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Better Middle Rings

YI Patches → Better Middle Rings

Submission Details

Name: Better Middle Rings
Author: Anonymous
Version History: View
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: Yes
Description: Version 1.0

The regular system for Middle Rings in Yoshi's Island sucks.
It's overly complicated, rather limiting, and even pretty wasteful.
It is very irritating to edit middle rings when making a hack, even with the midring editor. The editor itself is nice, but the system is hard to figure out in general, making the editing process tough.

This patch solves that problem by simplifying things:
Each sublevel in the game now simply has X, Y coordinates you can specify - these coordinates will act as the return coordinates after retrying for the Middle Ring.
No more weird pointers, no more item page header to worry about, just a table of coordinates that line up with sublevel.

"better_midrings_data.asm" is the file you'll be interested in; the sublevels are listed on the right in comments, and the data is just X, Y (tile coordinates straight from Golden Egg). The data I've supplied is copied straight from vanilla, so the game should work exactly the same. Editing this file for your hack will simply work after patching!

"better_midrings.asm" file contains the code necessary to make this work, and already includes the other file.

Patching instructions:

Use a Yoshi's Island U1.0 ROM, and patch with asar:

asar better_midrings.asm myrom.sfc

Asar 1.37 is preferred but older versions should work fine.

Notice any differences, bugs, or quirks? Send me a PM or hit me up on the SMW Central discord.
Tags: middle ring midring save ring
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
Download 2.84 KiB | 436 downloads


Comments (3)

racknae Link
A bit of an issue with this patch as it currently exists: it completely removes the "Entrance type" option from the middle ring data. Normally this is fairly easy to work around, but it means you can't have a middle ring in a skiing section restart you on skis, for example.

If you do want to use the entrance type byte (or have a middle ring spawn the player in a different room from where it was collected) you'll have to use the Middle Ring Editor instead.
Thiago678 Link
Cool!I like it.#smw{:TUP:}
 MarioFanGamer Link
It should be noted that both it and SPASM rely on a sublevel backup. Specifically, both patch hijack the same location and you have to remove the following line in Better Midrings:
org $01B084
    JML set_level

In addition, both patches use a different freeRAM for sublevels so make sure the freeRAM match in both patches!