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Sticky Ceiling

SMW Blocks → Sticky Ceiling

Submission Details

Name: Sticky Ceiling
Author: Mandew
Act As: 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: A ceiling that the player will stick to when going upwards and holding a Jump button.

Enemies will also stick to the ceiling as long as they have upwards vertical speed. Sprites in "Stunned" or "Thrown" state will stick to the ceiling until they either move away from it, or the player grabs it.

When going downwards, the player and any sprite will just fall through.

Represented by Yellow Glass in the gif set.
Tags: ceiling lorom sa-1 sticky
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
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Comments (6)

Soul Link
Reminds me of the climbing tiles in Super Mario Run
YourBoi Link
This can be used for puzzle level nice!#smw{:peace:}
TheGamingTurfs Link
Really well done. I love the fact you kinda get an extra jump of the side of it. Could go well for a vertical kaizo level. Nice Job!
DiscoTheBat Link
This is a very interesting idea, however, I felt the submission was lacking a bit. I also think that sprites shouldn't 'jump' when reaching the end of these blocks, perhaps by zeroing (?) the Y speed. By the way, next time, do NOT forget to set up the tags or your submission may be removed. Good work, still!
Mogu94 Link
The fact that a spinning shell stays on the bottom of a ceiling made of these blocks is really cool.
lx5 Link
Huh, interesting idea.

I loved the third gif, it gives me some cool ideas for levels.