers, mate!
ASMagician Maks Link
Originally posted by Linkisahero
(...) our problems with it were that it was boring, uninspired and that the level design was poor.

I've never met a person with such bad opinions lmao
Linkisahero Link
Originally posted by SmokyShroom
Pretty sure it's nobody's fault that you aren't skilled enough to play the levels? It's fun if you know how to actually beat the level.

How funny of you to say that, because neither Shiny Ninetales nor I ever complained about the hack being too hard - our problems with it were that it was boring, uninspired and that the level design was poor. It's almost as if you covered your ears and only heard what you wanted to hear. But, unsurprisingly, treating us as noobs isn't going to magically fix any criticisms I had with the hack.

Originally posted by SmokyShroom
Nobody is going to judge if you use savestates either.

If I don't want to use savestates, it's my problem. Let me play the game the way I want to.

Originally posted by SmokyShroom
It's rather unfair to be so critical of something.

What's wrong with us posting our point of view? Isn't that's the whole point of reviewing? We get why people like it, so why not respect the position of someone who doesn't? I, for instance, was expressing why I found the hack to be overrated, especially considering all the praise it got.

Yes, I still stand by my 1/5 rating, and I will gladly defend it from people like you.
Rouge Link
Impressive, well-polished, and unique. Not as fun in some levels but for the most part this is a rather enjoyable hack. Certainly not the best but it's one of the greatest.
SmokyShroom Link
Pretty sure it's nobody's fault that you aren't skilled enough to play the levels? It's fun if you know how to actually beat the level. Nobody is going to judge if you use savestates either. It's rather unfair to be so critical of something.
 Ayami Link
Don't worry Linkisahero, you're not alone in this world.

After 3 years this hack was released I still don't know why people thinks it's the best smw hack ever created. Some levels are just HORRIBLE due to the ambition of themselves. Other are just ugly or boring. I genuinely enjoyed like the 10% or less levels of this hack. The thing that I most find strange is the fact that several people compare this to VIP saga (duh, even the hack description says it's an inspiration) when the ONLY thing this has in common with VIP is the vanilla dominance, nothing ever else. This hack is too far from what an actual VIP hack is, and even the worst VIP levels are enjoyable in some aspect. Comparing this hack with VIP is almost a disrespect.

Not everything is negative though. I really take my hat off because the pieces of ASM shown were impressive, especially the videos.

That said, I'll give this a 2/5, it would be easily 1/5, but worlpeace's levels saved it from that. Seriously, I can understand why people think this is the best smw hack, I really do (and respect that opinion). But I definitely don't agree with that.
Dancer365 Link
My favorite SMW hack !!
Xtra XD Link
XD Vine aquí a descargarlo por un vídeo XD

Super Mario Star Bonus for SMBX Coming soon... XD
Jesmig2018 Link
The best hack, good job and well done
Linkisahero Link
Did I just play a completely different game than everyone else? Because this hack is just OBNOXIOUS. It's quite hard, but not challenging in any fun sort of way, it's just the same old cheap tricks we all know and hate. But even without the obnoxious tight jumps and hidden block traps, the level design is very boring. I really don't know how this got featured. Sorry, but it's 1/5 for me.
LordLuigi Link
Most creative and epic romhack I've seen yet. Like life it's a mix of beauty and shit haha some parts are incredibly jank and some levels are better than others but overall it's an amazing experience. Shout out to the various creators really cool gimmicks and design. Great overworld cool layout and amazing attention to detail like the dragon coin reward system and save house with unlockable movies to help with secret exits... Can't say enough good about it I even enjoyed one of the morsel levels haha
Valdio Link
Fantastic and creative Game. If it weren't for Morsel/Morceau levels (which were always tedious and miserable) this would be a 5/5
VesperVidya Link
I have really been enjoying this hack so far, just beat the world 2 castle. Seems hard, but not in a cheap way. I like how it autosaves after every level so it can be played on an SNES with ease. 5/5 would play again.
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
Its a good hard hack
Epic_Manky Link
Eh. I didn't really care for the level design.
DarkFire35 Link
What a great hack, nice gameplay, gimmicks an even more.
But I have a Problem. Hope anybody can help me pls?
I finsihed Roy's Terrible Sadist Castle and came to the 3A Ice world. I didn' noticed that there was a pipe over the castel. I played all other levels so far as possilbe, but i can't reach the 3B Underground World, anybody a idea how i can reach it without restart new ?
Imnever Link
This is the best Vanilla hack I have ever seen.
kaitri Link

