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Super Mario World Hacks → game.bps

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PSYotta Link
how to make a jumpscare?
BoozeWash Link
was a fun play through
Starman97 Link
I played this before, and yes it was annoying with the checkpoints, but you know what you can use? save states. I know not much people use these anymore. You can use save states if you think a checkpoint is supposed to be there.
Armyless_boi Link
JohnathanMonkey Link
This could've been good, but no checkpoint system? Love the idea but execution was poor.
Lotica Link
I'm a bit torn on this one. I do appreciate what was done here with the coding and attempts to be "scary", but overall, it wasn't that fun to play on its own. The fact that you die once and lose all your progress is stupid, considering how easy it can be to die due to a stupid mistake. The jump scares are cheap and hilarious attempts at being scary, and the death sound is quite annoying the second time and forward. Some areas did have a spooky atmosphere, especially in the garden, but making the area red and having screaming in the background doesn't really make me scared; it makes me laugh.

Overall, I appreciate the effort, but this isn't that interesting. Also, the ending was pretty lame in my book.
Zaikiel Lime Link
I loved this! 8/8 That is pretty gr8 m8!
XradicalD Link

A great thematic hack, keeping a vanilla style graphics but with additional surprises! The ASM within it is nothing short of amazing!

The hack was a treat from beginning to end, always adding something new in every room, even the ones where you have been before, keeping you on your toes.

The graphics keep a vainilla style of SMW but with the additional edits to make it more "thematic" without going too far off to what is expected from SMW. The only times where the additional visuals were used where properly used.

The only issue (that has a easy workaround) was how easy is to die and lose all the progress. One could use save states and keep on going, but just pointing it out, some sort of check point could've been appreciated but again, easy to work around it.

The ASM and additional coding in this hack is the biggest feature for sure, keeping all the game fresh and keeping you expecting something new on every area and always delivering.

The ending was a bit anti-climatic and felt underwhelming. Not the highest point of the hack itself but a minor complain. Having a proper ending would've been nice.

I played it on my channel too, nothing too spectacular but just in case you're interested:

At any rate, I enjoyed it and I recommend playing it. Is quite the treat.
Slinky_008 Link
This game could have been a fun experience but there a far too many issues that make it more annoying than anything.

The first thing is the death sound.. It works as a first time scare for newer people but serves as an annoying sound you that makes you wanna keep a finger on the quickload key.

Second is the level design itself it's not too hard but alot of things can randomly kill you because you have no idea how that particular section operates (The elevator to the torture room that has super slick floors is a good example ). This would not be a glaring issue if the game had a checkpoint system, you die no matter how far you get you will be back at the very beginning. I know we have save states but unless this is kaizo we shouldnt have to depend on that.

Third and last issue I had was the breakable block in the garden, it's not a bad idea to hide some stuff but due to the color palette of the level the slightly darker brown of the tile was almost impossible to see and I only found it at random using spin jump to avoid dying by the boo.

Now the game was not all bad there were some things I did enjoy.
1) The Soundtrack for the BGM was pretty good and set a pretty scary mood.
2) The Boss fight was not too hard but it was a challenge.
3) The Color Pallet was a good choice and worked well with the mood o the game

The enemies designs were ok Im not a fan of the bloody boos all the time but they work.

On a final note the biggest issue you should patch is the lack of checkpoints and make the elevator level shorter those are my biggest gripes.

As of right now I give this game 3/5 its not bad but needs some things worked out.

 Manofer Link
Can you give me the name of the music that plays in the beginning?
(I'm trying to make a horror hack and i need a good music :v)
BokuNES Link
it is posible to play it on a real snes?
Wavee Link
I don't really get the high rating at all. This wasnt very enjoyable to play. Not because it was "2spooky4me", which it wasn't, it's just not very well designed horror.

There are some obvious design flaws here:
1) The player restarts from the very beginning when they die. This is terribly punishing especially when it's too dark to even see where holes are in some places.

2) The platforming in itself isn't terribly fun at all, and this coupled with darkness makes it rather unfair. The Boo elevator and boss were particularly bad, thanks to the generator and Big Boo causing the reflecting Boo line to disappear with them, leaving the player literally blind as to where it's going to go. The Boo elevator itself was boring and overlong. You have no idea where the boos are going to spawn -- that is, until you figure out all you have to do is move slightly right and then slightly left from the spawn position to avoid them. Only when it's new to the player does it work as an obstacle, and when it does work it seems entirely unfair and not fun.

