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Mario Start Editor

Tools → Mario Start Editor

Submission Details

Name: Mario Start Editor
Author: TheBiob
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: This tool makes it easier to edit the Mario/Luigi Start screen.
Good if your main character isn't Mario or Luigi.

If you encounter an issue where glitchy tiles show up or tiles appear to be missing, read the readme before asking for help.
It is likely that you forgot to install the Row Patch.

v1.2 Main Changes:
- SA-1 version of the patch
- Program now uses a template file for people who want to do more complex patches I guess
- Added source code
- Added Bonus Game message support

Please check the readme for additional information on what changed and how to use the tool
Tags: bonus editor game over mario start time up
Comments: 41 (jump to comments)
4.8 (12 ratings)
No rating
Download 38.42 KiB | 4,349 downloads


Comments (41)

Heitor Porfirio Link
It's always good to have tools that make it easier to edit a lot of other things in SMW.
But is it possible to change the palette of the tiles on the MARIO/LUIGI START!, GAME OVER!, TIME UP!, and BONUS GAME screens?
Lmao Link
pogge rs
armyofwin98 Link
Gulaschko Link
Where is the "Undo" Button? lol
Hiroki Link
thanks for this great program! it super easy to use.
Hiroki Link
oh men thank you for this program!
Dmytro Vakhitov Dima _DVD_ Link
ninj Link
This is nice!
i told you its nice...
TH_LetGoMyLegos Link
This Program is GREAT!!! But there's one problem, you can't edit your own letters. I know you can use YY-CHR but having it straight from the program would be great!#smw{:peace:}
kiki79250 Link
 Ayami Link
I'm only commenting here to give this 5 stars. This tool does well everything it's supposed to do, and it's really easy to use.
CrysGerto Link
Wow Really GREAT
TheBiob Author Link
You have to extract the bin files from your ROM. You can do this by pressing the red colored mushroom in Lunar Magic. A folder called "Graphics" should appear in your ROMs directory where you can find the bin files.

If it only creates a file called "AllGFX.bin" then make sure to disable "Options>General Options>[ROM Editing Options]>Use Joined GFX Files" and try again.
Mario Gamer Expert Link
Good user interface. Using the preview provided it looks like an easy to use editor... but I cannot find the BIN files. :(
MinecraftGamerLR Link
Heh! You can actually manipulate the Game Over screen so that instead of saying Game Over, it says
TheBiob Author Link
So apparently I somehow missed that extra space in the game over and timeup screens. If you want to get rid of it then here's a simple hex edit

org $0097A2
	db $80 ; Original value is $78

You can put that somewhere in template.asm if you want it applied automatically as well.
TheBiob Author Link
Your rom most likely has a .sfc extension. The tool will not show them or handle actual .sfc roms correctly.

Note though, that unless you didn't edit your rom in LM yet, or for some reason disabled the option to add a header, the rom is actually a headered ROM (.smc) that's marked as unheadered (.sfc) which can easily break tools most notable asar.

If you want your .sfc rom to show up you can change the filter by typing "*.sfc" (or *.* for all filetypes) into the filename field. Though again, if it's actually an unheadered rom then the tool will most likely break something. It's safer to generate a patch and apply that using asar, that one will tell you if something's fishy.
LightDialga Link
i pressed "Patch ROM Directly", and when it said to chose the ROM it doesn't show my rom file. PLZ HELP MY DUDES
i dont know a original name Link
i can use other gfx lol
Final Theory Link
Thank you biob I just used this and it worked!!!!
i dont know a original name Link
Nvm i had to do GFX 10
i dont know a original name Link
Idk where to get a proper smw rom
TheBiob Author Link
I don't think Lunar Magic fully supports all stars. Dunno if this tool supports it either and I have never used it so I can't help you there, sorry.
i dont know a original name Link
When i select the rom in lunar magic (i selected all stars) and it says wrong name or wrong format. How do i fix it?
TheBiob Author Link
Start by extracting all your GFX files from your ROM by pressing #lm{extgfx} in Lunar Magic
Then in the editor you go to "File > Load GFX > Load GFX 0F", navigate to your ROM folder go to Graphics and then select GFX0F.bin
Do the same with GFX10.bin, after you did that the window should appear with the "Mario Start" screen.

