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8-bit Mario World - Desert Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → 8-bit Mario World - Desert Mario

Submission Details

Name: 8-bit Mario World - Desert Mario
Author: Green Jerry
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This SMB1-themed 1-level hack is based on a desert.
Mario was travelling in a desert but he stumbled upon a wall. He found a pipe which leads to a cave... and you have to help him!
Tags: asm exgfx music traditional
Comments: 19 (jump to comments)
4.2 (19 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (19)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
Short 1 exit hack with a SMB1 theme. No backwards scrolling, SMB1 backgrounds and enemies, etc. Small Mario's animation for looking up is horrifying and hilarious. Worth a play. Takes about 5 minutes, it's fun and even if you hate it you're only out a few minutes.
RetroYuuki Link
This is a really cool rom hack. I actually played it and its nicely put together. Here is my gameplay of it
Gabriel3 Link
A very cool Super Mario World with Super Mario Bros. Nes style congratulations #tb{:j}
RavenOner Link
verry classy
this could ACTUALY be an official level by Nintendo
...if you had some sort of checkpoint xP
thats the reason for not giving 5 Stars :/

so 4/5

i did a Blind Lets Play about it
My Youtube Name is the same as here
ThatDamnCatgirl Link
It's impressive you managed to port this to the orignal super mario bros with obvious differnces
JetWing34 Link
Let me tell you something. This is one of the best 8-bit creations in SMW Central! As far as your level was built, you did quite an astonishing job with the ASM and EXGFX in the entire level.

When playing through the 1-level hack, I discovered the first thing that the title screen has "Desert Mario" and then the big word font of "8-Bit Mario World". My suggestion is to remove the small "Mario" text and make the word "Desert" bigger to fit with "8-Bit Mario World".

The music felt more like I'm playing the original Super Mario Bros on the NES. The music in the overworld, the cave and the castle fit perfectly well. The only major concern though is the underwater SMW music after sliding down the flagpole to complete the hack.

Besides a couple shenanigans for the hack, mushroom coins were fun to find in the hack itself. Although this may be a one-level 8-bit hack, I find this hack rather interesting for those who want to bring back nostalgia.

4 stars out of 5
Thrognar Link
Oh my god. This is adorable. So much yes.
filip Link
BoneyBrown Link
"And YOU have to help him"

grillo Link
They are all one-level if not mistaken.
I'm really interested, do others based on various games, for example one based on smb2j, others based on various smb1, smb2 and smb3 hack,another based on various 8-bit NES,DOS and another old games, you may draw on various smb1 hack, on lots of hack where you may get ideas
Green Jerry Author Link
To grillo:
Yes, this will be a series of hacks. The next (2nd) game will take place on the Moon.


And the third one will be based on this SMB1 hack.

The 4th one will take place in a beach.

I haven't decided on the theme of the 5th game.
grillo Link
But is a series of hack or is it just this?, I'll explain this theme is the desert, I was wondering if for example they did other theme for example sky, ice, Castle and so on
 RussianMan Link
hahopone rereg? Anyway, give you 5 stars, because this feels like smb1 visually.
grillo Link
SMW mix is almost completed? the look
gomba Link
Nice,It makes me think of Mario Bros in Mario Maker gameplay,but what would be nice : is to add levels and fix the bug when Mario looks up when it is small the character glitch...
 Ringo Link
While the level is slightly longer than what levels averagely are, it didn't feel long enough to be accepted at first but I'll let that pass.

I like it other than that. The SMB1-style for everything was well done but it would be even better if the other songs of this hack were sampled like the castle one, as well the sound effects.
Andyana Jonseph Link
Okay, but everyone wants to see the original fantastic levels you can make.
Green Jerry Author Link
SMW Mix was supposed to have only remake levels.
Andyana Jonseph Link
See you can make fantastic original levels, so why can't you do the same for SMW Mix?