this was an epic challenge :D
EmuGamer Link
orgasmic final boss
Yatsona Link
I really loved this hack, great for recording gameplays and incredibly creative, dificult, and beautiful, congratulations to the creator
Justin_Rennhack Link
I am currently playing through this romhack on my Youtube channel (by the same name as the username w/out underscore). It is updated every Saturday at 1200 CST. So far, I am really enjoying this game. Some of the review throw a negative light on it because of difficulty, but we'll see what happens as time goes on.
SuperMarioPro2011 Link
epic romhack WOW xd
Dennie Link
I saw this game on a few Streamers i just created a account to say this is the best ROM i've ever seen. 10/10 my thanks to the JUMP Team
blaze800000 Link
oh and one thing try not to bad state a save at a bad place and out of rewinds or you well likey have to redo a whole stage or part of it over that goes for harder levels/stages
ft029 Link
I'm saying savestates because... well, if you have ever even seen any of ninja boy's videos, he is constantly rewinding and savestating. Depraved Stronghold is difficult because of its length, and since you pretty much have infinite midpoints with savescumming, the hardest level in this hack (in my opinion) should become fairly trivial. I was trying to refute ninja boy's claim that this hack gets "harder than balls" toward the end. As a joke, yeah, I guess lots of levels are harder than the level "BALLS" (in world 6).

This hack isn't even THAT hard (like Bits and Pieces) without savestates, but I suppose some people have just developed a poor habit of savescumming.
MercuryPenny Link
The levels that are actually hard (Depraved Stronghold) become easy when you savescum all the time, so :|

i personally prefer going savestateless. being encouraged to do so by almost everyone who has played the hack really turns me off because i prefer being able to play something with just me and the game, without any cheats or external tools.

if a hack practically requires that you use savestates then i'd rather just not play it. could just be me though!
7 up Link
To be honest, this hack is hard due to the gimmicks appearing here. I play it with savestates, because it's way easier way to play this. Playing this with no tools is still possible, but it's challenge and takes time. Other than that, I like it.

My rate: 5/5
grillo82 Link
about reading some comments on various threads I have taken a strong curiosity, I think I don't want to throw gasoline on the fire that they wanted to release the compilation of VLDC2, VLDC3, VLDC4, VLDC5 and VLDC6
i hope because i love VLDC compilation
ft029 Link
The levels that are actually hard (Depraved Stronghold) become easy when you savescum all the time, so :|
Without savestates, the game is still possible to beat entirely within 9 hours and 21 minutes.

JUMP1/2 will be easier than this.
grillo82 Link
This version should be updated, I do not understand why is frequently updated maybe due to some bugs, however fine, now look jump 1/2
you know nothing about that, if it is almost completed or WIP
PermaBan Link
This is by far the hardest hack I have had to moderate and for the most part was enjoyable but the harder than balls levels towards the end really kills it and it looses all of the fun value it built up. This is outside the horrible difficulty curve that doesn't really exist.

I can't say I'd recommend this hack to others beyond anyone who loves to torture themselves with hacks that are just flat out aggravating.
niko Link
Okay, just beat bridge engineering without savestates.

i need a hour or something like that and i enjoy it.

One of the hardest but also best levels i play so far.

The idea was awesome and with 3 midwaypoints possible without saves, when you have a bit skill and a lot of time lol.
XpheXl Link
This hack is definitely the single best hack we have on the entire site, not joking. Multiple hours of pure fun, challenge, awesome design, impressive ASM, incredible special effects, some of the greatest Music the SNES can play... everything.

If this possibly greatest Piece of Code mankind ever invented doesn't stay featured, then call me Kevin Bjornson, 'cause a site that doesn't honor something as awesome as this doesn't deserve having my Username in it
niko Link
3.9, the rating is just too low.

I play without saves and im now in the third castle and so far its just great.

The second castle was one of the best levels i ever played in mario history, no joking, the gameplay is hard, but fair and its just an amazing, memorable stage.

