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    Lemon Angel (PC-98) - LA07.FMX

    SMW Music → Lemon Angel (PC-98) - LA07.FMX

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    Comments (9)

     Hooded Edge Link
    Been having this on my mind for the past few years, and it's held up really well!!!
    TheEPMaker Link
    this a bop
    dogemaster Link
    this song is sexy as hell
    Klug Link
    Perfect for abstract levels, tho.
    Ultima Link
    Is that guitar sample the one used in Tim Follin`s Super Nintendo compositions? Because goddamnit, I really should use my Rock`n Roll Racing instrument set I ripped more often, because I always forget how glorious these guitars are... :O
    Torchkas Link
    pretty good
    lolyoshi Link
    juice bois
    Lumy Link
    This is literally sexy. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))
    lion Link
    How surprised I was at you porting an eroge song: 0%