3) The horror elements aren't interesting. This hack is really cliched in terms of atmosphere (btw having the p-switch music play completely disrupts that) and theme. I'm afraid there's not much you can do about that, franchises like Mario don't necessarily make for the most immersive horror in the first place. Simply put, it's hard to take seriously, especially if you're not in the "creepypasta" demographic. I suppose there would be at least one way to improve on this though: Don't use the exact same jumpscare multiple times. Any impact the first one had is lost around the 4th time. Not sure what impact the screamers made on me anyways! The Mario face one before the boss got a laugh out of me, but I have just a hunch that humour was not what you were going for with this hack. It'd probably be best not to use elements from actual creepypastas, especially ones that people around here aren't so enthused about any more.
Jba03 Link
Jba03 Link
TAS coming up soon! :D
Dark Mario Bros Link
Let's see what's this game
SmwHackEditor Link
game.IPS ????
SmwHackEditor Link
 Wakana Author Link
You forgot about this music, Wakana. I hear this when I get out of the mansion.

Yes that too. Nice catch, I forgot about that one.
ForthRightMC Link
You forgot about this music, Wakana. I hear this when I get out of the mansion.
 Wakana Author Link
is the musics made by you?

Obviously ;)
Edit: Except for two of them, this and this.
HammerBrother Link
is the musics made by you?
Conal Link
That game was great! Very good use of effects and puzzles. The sound was really amazing, except for where the audio clips a bit during a loud laugh sound.

It wasn't quite shocking enough to make me jump, but it was very chilling and a good play.
Klug Link
i'm scared 😱
 Stivi Link
is game.ips next?
 Eevee Link

Not much else to say really, this was a nice little experience, which you put quite a bit of effort into, especially for the short time it was in development. I'm kind of immune to jumpscares, but they were still kind of freaky nonetheless. Good job ;)
Green Jerry Link
Mission accomplished.

Originally posted by Snes9x's ROM Information Window
Speed: 30/FastROM
Andyana Jonseph Link
It's not binary, I'll give you that.
Kaisaan Link
Which "translators" do I need to use for all the "strings" of letters and numbers? I already put all of them in a hex to text converter, and all I got was SACRIFICE for the first piece of "code", everything else is just random characters.
 Sayuri Link
This was amazingly well done. I was legitimately on the edge of my seat for most of it, and the jumpscares got me good. So did the puzzles, it took a while to figure it all out.

Easy recommendation to anyone.
niko Link
@twoka after you turn on the ligths and go back in the main hall, he is on the fence when you walk a bit to the left.
SMW S.N.N Link
Mission accomplished. See you in the next time and hillowin. ^^
Twoka Link
Played this through. It was pretty decent; not amazing, but good enough if you want a spook or two.

I don't remember a mushroom that can give you a jumpscare anywhere in this hack, though. I guess there's multiple routes?
SMW S.N.N Link
Where I'm not sure whether we should get out of hudeoldeol to. This looks a lot of fun.

Somebody tell me if you have to leave the door of the secret.

The red dots are the key to who is locked out of the right through the door hitting the rain and thunder.

Right How do you know exactly how to use these restraints by the door if you look at the top of the flame's Mario back when going outside and be original.

Flame is why Mario wish I had jumped flame go away?

You never like the haunted house.

The Mario will save the normal looking for the solution of the way to get out of you thank you.


My Hacks : Banana's World (Due 2018)
niko Link
just dont touch the mushroom and dont die and all its good, i hope.
lion Link
Originally posted by filip
there is no jumpscare or yes it is jumpscare plz yes or no jumpscare

There are jumpscares, so heads up.
Big Brawler Link
Done under... 20 mins
filip Link
there is no jumpscare or yes it is jumpscare plz yes or no jumpscare
niko Link
I touch the hack and play it, but i stop it because of this asshole mushroom, i continue it anytime, dont get me wrong, read all my comments, thx.

btw i love horror hacks.

if you dont can realize sarkasm, its not my fault.

the first user that pissed me on lol.


Sorry for my bad english, thats may the reason why people often dont understand what i mean, soo... i try my best and i dont understand all good at all.
 Dan Link
Niko for the love of god we get it, you don't like horror hacks and you haven't touched the hack, stop pointing it out.

Anywho, unlike some people I actually had the guts to play this and I got through it til the end. Never expected an actual SMW ROM hack to be this frightening. Dying on its own was already terrifying enough.

Great hack, great addition to the Halloween hacks collection.
niko Link
i didnt touch it.

was that that jumpscare with the 10 highest ranking "scary" pictures from google punched 100 times in your face with a loud noise?
lion Link
Yeah I saw (played a bit, will continue later)

I thought the jumpscare was pretty silly lookin' lol

Died at the lift and my progress reset ;w;
niko Link
nonono, i say there is another (spoiler) jumpscare mushroom, you have be warned.
lion Link
A halloween-themed metroidvania? Don't mind if I do~
niko Link
i play it a bit, then i saw that (Spoiler warning)

jumpscare mushroom and i close my emulator.

no joking, im glad i dont touch it.
niko Link
Im scared by the title, by the fact there are 0 exits and by the fact this is called very hard.

is this... a horror hack ...? a unbeatible?

it seems like ... i dont know, its strange lol.

Oh, i looked into the tags... horror.

no im more scared than before.