1000/5 for me, so far the best hack i have ever played.
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
hey dode good job dode
Dode Link
I really, really like this hack. It's easy enough to welcome any casual to play, and hard enough to present a challenge for more skilled runners. The 125 exits don't even tell the full story - it's much bigger than that, as each level is about 3x larger than a vanilla smw level on average (my guess). There's opportunity for speedruns for a large range of times going from 11-exit to 125/69 and everything in between. There's a lot of nostalgic feel when finding a hidden key/keyhole, beating a level, and so on. With extremely hard tricks, some levels can be broken. The possibilities for this game are endless, and I can't wait to grind out a 125/69 single segment run for sub-8 hours. Amazing job to everyone who worked on this (even morsel :p).
Dode From older version: JUMP Link
I really, really like this hack. It's easy enough to welcome any casual to play, and hard enough to present a challenge for more skilled runners. The 125 exits don't even tell the full story - it's much bigger than that, as each level is about 3x larger than a vanilla smw level on average (my guess). There's opportunity for speedruns for a large range of times going from 11-exit to 125/69 and everything in between. There's a lot of nostalgic feel when finding a hidden key/keyhole, beating a level, and so on. With extremely hard tricks, some levels can be broken. The possibilities for this game are endless, and I can't wait to grind out a 125/69 single segment run for sub-8 hours. Amazing job to everyone who worked on this (even morsel :p).
ft029 Link
I beat BOTH exits of the "bridge engineering level" in 17 minutes here WITHOUT SAVESTATES OR "PERMANENT MUSHROOM CHEATS": . This isn't even optimal gameplay. I'm not a god at super mario world like Panga.

There's a reason this is my favorite hack. There's a reason I have so much fun replaying each level. There's a reason why I use the insanely creative ideas in my own levels (toning down the difficulty of course for the general audience). There's a reason other people use these ideas in their own levels. I do understand that this hack's difficulty is too hard for many people's tastes, but that should not justify unfeaturing it. Additionally, fearing that people might try to replicate this hack isn't likely because it is very difficult to create good, creative levels.

Also, I don't really see the need for remoderating this hack when a plethora of people have beat the game inside and out, including myself. In fact, Dodechehedron just beat the whole thing in 18 hours (WITHOUT SAVESTATES).
 Wakana Link
Unclaimed. I have no idea who even went ahead and feature this. The gimmicks and the level ideas are all very good, but the difficulty here goes way too insane for my tastes. It recalls VIP Mario... but for the wrong factors. I personally gave up on world 4, at that engineering bridge level.

Whoever mod who wants to claim this, hit me up, you can continue from my .srm.
lolyoshi Link
version 1.04 was supposed to be submitted 6 months ago.
Whiskey Tango From older version: JUMP Link
Found this hack while looking for a difficult Mario World hack to get my skills up for Kaizo.

Just want to say it's incredible so far. Am up to Castle #2 and have been through a few of the Star Road levels. Difficulty really picks up (in a nice way) halfway through World 2. Presentation is stellar and the scope is impressive. The little bits of humor are nice as well (major props for the entire "Beezos in the Trap" level).

I want to point out that it's possible to get trapped at the beginning of "Effortland" if you position the key between the cement block and the first row of clouds. I did that on one of my first attempts at the level and the key was just out of reach, so I had to fastforward and wait for time to run out. Not the worst thing in the world, and there probably isn't an easy way to fix it without redesigning that whole starting section, but wanted to bring it up as I doubt that was intended.
 Erik From older version: JUMP Link


e: ...oh, nvm lol
Chillah From older version: JUMP Link
In Salty Roasted Peanuts, it's actually possible to use the cape feather and remount Yoshi after passing through the lightning bolts. You might wanna fix that, because Yoshi and I are going on a rampage.
Kaisaan From older version: JUMP Link
Aren't you guys going to upload v1.04?
 Erik From older version: JUMP Link
snes9x works fine in this hack.
You can use bsnes/higan or ZMZ too.
pieman83 From older version: JUMP Link
What emulator should I use for this?
worldpeace Author From older version: JUMP Link
Temporary link to the latest version before it passes though a moderation:

Thanks for playing
MrKIVAYU02 From older version: JUMP Link
Can I help you to do this hack this time?
Artissimo From older version: JUMP Link
125 exits?! How the hell is that possible?! With Lunar Magic, the exit cap is 120!
InvisiYoshi From older version: JUMP Link
This is the best hack I have ever played. It feels like Super Mario World but still has its own unique touches that is a perfect balance imo.
InvisiYoshi From older version: JUMP Link
This is the best hack I have ever played. It feels like Super Mario World but still has its own unique touches that is a perfect balance imo.
worldpeace Author From older version: JUMP Link
I actually posted the answer regarding the reason of updates on the JUMP thread. See