"Patch ROM Directly" means that it inserts the changes directly into your ROM without generating a patch that you insert with asar first.
"Patch ROM Directly" does not support all features the patch generator does (Like the row patch)
i dont know a original name Link
Im confused, i dont know how i start, i only get a grid, no tiles and i cant add, what does "Direct Patch" do??????
TheBiob Author Link
Do you mean it won't show in-game or in-editor?
In case of it not showing in-game are you sure you selected the screens in the patch settings? Also, are you using SA-1 or not? Either way you can send me the patch it generated and I'll look at what's going on.

In case of it not showing in-editor you can try loading a screen from rom or from the template file.
If it doesn't work you can send me a patch of the rom it failed to load from so I can see what's going on there.
TruffleShroom Link
mine wont show the tiles for start and game over can you help?
TheBiob Author Link
If you want to change it in-game then do that in lunar magic:
Open the palette editor, uncheck "Enable custom palette for this level" and edit the palette there.
Note that some colors might not be loaded meaning that they'll use the last loaded value for that color
I do not know if lunar magic changes that.

If you want to change the palette the tool uses then export your palette and open it via "File > Load Palette"
Oztrum Link
How can I change the pallete of the text?
leod Link
I added a bit about the row fix patch in the description because I can see people tripping over that and PMing you about it (people don't like reading readmes). Hope that's okay.
TheBiob Author From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Originally posted by Final Theory
Wow, this looks awesome and good job! You are an excellent programmer.

Thanks. Making this took only two years... okay more like a week then giving up and coming back to it two years later but still.

Which reminds me that I fixed the new version yet never uploaded it #smw{-_-2}
Final Theory From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Wow, this looks awesome and good job! You are an excellent programmer.
TheBiob Author From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Originally posted by BokuNES
this is a very good tool, very usefull but there is one thing that is missing, the "bonus game" edit, i hope you will add this feature in your next release.

If I ever find the tilemap for the bonus text I'll add this as well.
BokuNES From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
this is a very good tool, very usefull but there is one thing that is missing, the "bonus game" edit, i hope you will add this feature in your next release.
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Vitor Vilela From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
A cool tool overall. I only found the following minor issues:

- The "Highlight Mario/Luigi Tiles" is affected on other screens (Game Over/Time Up).
- No SA-1 support for the ASM patch generation.

Other than that, it's good enough as the previous version. Also added more tags.

TheJullasicFox From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Doesn't work!!!! :{ PLS HELP!!! Im trying to make MARIO START! say LUIGI START!!!! HELP MEEEEEEE
Vitor Vilela From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
It's a pretty simple editor. It can be a bit annoying, because there is no option to load the default/current MARIO START, if for example you have to do some minor change in one you already did, you will have to do it from scratch again. Additionally, it misses a few things like "right click to load current stored tile", but that should not be a big trouble.

Either way, it's good enough to get approved. It would be good if you updated it and added more functionalities since it's something since there's a few simple things that are lacking in the SMW Hacking world, making it restricted to more ASM savvy users only, which is bad. Also maybe a patch to take down limitations would be good too.

Note that I had to remove GFX0F.bin and GFX10.bin because they're copyrighted files and the user should get and give to the tool instead of already providing it. There is no issue at providing a default palette though, I think.
Hamtaro126 From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
This would be good if you did add Game Over, Time Up, and Bonus Start editors...

Also, I wish you could also add in a way to use ExGraphics (actually Half-ExGFX) for it and/or make it use my Layer 3 patch as an option,

You can also add in Mario/Luigi Start and Bonus Start to my Layer 3 patch as an addenum, as my patch removed those.
 Samantha From older version: Mario Start Editor Link
Thank you so much! This tool will be very useful