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Mario's Peregrination-Kingdom Elementum Phantasia

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Peregrination-Kingdom Elementum Phantasia

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Peregrination-Kingdom Elementum Phantasia
Author: Vamperumbra
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 48 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario embarks on phantasmagorical peregrination through multifarious realms, possessing symbolic elementum. To hopefully bring glorious cessation by defeating devilish lordific presences in they're looming chateau's.

Note: I essentially interposed/fixed goal post in level Dark Fortification. An the diminutive erratum of cutoff in level Aerial Mushland. Cheers to excellentiam magister moderator Eevee for being vigilantly venerable help.
Tags: exgfx exploration music traditional
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
4.5 (12 ratings)
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Comments (9)

OfPixxiesAndRoses Link
Couple things.

- Thwomps in castle 1 are prone to a glitch where they lose a corner of their sprite, nothing game breaking but worth noting.
- Castle one also has a jump in the first room that is impossible if you're small Mario. The player will literally need to tank it across the spikes.

I find the overly eloquent vocabulary to be, almost pretentious. If I were to make a comparison, this would be the 'Honor Trip' of SMW hacks.

So far in terms of level design, there seems to be nothing of note to say, good or bad. Your use of custom blocks is adequate, your backgrounds acceptable and your tilesets arranged amicably. Your soundtrack thus far is average, I regret to inform.

I shall bestow a preemptive 3 star rating, which I will thus raise or lower upon completion of this hack.
Will16 Link
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Vamperumbra,

I really enjoyed playing your hack, which has great design and cool music ! I found all exits without using savestates, but it was sometimes really hard, especially the last two levels and the final boss.

I also faced problems with textboxes, as english is not my mother language. The vocabulary used, which gives the game an epic style, is quite difficult for me to understand (plenty of old and uncommon words), so I spent a certain time on dictionaries.

9/10 (5 stars) Thank you for your great work man =]
LatvianEnglish Link
Hey, great hack, it was really fun and sometimes challenging. Good choice of music and good level design. Nice work!
MCB Link
Fun game. Do not understand what the long words mean but the hack is pretty good.
Vamperumbra Author Link
So amiably responsum thy inquisitively laconic questionem's, the euphoniously entrancifying instrumentum canticum played in Verdant Shroud is, "Call of Magic" from Elder Scrolls III. An the placidly mellifluous canticum playe din Crystalline Chateau is "End of the World," from Kingdom Hearts. :P
ForthRightMC Link
Originally posted by Alcazar
Why complain?
Just charge the administration 4x for it :P

Me question is, what song is used for "Verdant Shroud" (2nd Level 1st World) ?
Sounds mystic/majestic/celtic (pick one :P )

I also wonder about that calm music in Verdant Shroud(world 1 level 2) and Crystalline Chateau(world 5 castle).
Alcazar Link
Why complain?
Just charge the administration 4x for it :P

Me question is, what song is used for "Verdant Shroud" (2nd Level 1st World) ?
Sounds mystic/majestic/celtic (pick one :P )
 Eevee Link
We got there in the end. Minus the issues I pointed out in my removals, you've poured a lot into this hack so I can appreciate that. The level design is fine, and for the most part you've chosen your graphics appropriately, so good on you.

In the future though, please hire beta testers, and play through yourself too, since I had to moderate this four times lol