I don't see why not letting designers to update their levels as they want to improve the experience that players will have with the levels.
Also I've received even more modifications since this version, so please expect ver 1.04. I however understand that patching the updated ROM is NOT something that can be conveniently done like PC games, etc.
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: JUMP Link
Didn't all of you already submit this hack.
ForthRightMC From older version: JUMP Link
Why they post a new version?
Dark Mario Bros From older version: JUMP Link
a new version ?
Lord Nafaryus From older version: JUMP Link
I must say, this is by far the most astonishing hack I've ever played. There are still plenty to be done in order to unleash its secrets and I have no idea where to begin, and that's terrific! Congratulations JUMP Team.
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
God of Fruit basically nailed it. Don't forget about the IEEEEEAAr! sound or finding a one certain guy in heaven again.
God Of Fruit From older version: JUMP Link
This is one of the most interesting hacks I've played in a while. There's a lot to digest when it comes to this hack, so let's get started.

First of all, this version of the hack isn't the most recent. In order to get the best JUMP experience, I'd suggest downloading version 1.03.1 (the current version as I type this). Some levels have been made a lot more fair, and more fun as a result, and some levels have been changed entirely. The newest version is at Raocow's Talkhaus, unless it gets uploaded here.

Now, onto the review.

Story: Not much to say here. The hack doesn't place emphasis on the story, so it could pretty much just be a retelling of SMW. Score: N/A

Graphics: A lot of the hack uses vanilla graphics, which is typical of a collab hack. However, when they're changed, I feel that the graphics look really nice. There are a few levels that look really nice, though some authors put more emphasis on looks than others. For example, Daizo is one to make his levels stand out graphically, and Isocitration made a really nice looking Miscellaneous Monument. For the most part, however, the hack doesn't stray that far from vanilla graphics, so you're not gonna suddenly feel like you're in a completely different game or anything, but there are several creative uses of palettes and vanilla resources to make the game look nice. 8/10

Music: This is one part that I think the hack does really well. Now, once again, not every level has custom music, but when there is, it works. For example, the track that plays during Shattered Dreams sounds epic, like an insanely difficult final castle should. There are also several other levels scattered about that make great use of custom music (Keep a Positive Altitude, Swim with the Stars, etc.) I wish there had been more, but as the hack goes on, there are a lot of great combinations of music and level. 8/10

Level design: Most of the levels are great. There are a few janky levels at the beginning (as well as a couple later on) that are not great, but overall the levels are really fun to play. Maybe not the flashiest around, but from a pure gameplay perspective, they're really fun. Also, most of the levels do their best to avoid unfair situations or cheap difficulty. Even most of the very hardest levels in the hack feel fair, as if every death is your fault. If a level is REALLY hard, there are plenty of checkpoints around (some added in 1.03.1), so nothing feels impossible. There are a few exceptions to this overall really good level design, several of which are at the beginning, so the hack doesn't make the greatest first impression. However, other than those, I think this game nailed the fun factor.

However, above all else, I'm amazed at how creative the hack gets with vanilla resources. Some of the levels don't include any fancy ASM gimmicks, but the level itself is so creative that I was amazed that it was possible. A lot of the puzzles come to mind. And some slightly alter vanilla resources, but in really neat ways. 9/10

Difficulty: This hack handled the difficulty curve in a very clever way. Are there some really hard levels mixed in there? Of course. However, the great thing about this hack is that every really hard level is optional. If you're having trouble with something, there's always an alternate path around it, so even casual players will be able to beat Bowser without too much trouble. There are a few spikes here and there, but overall nothing on the required paths are too bad. However, completionists will have a much tougher time, because the optional levels in this hack can get really brutal, though never to the point where you have to resort to using save states, surprisingly enough. Even the most difficult levels have a sense of control to them, despite being at Kaizo levels of difficulty. And life farming is made easy and quick the later you go into the game, so you won't have to worry too much about running out.

One thing I really appreciate is how this game really makes you earn some of the better rewards. For example, the green switch palace. Usually it can break things quite a bit due to giving the player plenty of access to feathers. However, this time, the mapmakers put it behind a string of really difficult levels. Now, I do think that the green switch palace itself is somewhat overkill with how cryptic it is, but thankfully there's a hint movie, so if you get frustrated you can use that.


ASM/gimmicks: I think this is honestly what makes the hack so great. Not just that there are creative gimmicks involved, but that they're used in such a way that they enhance already solid levels. Here's a list of gimmicks that I think make the game so great.

