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Allycia Legends - The Blood Moon

Super Mario World Hacks → Allycia Legends - The Blood Moon

Submission Details

Name: Allycia Legends - The Blood Moon
Author: Guilherme F Santos
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This hack is a reboot with many changes of my last hack (Mario Quest: The Legend of Darmi).

"A determined woman decides defeat the evil vampire that is putting the kingdom in the chaos."

More information and known bugs in the Readme.
Tags: asm boss exgfx hdma health music non-mario
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
4.3 (8 ratings)
No rating
Download 513.67 KiB | 1,664 downloads


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Comments (9)

TheGhostfaceEntity Link
5 stars easily, this is a fun hack!
Matheus Peres Lima Link
Very good hack!
 Koopster Link
A few notes first: I changed the difficulty from Hard to Normal. If this hack gets completed I can see it being pretty hard considering how the difficulty curve is currently going, but the levels shown in this demo don't really ever get that hard.
Also, I didn't ever encounter the music bug you mentioned in the readme, but it's something worth looking into if you want to submit more versions in the future.


I'm not a fan of rompy hacks (with straight-forward levels) nor of hacks with custom characters. This hack is both of these, but I still had a lot of fun with it?

I think what makes this hack so good is the choice of mechanics. I think the pseudo-cape sword that you always have - except when you get knives - is neat. The health counter and the scarce nature of powerups actually felt extremely balanced. I was never frustrated for barely having health, but I constantly felt in danger and it didn't just feel like I could ever tank everything.

The graphics in general are really good-looking. I think you managed to achieve the athmosphere for each level very well, especially in the castle outdoors and cave segments. The sprites are really neat too, and Allycia has a cute expression. :3

I think the biggest "crime" this hack commits is just... being really simple in design. It doesn't innovate very much, doesn't bring anything new. For someone who's looking for that, this may not be a good choice of a game to play, but for those who just want to spend a spare half an hour having some fun with rompy stages, this is definitely a thing they should try out in my opinion.

I don't think you should cancel this!
Guilherme F Santos Author From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
Hahopone- I'm not sure yet... would have a 33, but I am removing some things and I think that it will have 20 levels.
hahopone From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
This hack is very Nice, Nice graphics Nice game play Good Work, how many exit in full version ?
Andyrootman123 From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
To be honest, in my opinion this is the best hack I have ever seen
Brozilla From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
Believe me, I tried getting past the first level. Not using save states, the task is nearly insurmountable. The gripe I have is the platforming and for the precision required, it feels too slippery (it's SMW after all.) So far the health is nearly useless.

Had my skills been up to snuff would probably have the same issues as the other peers.
niko From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
This hack is not shitty bad, but has some really bad moments.

The beginning from the first level. 3 different types of enemies in one screen... why? Thats not a good diffculity, just randomness.

Then... please avoid your unfair enemy placement in every third screen. 2 Chainchomps on 2 plattforms are not cool, this is not hard, this is frustrating. No midwaypoints in longer levels... again ... why?

I think you can make good hacks, but they need more polishing. Playtest your own hacks by yourself and asking yourself: "When i DONT know where every unfair placed enemy is, is the funfactor high?" And then your answer: NO! The Player need time to react, he need time to check the sitution, savepoints, where the player can breath.

Ringo From older version: Allycia Legends - The Evil Darmíllete Link
This hack is hard for the wrong reasons -- enemies just seem randomly placed in the levels, I'm often in trouble by cramped areas or precise jumps and the aesthetics don't help much either. The boss battles aren't nice either. I'd make a petition to get the thwomp boss removed from this site.

The hack started interesting but later on it developed into a kinda frustrating experience. To me, the only good thing is that it aims to be somewhat original in story, characters and all that... but that's it.