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The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED

Super Mario World Hacks → The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED

Submission Details

Name: The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED
Author: Dan
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal

A remastered version of my old hack from 2009 "The Haunted Desert".

This is a one level hack, which can take you a good 20 minutes to beat if you know the basic mechanics of Super Mario World. It's nothing too hard, but it isn't necessarily easy either.

Features new graphics, music, level design, overworld and more.
Tags: asm exgfx exploration horror huge level less exgfx music puzzle remake vanilla
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
3.9 (11 ratings)
No rating
Download 477.81 KiB | 3,170 downloads


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Comments (10)

LeedleLee337 Link
The levels were fine and the theme was certainly dark. I liked the little puzzles, but
no sense of urgency at end, no boss fight, no clarity on what really to do, no coin indicators, few checkpoints
. I just felt very unfulfilled by this hack.
mcnakahr Link
3/5: Would have rated higher but I got stuck in the second room of the Desert Temple. The room with the key and P switch. I could not jump down to the P Switch at all as Mario's jump height kept bringing me to the floor above the pit I needed the cross. I know you said it requires knowledge of Super Mario World mechanics but it looks like a jump using the key is needed while falling into the pit to get across to the P switch. In my opinion that isn't "normal mechanics." That's pulling off a kiazo level trick and one I can not pull off. The graphics were great and the music made for an unsettling theme. I wish I could have made it further.
raulvaz82 Link
Just got done beating this great hack...
got a lil confusing at the end but really like it.
looking to play part2 maybe 4.5 out of 5
Oztrum Link
Soundtrack please
 PermaBan Link
This was a pretty fun hack to play through and I wouldn't fully go as far as it say it's a hard hack but the length of the single level does leave you a little exhausted by the end if you play it straight through.
 Dan Author Link
Originally posted by filip
there is jumpscare yes or no jumpscare

Why don't you find out for yourself?
filip Link
there is jumpscare yes or no jumpscare
 Dan Author Link
Fixed a few things and made a few changes to make the game run and look smoother. Most of the flaws should be gone now.
 Dan Author Link
RIP, must've missed that when I submitted the hack. Thanks for pointing that out, fixed it.
Green Jerry Link
Um, the .zip file contains screenshots. The hack submission guidelines says says to not include screenshots in the .zip.