1. Dragon coins have a purpose. Once you get enough of them, you can unlock permanent powerups, special world levels, hint movies, and even lists of who made rooms inside the two multiperson levels. This is by far the best implementation of dragon coins I've seen in a hack, and it really gives you a motivation to collect them all. They save when you collect them too, so don't worry about having to do an insanely difficult level all in one go.

2. The level information screens. These show who created the level (so if there's a creator who you know makes extremely hard levels, you can decide whether or not to postpone a level), what powerups it filters, whether you can save, and whether it has the retry system for convenience. There's even a special upgrade you can purchase that makes exit hunting much easier.

3. The permanent powerups. Some are mere conveniences, like the boots to make map travelling faster. However, others can make the hack much more fun. For example, the quad-core, which lets you shoot more fireballs at once, and the motor, which lets you change to spinning state in midair. You're gonna want to get used to using this. It's a very useful skill to have, though it requires quick reflexes to make use of.

4. The gimmicks in the levels. Not only are the gimmicks interesting, but the levels complement them really well. For example, one level turns YOU into the Big Boo, and you have to avoid the objects that would normally hurt it. This ends up becoming an interesting little puzzle, where you have to really think before you move. Another one is about not making too much noise, or you'll wake the enemies. I loved these interesting ideas that also kept level design in mind while using them. The ASM is integrated so well into the hack that it sometimes feels like professional designers made these levels.

5. The humor. Some of these levels were downright hilarious. One of my favorite levels involves a strawberry milkshake that is so mind-alteringly delicious that it messes up Mario's brain and reverses your controls when swimming in it (okay, it's just reverse-control water, but it's presented really well, and the level is really fun). Some of the sound effects will keep you laughing too.

I have no choice. I must rate the gimmicks a 12/10. They give this hack a charm that I haven't experienced for a long time. I might come back to this hack multiple times.

Overall, I love how this game kept throwing interesting things at me. I was never bored while playing it. Partly because collab hacks are usually a mess due to different people creating the levels, and partly because the levels are just so damn creative that each one has an identity of their own. It's not getting that 10/10 rating from me (that is EXTREMELY hard to do), but damn does it get close. This is a hack that I think everyone should play at least once.

Overall score: 9/10
Centuri From older version: JUMP Link
They posted again?
Thrakk From older version: JUMP Link
Some of the World 1 levels are stupid and ugly.
Which is unfortunate because the rest of the hack is ace.
And World 1 is usually the decider of whether or not I play a whole hack.
 Samantha From older version: JUMP Link
Well crap. This is what happens when I'm physically unable to be on SMWC/The interwebs. Something amazing happens that I can't be a part of.

Anyway, this hack is amazing. I can't wait to play through the entire thing (only played the first two worlds).
Wolffs From older version: JUMP Link
what is the music on the level "mushroom tripper"?
please answer, i want this music so much.
anyway great hack :D
MrKIVAYU02 From older version: JUMP Link
A little crappy, but I think that my PC don't support very modified hacks, or very modifications included, like the "Level Created by...", the "Movie, Retry and Save" icons
Chillah From older version: JUMP Link
This is really awesome! It's the best hack I've ever played! However, I found a bug on "Salty Roasted Peanuts". You can ride Yoshi all you want but you can't leave with him. Or can you? I was able to go through the side exit with Yoshi, and now I have him.
TheusGamerBR From older version: JUMP Link
AbdullahRowe From older version: JUMP Link
Nao From older version: JUMP Link
This might be my all-time-favourite hack. I really have nothing to critizize about this hack.

I think there were 3-4 levels that I didn't like so much, but they weren't terrible either. This is impressive for such a huge collab hack and I don't think I ever experienced something like this before. The most stunning aspect about this hack is how everything works together:

- Yoshi coins have never been used that well before in any hack.
- Videos help you to solve difficult puzzles, to avoid frustration.
- You can skip most really complex levels by finding secret exits or alternate paths in other levels, if you wish to (or the complex levels are not mandatory at the first place).
- Multiple midway points, retry functions, shortcuts after you beat a level etc. are used to make long or insanely hard levels possible without savestates.
- Hints in certain levels that help you with other levels.
- Even more cool features that I don't want to spoil here.

Clearly 5/5.
Doopliss From older version: JUMP Link
How did you change Chargin' Chuck's shoulderblade from blue to green?
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link

Screw "one of the best", make it "best"

Also I may want to try to get each room in "Shattered Dreams" just because
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
Finally out of moderation! This is great, download it and play it NOW! One of the best hacks I've played of SMW.
 Heraga From older version: JUMP Link
Aye, it's out!
 Erik From older version: JUMP Link
Originally posted by adolf
>ever using savestates for non-kaizo hacks

Difficulty: Kaizo: Light

what do u have to say now :^)

e: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-
Nao From older version: JUMP Link
Funny how it's now claimed by a Kaizo Hack Moderator :D
anonymousbl00dlust From older version: JUMP Link
Which do you guys think will be larger: the number of levels in this hack or the number of days it took to get through moderation? We're already past the halfway mark... any bets?
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
Right, can't get any further than World 6. I need to find the 5 dragon coins in one more level to get the demo video to show me how to beat Dissaray but I can't get them to appear, even though I've tried what the Info box has told me to. I don;t know what to do any more. I've tried everything I can think of and don't want to stop playing this hack when there's still sop much more to go. Can anyone help? :)
Chronobreaker From older version: JUMP Link
Get this hack out of moderation
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
OK, I know now how to defeat the Green Switch Palace, but how the hell do I get the moon that I'm supposed to in that level. It's bugging the hell out of me. I've tried everything I can think of and don't wanna progress in the game without it if it is a requirement.
anonymousbl00dlust From older version: JUMP Link

@ft thanks lol
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
That green switch palace has me confused to hell. I've got to the two Yoshis but no matter what I do I can't figure out how to get past it! I'm loving the game though. One of the most fun hacks I've played of SMW. :)
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
I found a secret in another Yoshi house, (world 5's I think) so I'm surprised it didn't make me think to go check the others for something similar! Duh!
Wario W. 97 From older version: JUMP Link
The secret gray pipe of world 1 has arisen, but I can't access it.
Ryrir From older version: JUMP Link
@ Paddy & Wario: You're both missing the secret in the world 2 yoshihouse.
Paddy From older version: JUMP Link
I'm on world 3 at the moment and I'm loving this game. Has the right level of difficulty and variety. Some slight niggles, but nothing major. Very well done to all involved. A great hack. :)

One question, is Crusher Cavern supposed to have 2 exits, or what is the space beside it for. Doesn't look like it can be accessed, and the level is yellow. Is this just an error or how do I access what is there (a switch palace?)
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
Wario: You're obviously missing many secrets.

jesus: Yes the level is really fun. I can't beat it without savestates though :P
Wario W. 97 From older version: JUMP Link
This levels are inaccessible. Why?

. 22 (below the castle of world 5, castle... full of sadness)
. 10D (possibly 22's following, in alternate world 3)
. 2 and 134 (in the star world), also their following star
. 24, 117, 14, 12F, 1E, 120, 11D (levels of the 'Special World')

P.S.: I have unlocked all other exits and their Yoshi Coins.
anonymousbl00dlust From older version: JUMP Link
What are you talking about ft029? 1f8 is super fun and awesome. Whoever made it must be a really cool guy.
Aeon From older version: JUMP Link
yeah kinda having some trouble lol.

will hopefully be done soon, a bit busy with some misc event
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
face it the level 1F8 (111111000) is way worse than kaizo
MercuryPenny From older version: JUMP Link
rip eternity
died while moderating jump savestateless

>ever using savestates for non-kaizo hacks

gogoman1213 From older version: JUMP Link
better then cool or cruel
 Erik From older version: JUMP Link
rip eternity
died while moderating jump savestateless
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
Good job on the burnt mountain tango, that was very fun.
 Aram From older version: JUMP Link
god i love you
Big Brawler From older version: JUMP Link
I'm waiting Two long years this moment
gogoman1213 From older version: JUMP Link
this is kaizo light
 Lazy From older version: JUMP Link
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
oh my god the engineering level

Good job worldpeace :/ I wish this were the standard of all levels
 Erik From older version: JUMP Link
this better be good
ft029 From older version: JUMP Link
Finally this thing was finished.

Great ideas, needs some polishment though. Monty pit was very boring.

Koumei's trap is just wow. Too creative for me.

The sliding on ropes level is insane. I have 68 lives; you expect me to beat this gauntlet with just that? This can compete with geometry dash levels for sure. No way I can do this without savestates, and even so, I'm making one every second.